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Friday, April 30, 2010

Jollibee again.

Guests brought in their own special guest - Jollibee!

A special accommodation was given by letting them changed into their mascot in the office. In exchange, we get to have our photos with Jollibee first and just by ourselves!

Winter was still scared.
Ate Summer is no longer scared.
Winter was still scared.
Why are you still scary Jollibee when you did not bring your too loud sound system with you? Hmmm...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Lolo Fidel!

It's Lolo Fidel's 96th birthday. The birthday celebration was held at Tito Tany's and Tita Susan's house at the Verdana. We came all the way to Bulacan and back just for Lolo's birthday lunch. Who wouldn't celebrate his or her 96th year? That's too much blessing, not just for him but for the family.
Dress code was color coordinated. We were the yellow team, better yet, the Noynoy Team. We had lots of picture taking.
We even had a mock election where there's no age limit, no indelible ink, and Filipino citizenship was not even a requirement. Absentee voting for overseas was also applied via skype.
After lunch, the kids had fun playing at the park.
But kids rather swim than play at the playground.
Happy birthday Lolo! We wish you good health.

Winter eats.

My kids loves instant pancit canton. I know it has MSG, they do not eat it everyday. I grew up eating them once in a while too, I'm okay. Some kids eat it more than once a day, almost everyday. Too much defense. Here's my little boy loving his pancit canton, he loves it so much he can eat it by himself, without our help, and eating even the tiny bits falling from his bowl.
I hope Winter's ninangs across the globe enjoyed viewing his pancit canton galore.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Reg was here.

My sister's bf from the US went home in Pinas for a vacation. He spent one weekend at Bulacan. It was Friday and we went to see the band and had some drinks.
Jenny's happy.

Angelica Nellen's Baptismal

My cousin Ikong and his wife, Ana, invited us for their little angel's baptism. Their girl is so cute.
The baby just slept through out the baptismal reception.
We enjoyed the sisig, so yummy! And we had chocolates and umbrella for souvenirs. Congrats Baby Angelina, Daddy Ikong and Mommy Ana!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My new toy.

I've been using my cellphone since Summer started her school days at Playschool International until today, and she's done with her Playschool from Toddler year to Junior year to Seniors year. So I thought it's time to change my unit. I cannot claim a free handset from my server since I am still tied up with their rebate program.

I wanted an Iphone but it's too expensive for me. I'd rather use the money to buy an LCD TV. I've been eyeing Nokia E72 or N97 or N900. But I read bad reviews for N97 and N900 is not yet in the market. I wanted to try a touch screen phone that's why I was hesitant with E72. But I wanted a keypad as well.

So from the car show at the Megamall, on the last day of Samsung's summer sale, I bought my Samsung B7610. It's touchscreen and it has its qwerty keypad.
I just need to explore its feature first. I hope I made the right decision.

A place for Cholo.

It's a Wednesday and it's my Karcraft day and it's the car show's first day. Omar with Boss Jo and Bong went to the show and I tagged along.

Omar planned on putting Cholo at the show but backed out the last minute because the slot was too much for his budget. We saw this Japanese version Toyota Corolla. Cholo is a US version and far better, of course love your own. I'll post photos of Cholo next time.
In a girl's eye, they all look the same to me. I mean they are all cars with accessories. It's just hard for me to distinguish which one is better over another. I had more fun looking at the models. I was told about a shop who always get the best model in the show and he was right so I took her photo hehehe.
A friend of Omar entered this beetle at the show. It looks cute with its miniature.
And they even named him Kriselda - as in Kriselda Volks.
Cars and girls - they always go together.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hearty Meal.

I was excited when Omar told me that his client, owner of Le Ching Tea House, was inviting the family for dinner. Le Ching's spare ribs is one of our favorite, even the kids can finish sharing in one order. Pero syempre nakakahiya din naman.

Then it finally pushed through. I bought Malolos ensaymada for them. I was supposed to buy jumbo pastillas for the kids but Barasoain just ran out of it.

The host was so nice. Dennis and Elaine provided us with so much yummy food. They even offered to send us spareribs rice for Mom since I told them that it's her favorite but since they were staying at Paranaque, we declined and asked for the recipe instead heheheh. It's my first to have Valentine noodles too. Nakakahiya lang picturan ang dami ng food tsaka busy na ako kakakain.

Summer and Winter had fun playing with their twins, Denise and Deither. Winter was like a little boy running after them. He's no longer a baby talaga.
They look like close friends here hehehe.
Thank you for the sumptuous dinner. It's nice to meet new nice friends. They're really nice, not just because they fed us yummy food, they're really nice.

