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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween, Filipino style

It's Ninong Sonny's birthday! And they had a feast in their house.

Ate Joy, Look at the food!
My first big bite of burong talangka is for you.
I was busy eating and watching DVD so Omar have to look after the kids. I just don't know with Len, must be taking her break from the kids too.
Alaina had so much fun playing with my kids that she joined us on our way to the cemetery to visit Lolo and Lola.
I haven't tried bringing my kids trick or treating yet. We always spend the halloween at Bulacan, eating and cemetery hopping. Maybe next time, I'll let my kids have their turn.

Reantaso side.

Off to Manila for another cemetery, at Reantaso side this time. Have to pack pillow and blanket for the kids. We haven't even left Bulacan and they're playing in the car already.
Lola packed some goodies for the kids for trick or treat.
At least they got a taste of Halloween for kids too. Thanks Lola Olive.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


The kids got a pad of tattoo from Ysha's birthday party and we put it into use.
Winter would want to take it off right after and replace it with a new one hehehe.

Friday, October 29, 2010

We love.

On weekends, Omar will buy us ice cream from Dairy Queen until we discovered Selecta and our favorite flavor is Coffee Crumble, it's even cheaper.
See... Winter is where Ate Summer is.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Both kids are down with colds, phlegm and cough. Nebulizer is a must so they both do it at the same time. Easier to get Winter use the nebulizer.
Hope it works.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Summer's flavor of the month.

Summer's recently discovered the joy of eating the original glazed donut of Krispy Kreme. She can finish a minimum of 2 donuts in 1 seating.

Picky eater she is, so I try to buy what she loves eating.
I spent all my citibank charge slips at the mercury drugs so I just bought a dozen for her. I have to start saving my charge slips for donuts while Summer still loves eating them.

Winter will only eat a donut while Ate Summer is eating it. When Ate's done eating hers, Winter won't finish his donut anymore. Shadow on call.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ano na naman yan?

Saan mo na naman yan natutunan Winter?
We were house hunting and Winter just keeps on doing this at the car. Pretending he's taking photos perhaps?


Barangay Eating.

As if the weekend is not enough, Omar and I joined the family on their way home to Manila to vote. We had lunch at Shakeys and the kids had a feast.
Even the little boy pretended that he can draw and write just like his Ates.
Thank you Lolo for the lunch!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Goto Swim.

Having the Reantasos at Bulacan would mean having goto for breakfast so the kids can go to swim. That's the condition, eat goto so you can go to swim. The adults don't need any conditions, everybody loves Papa's goto.

But it's a last minute decision to spend the long weekend at Bulacan so we do not have goto this time but kids can still go to swim.
Thanks to Lolo, Winter can swim.

Playing twins.

Summer and her cousin Jaja are so look alike and with only 8months apart, can be mistaken as twins. We love playing around by dressing them alike. Even Omar's cousins would give them the same clothes.
Papa's Everest sure suits his apos. They love taking the back seat.
Missing Kuya Pat and Molly.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Why are you still here?

I thought Juan left the country 2 days ago.
How come it's still raining hard here in Bulacan and the sun is still missing in action.

Winter will follow after Summer.

Winter will always stick to his Ate Summer. Winter goes where Ate Summer is. Winter will eat what Ate Summer eats.
If Ate Summer sleeps, Winter will lie down next to his Ate Summer to sleep even if he just woke up.
At least maputi ang shadow ni Summer hehehe.

My Miss USA

Summer is to go to school wearing a national costume of any UN country.

Jenjen gave us her cow girl costume months ago. I thought this would make a USA costume. I just bought a hat, sew ribbon on it same color as the costume, ribbons for the hair, boots and tights and saddle bag.

It so happened that Summer was assigned to bring American food so she brought mini cheese burger and fries.
Of course the little boy will not allow me not to have his photo taken and would want to have his own touch of costume too. Good thing I found extra scarf for him.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet my Fruit Monster

Papa dropped by the house and brought watermelon.
As expected, the little boy feasted on it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The thing we loved doing the most.

The cousins got together for dinner for Charo, who came for a visit from NY.

We decided to meet at Kanin Club at UP Technohub. It's my first in UP Technohub but not at Kanin Club.
Their sinangag na sinigang is still my favorite.
Kam is such a good boy. Charo is blessed.
They brought cake for birthday celebrants of the month and that includes me!
Nice seeing you again Charo!

Eating - that's what we love doing the most!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Winter's share.

Summer bought books of masks at the play - one for Halloween masks and the other animal masks. It's just nice that she immediately thought of Winter upon seeing the books. She won't let me buy just one for herself but another one for her brother too.

The mask sure fits Winter.

Sleeping Beauty.

It's Assumption's mother-daughter activity part 2.

We saw Sleeping Beauty at Greenbelt 1.
Summer had fun watching the play seated next to her friends. She was excited running around the stage after the play to interact with the casts of Sleeping Beauty.

Then, off to Bulacan. It's pay day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sticky boy!

The ever makulit boy strikes again!

Getting his Ate Summer's stickers and sticking it on his face.
times two!
Ate Summer will not be happy with what you did with her stickers, tsk tsk!

Mother-Daughter Activity

It's yoga for Assumption's mother-daughter activity for Prep students. It's my first time to do yoga.

It was just funny that you cannot relax while having yoga since the girls were giggling, having fun. But it's okay, I like it that way.
Then came Summer's favorite part. Art time! Where they have to draw their favorite part in the yoga.
Summer loves the boat? and with her head resting on my tummy.
You're welcome baby! I had fun too!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My dairy boy.

Winter is not much into eating rice. He lives by drinking milk.

We live in a small house where he can see the ref in his every move. And every time he sees the ref, he would ask for milk.

Specially now that he discovered his Ate Summer's fish drinking straw from the plane.
Ish! Ish! Psa! Psa! - that's Fish, Fish! Milk, milk! for Winter.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday treat at Savory.

It's my birthday, woohoo!

Since we're cooking up something sooo expensive, we treat the family for a simple dinner in a restaurant. We had dinner at Savory. It's an old restaurant that brings back memories of our parents. Kuya Bong and Ate Neri joined us too.
I just love how this hairband from Divisoria looks on Summer.
It was noisy once Summer saw her cousins.
Thank you for another year of blessings!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not again!

Gone are the days when I will let Summer clean the walls after she color on it. But clean wall days are over for the mighty Winter is here to conquer the walls.

It's his turn now to scrub the walls with his colors.
Actually, he only held the sponge for picture taking and handed it over to his Ate Summer once I captured this photo for his Ate to finish scrubbing his colors for him. Brat!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting ready.

Since Mom and Dad will soon be leaving for Canada and won't be back until almost Christmas, Mom and I have to start buying and finish Mom's christmas list before they leave.

Off we went to Divisoria. Mom bought my babies this cute chairs with a beeping sound when you sit on it. Winter just sooo loves it.
Thank you Mommy Duning! This will keep the babies in one place in a few minutes. A few minutes of peace hehe.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa!

It's Lolo Oka's birthday! And Mama just arrived home from NY days before in time for their wedding anniversary and Papa's birthday!

Back to eating like a feast on Sundays at 1618! We had steaks from NY. M and Orland gave Papa a huge cheesecake from Manila Pen, so yummy!
The kids had a grand time blowing the birthday candle with Lolo!
Happy birthday Lolo! We wish you good health and more happy years with the family.