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Monday, February 28, 2011

Yogurt stick

Jojie and her family came to visit us at Malolos. She was walking around with her family holding a tupperware with different colored sticks inside and so I asked her what it was and she gave me one to try. Jojie, so nice and sweet and thoughtful, gave it to me for the kids. The kids wouldn't know how to eat it so I just kept it at the office so I would have something to munch on when I'm sleepy at work and did not bring it home to the kids. Well, that's what I thought. As soon as Summer stepped into the office, she saw the tupperware and took it. I learned from her that you call them yogurt sticks.

Here's my little boy, without front teeth and loving candies so much, eating yogurt sticks at his best.
Thanks Tita Jojie!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

More parties.

It's my niece with my cousin's 1st birthday with pirate and fairy costume.

I asked Yang if Julian has pirate costume. She asked her friend and was soo nice to lend us this cute costume.
As for Summer, she used her pink tutu skirt with white stockings and Minnie mouse bride hair band and wings from Jaja. I just bought a set of white top with green shorts from Divisoria. I cannot just buy the top, it has to be the whole set. The top is floral with dashes of silver beads, perfect for the skirt for a fairy costume.
Summer had her face painting. Winter had his tattoo skull on his cheek. And we had our moment at the photo booth.
Here are the birthday celebrants - Angel and her parents.
And the family who celebrated with the family.
Thank you! Another fun filled day for the kids.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


From the party, off we went to SM Mall of Asia for the pyromusical. We did not buy tickets anymore.

Traffic was terrible but we were able to park by the side of Microtel Suites. Good thing Mommy lent us foldable chair for the kids to use.
We also used Winter's stroller but he was just too scared to sit there by himself. He likes the fireworks but he doesn't like the sounds. You can see the fireworks from the sea but the sounds were coming from our back with the sounds reflecting from the buildings.
The countries performing were China and France.
One of my favorites were the fireworks with blooming flowers, which I wasn't able to capture in my camera, and the ones with the smileys.
I was sooo proud with my baby boy. He was scared with the fireworks. When Summer went at the middle of the road to have her picture taken with the fireworks at the background, Winter shouted 'Fifi, m'here!' As if he was asking his ate to go back and not to endanger herself by going near the fireworks. True blood boy, protective of his sister.
After China's performance, I was able to walk by myself to the mall to grab some dinner. The line was horrendous. I was able to buy dinner at Racks. It was full packed but still they were able to serve my food fast. And I was back in the car just in time for France' performance.
Another favorite too is the fireworks with planet designs.
More than the pyromusical, it was fun spending moments with the family. Thanks Omar!

Party again.

Summer was once again invited for her classmate's 7th birthday at Manila Polo Club.

She once again took advantage of the salon for girls at the party.
She had fun playing games where prizes are toy money.
You use the toy money to buy prizes at the booth. She was able to get an art set and kitchen set.
They had fun dancing too. Evie, together with her friends, performed a dance number which was repeated with all the other kids.
Parties are getting more complicated. Even before Summer turns 6, I am starting to brain wash her that she's not having a party as grand as theirs. We cannot afford it.


There are days when Winter will spend the day at the shop, usually on Fridays.

There are days when Benedict will spend the day at the shop, usually on Saturdays or days of wellness check-up with his doctor.

Now, they finally spent the days at the shop together.
The boys are 2weeks apart, with Winter 2weeks older. Yes, Benedict is younger and he is bigger. Liit ni litol boy ko, likot kasi e, kulit kasi e. We're joking that they will be drinking buddies when they grow up.

No complains as long as he's healthy. Mama's happy, Winter's happy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tertiary Exam

It's tertiary exams again.

Time when I vocalize at night time and teach our neighbors math and filipino.
And the boy just watches the tv by himself, knowing that he is not allowed to invite his ate to watch with him.
It's better to start early for next week's exam what with a busy weekend of parties. God help us.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Julian!