The Reading Camp

This is what Summer brought home on her first day at The Reading Camp.

When I requested from Assumption College for Summer's re-assessment from K2 level to Prep Level, I said to myself that if she passed the re-assessment, I will send her to a summer school to be on a safe side. I looked around and good thing I found one near our place in Malolos - The Reading Camp Learning Center. One season has 10 sessions, one hour per session from Monday to Friday and it's on one on one.
Looks like she's having fun. Let's see if she's still interested for another season after this session.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hot Sunday.

Omar brought Winter to the office after having our late breakfast. It was so hot, Winter welcomed with too much enthusiasm the ice cream Mom gave him. My Winter is no longer a baby, he so looks like a little boy here.
A round of ice cream was not enough. He has to have his second round with a drumstick this time from his cousins.
There, he's still a baby. He still cannot handle eating ice cream the neat way. I'm happy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's official.

Summer is an Assumptionista na.

Omar and I enrolled her for Prep Level for SY 2010-2011. I still have to bring her certificates of attendance for her junior and toddlers level from Playschool International and her medical records to be filled up by her pedia.

I ordered for her school uniforms and had her listed for the school bus temporarily since we do not know yet if she'll be in the morning or afternoon class. I am praying for a morning session.

This is it! I have a school girl.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kanin Club

Kuya Rey invited us for dinner. He stays with his Tita at BF Homes. He's the balikbayan but he was the one who treated us for dinner at the Kanin Club.
We had the mango thai salad for starters and I had bottomless green iced tea. Kuya Rey ordered sinigang na salmon belly, bagoong fried rice and sinigang fried rice, crispy pata, crispy dinuguan, and crispy tenga. I was a bit sad learning that he ordered turon for dessert. I was craving for Thai food for the longest time and I wanted sticky rice sana or leche flan. But when we got the turon, it was just so good! It was like halohalo with ube, macapuno, and monggo. Something papa oka got to try hehehe.
We were happy eaters once again, thanks Tito Rey. Another place to treat soon to arrive balikbayans.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hang-over weekend

The holy week weekend was bitin so the Reantasos spent the weekend at Bulacan again. Plus, last Sunday, Winter wanted to go with Lola Olive, refusing to go with his Ate Cory and when Summer woke up and talked to her Lola Olive, she asked her Lola to go back simply because Lola did not wake her up when they left for Manila.

It was a feast. For overnight stay, Mama brought so much food!

They played poker and sang the night away.

Come lunch time, we had lunch the boodle fight way. We had too much inihaw na liempo and baked tahong.
The kids were roasted too, not just the food.
Will we see you again at Bulacan next week?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Mommy prepared a buffet lunch for everybody at the resort. She didn't know that Daddy ordered lechon for her.
Mommy prepared kare-kare, honey chicken and spaghetti.
While we surprised her by inviting her sisters. Her brothers were invited too but they weren't able to make it.
Happy birthday Mommy! We wish you more healthy and happy years.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Prep Girl

I am so excited on posting Summer's progress for her basic education but I wanted to confirm everything first.

August 29 last year when I submitted Summer's applications for K2 Level.

She had her entrance exam on September 3.

She had her interview.

Results were released a week earlier on December 9 and she passed.

Omar and I attended the parents' partnership session on February 20. I was surprised to see that they still have Prep after K2. That must be the reason why her age is qualified under K2 when compared to other schools, she is only qualified for K1. I submitted a letter a week after requesting for re-assesment for Prep even if she's underaged. Playschool has been preparing them for Prep Level already and I do not want her to get bored with singing and playing again for K2, she might carry on the habit or the impression for big schools through out her education years.

I received a call on March 24 for Summer's schedule for her re-assessment test on the morning of March 30. We even saw her classmate from Playschool applying for Prep Level too. Summer had fever that time but we were able to push through with the test.

I was just so happy getting the call this afternoon that Summer will be accepted for Prep Level. Ang galing ng anak ko! Added bonus was a year skipped, feels like winning a free school year tuition fee. Summer will be attending Prep Level at Assumption College at Makati and she will be 5years and 3months on June.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Meeting Lauren and Lily

We met for the first time Omar's cousins - Brian and Tracy and their kids Lauren and Lily and Meimei. They're US based and every time they go home in the Philippines, Omar and I were Canada-bound.

It's nice to see girls of the same age.
And Lily was fond of Winter and vice versa.
It was just sad that we met them when they're home bound to the US. We weren't able to join them at Tagaytay and during their last dinner at Rockwell. Looking forward for more reunions with the Tsai kids. Summer and Winter had fun playing with them.