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Friday, April 29, 2005


See my baby stretch! She can already lift her head on her first month! She loves to stretch.

She looks like a turtle hehehe.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Baptismal Day

If I could have her baptized before I first bring her to our home, I would definitely have it. But chances are, it's not that easy.

April 10, 2004 - Summer was baptized. She had her baptism at the historical church of Barasoain, lead by no other than Mons Flint. She wore the same dress her cousin, Jenjen, wore on her baptismal.

Her godparents are: Ninong Dojoe, Ninong Olejoe, Ninong Orland, Ninong Jerry, Ninong Nato, and Ninong Terence; Ninang Jenny, Ninang Onnie, Ninang Anna, Ninang Kathy, Ninang Lenlen, and Ninang Adrienne.

The baptismal reception was held at the roof deck of DJ Paradise Hotel. My mom, who celebrated her birthday 2 days before Summer's baptismal, provided the sumptuous lunch. We had lechon baka and Orland prepared Paella. Tito Boy provided the entertainment by doing close-up magic to our adult guests. Ninang Jenny provided Summer's first AVP.

She slept the entire time - from baptismal to the reception. She woke up when we were about to go down the elevator after the reception to go home.

Welcome to the Christian world, Sophia Jade S. Reantaso!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

First Days of Summer

On Summer's third day, we went home to Bulacan on a motorcade. Well, not really but more of like it. Almost all of my in-laws went to the hospital to bring home my baby. We were 3 cars convoy from the hospital to our home in Bulacan. We had our fist family photo from the hospital.
At home, we were welcomed warmly. My sister prepared a welcome banner for my baby and we had lots of photo session once again.

Summer's first Sunday was an Easter Sunday. We were supposed to ask the priest to bless her after the mass, to our surprise, they always give blessings during the Easter mass so Summer got her first blessing.

And since she had her blessing already, Summer toured the town. She was barely 1week old when she first went to Rockwell to visit Omar's aunt at her condo who was bound to go back to Chicago. She was 1week old when she had her first dinner at Paseo Uno to celebrate my Dad's birthday. Summer was 2weeks old when she had her next tour of the hotel at Makati Shangri-la for a birthday dinner for my mom at Circles.

Barely a month old but been to many places. Watch out where she's been before she turned 1.