Julian is turning 9. We had his birthday party at their house in Paranaque.
The kids, as usual, had a blast playing around and messing the house upside down.
Winter sooo wanted to blow the birthday candle that's why Ojay have to cover his mouth just so we can finish the birthday song with the birthday candle light still on.
He soon had his turn after Julian was able to blow his candle.
The birthday boy received a hand me down mac and a tent. They set the tent up and the kids played with it. Here's Winter pretending to sleep inside the tent.
Then it was time for the candy shower. Winter posed for the picture taking and Yang asked everybody to posed as Winter did.
Imagine a box of candies for 5 kids, riot!
Lagot kami sa dentist. Happy birthday Julian!

Let's pretend we're royal.

Summer was invited by her bus mate for her 7th birthday party at Hotel Intercon in Makati. The theme was princess and asked the girls to come in their royal outfit.

Summer wore Jazzy's first holy communion gown, the gloves from her Belle costume, and the crown from Tita Sexy.
And while the princess was at the ball with her yaya, the king and the queen, together with the little prince, went to Magoos to have our share of feast.
We got tired walking around so we decided to look for Starbucks, have our coffee and sit while waiting for our princess to finish her ball.

It was just so funny how the little prince will echo what the king was doing. The little prince will stir his chocolate cream chip frapuccino while the king was stirring his mocha frapuccino.
And the little prince will drink while the king was drinking too. Look at his eyes.
Until it was time to pick up the princess from the hotel. She was wearing a different hair style now from the salon for kids at the party and with a little tiara on her head.
Time to change for the next party, Summer! - no longer a princess, but may we live happily ever after.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Korean what?

This is one example of how important a WORD is.

Summer is going to have her musical presentation at school. The assigned costume for their group is Korean costume.

I do not want to buy since she'll be using it for an hour only, it will be such a waste to buy one. But since I can't borrow from anybody, except the costume for rent in our area which will cost me Php 600.00 so I might as well buy one instead, Jojie volunteered to buy one for Summer. She bought one at Baclaran and brought it to our home in Paranaque on a Saturday morning. Since we were already at Bulacan, I asked Nin to bring it home with her. Turned out that the dress was way tooo big for Summer. Good thing we had enough time to alter it. We were supposed to bring it to a modista in the area but she was taking care of her grandchild so the laundry fixed it for Summer instead.
Then came a text from a co-mom at school informing the moms of the girls whose assigned costume was korean that they were referring to a korean POP costume and not the national costume.

I knew it! I shouldn't have bought one. I can make use of Summer's clothes. I'm not that much into buying costumes. I want something different for my kids so I want something DIY or if not, hand me downs, since it's ages ago, small chance of similar costume with other kids.

Summer was saddened when she learned that she won't be able to wear her korean costume at school so I let her wear it to sleep instead.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Paper Clay

Summer's school was having book fair again and Summer, who loves art sooo much, bought paper clay instead. It was my first to do it too as I taught her and helped her do it.
Hmmm... I hope they're affordable. I'm thinking of having that for Summer's 7th birthday party and she's not even 6 yet hehehe.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Summer went to Divisoria.

It was one of Summer's dream to be able to visit Divisoria because she can see how much stuff I bring home every time I visit the place.

On our way to Divisoria, I handed Mommy her cash. She jokingly handed it to Summer telling her that it was hers to spend at Divisoria and was able to get her money back.

At Divisoria, Summer and I went across the street from where Mom was buying her stuff to check if Summer might find something she likes. Upon crossing, she asked me why we're leaving Mommy when her money is with Mom. She couldn't find anything she likes since she was bothered that she left her money with Mom. And so we went back to where Mommy was and asked for her money. Mommy gave her a hundred peso bill and Summer asked her where her thousand bills earlier were.
She sure had fun shopping around for abubots and kalats.
Mas tipid kesa sa mall dalhin. =)

Paella craving.

I've been craving for paella for quite some time now.

We accompanied Mommy to the parlor for her hair cut and she loves paella too. What a perfect timing! We had lunch at Las Paellas!
We had marinara paella.
Summer had mozzarella sticks.
We had french onion soup too.
And we ended our lunch with a frozen yogurt from next door.