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Friday, November 10, 2006

My first Day at Bora

It was my first time to ever-famous island of Boracay.

We flew via SeAir to Katiklan. From the airport, we took a tricycle ride to the pier for a boat ride going to the island. At the island, we went to ride a multicab on our way to the resort. We met my brother-in-law's family at The Bans Resort.

We immediately changed to our swim suits so we could enjoy the island to the fullest. Good thing that the weather was not too hot that time. We had picture taking, ate, and drank by the shore while watching the kids play with the sand. Summer had a blast playing with her cousins of the same age. I even tried their body massage by the shore followed with a fresh fruit shake from Jonas. Sana araw-araw ganun ang buhay, kasarap!

We then had dinner where Summer met her second group of Korean fans. If you can review my post on our first trip to Canada, Summer was met by Korean honeymoonerw who took her photos calling her Big Eyes. It happened again at Boracay where a group of Korean girls fondly took her photos while my baby smiled at them with her very big eyes. A girl even carried her for a photo op. The following day, we went island hopping and went to Puka Beach and Crocodile Island. My brother-in-law arranged with the bankero to prepare cooking equipments for we will do the cooking at the island. We went to the market early in the morning to buy our lunch. Much to our dismay, the bangkero did not relay the instruction to his fellow who will bring us to the island. All the boys were busy preparing lunch - the Survivor way, while Yang and I were busy taking photos of our kids. Lunch was a feast!
At night, thank to my brother-in-law's yayas, we were able to visit a bar for a drink. After a few bottles, when it suddenly rained, we went back to the resort and called it a night.
Boracay is different from Palawan. It's nice to watch people enjoying the sun, all the water activities, eating and shopping. Palawan is for some quiet time alone, secluded in an island, Boracay is for party by the beach.