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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Discounts! Discounts!

No more Halloween decors. It's now red and green at the stores, full of Christmas decors. It's time to do some serious Christmas shopping.

Better get ready with your list. I got a long list with me and I've thought of what to give them.

Now I know what to buy, I have to look for the best deals using online coupons. I just have to ask my sister a favor, buy stuff for me with my coupons and voila! Gifts for everyone at the very best deals. I can get stuff for the kids with Target deals and with Aerosoles deals shoes and accessories for the ladies. Using Target coupons, I might get some game boards for the kids. And with Aerosoles coupon codes, I can just get some bags for my sisters, or maybe for myself too!

Wow! I can now put up my Christmas tree and get ready for my gifts.

What to give?

Omar's birthday is coming and it's Christmas time once again.

I do know what to give Summer - oh I have such a long list of what to give her. But I definitely have no idea what to give Omar. Oh yes I know what he wants and what he needs - but I just cannot afford them. I want to give him something he truly likes that I can afford. Good thing I stumble upon a site where they give ideas for gifts for guys.

Time to surf the net!

Las Vegas at your fingertips

It must be hard getting a reservation at Las Vegas specially on holidays where party is everywhere.

But who needs to go to Vegas to play? When you can always visit the website of online casinos to get the best tips on how to play for fun. The site gives you the best games, best plays, best bets, and best chances for your money. Try it and have fun!

Monday, October 29, 2007


This is my third attempt to try to get paid to blog. I just never learn how to do it.

I hope will make it easier and friendlier for me to use. I am so eager to learn how to do blog advertising. I would very much welcome tips and tricks on how to blog for money. My previous posts were rejected for reasons I cannot understand or repair so I can appeal for approval.

I want to feel the same excitement for the accomplishments I see everytime I blog hop to other sites. It must feel nice to spend on something you just want, without needing it really badly, without guilt.

Wish me luck! I hope to be successful this time or else.... I will have to try again the fourth time. I am so excited to buy stuff for myself this time - not for Omar and not for Summer. Hmm.... what do you think is a good buy?

Happy Birthday Jenjen!

Jenjen requested for everybody to wear red or black for her birthday lunch.
She turned 14 and we had lunch at Don Henricos at West Ave. They have all-you-can-eat with 3appetizers, soup and salad, pizza and pasta. Kuya bought a Cake 2 Go for Jenjen while the staff of Don H sang a birthday song for her.
Happy birthday Jenine!

Weekend at Paradise

The Reantasos spent their long weekend with us at Bulacan.

They came in Saturday night for dinner. The boys spent the night playing billiards and the girls had a bottle or two. We attended mass at Parong Parong, had early lunch at Halang and came back to Malolos.

Of course, the weekend get-together at Malolos won't be complete without the kids taking their dip at the pool. Summer only gets to swim at the pool whenever her cousins come over. Jaja is just so pretty. Odie and Carla had their pre-nup pictorial at Lake Shore with Ojay and Yang and Carlo and Rowena. It was nice meeting Carlo and Rowena. It's so easy to feed them, they eat anything.

Ojay and Yang with their kids had to go home Sunday night. The rest went home Monday morning after breakfast. My Summer was so happy with all the family around. She even cried when Jaja went home. Next time again =)

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Thanks Melisse for the award!

Just like what I said at your blog, I hope Summer finds me a cool mom too! Though at times, I feel more like a hot momma! She would shh! me and say 'wag ka ingay' everytime I start to raise my voice. She just can't get it that I'm starting to get mad already. And now, I'm a cool mom! But I mean to be a mean mom too!

Cool Mom goes to apple, jacqui, jen, and jen, and joy.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Snow White?

I bought a new Disney Princess bed sheet.
When I got home, Summer went with me to the room and happily presented to me our new bed sheet with matching - 'chajan!' Then she happily pointed at Snow White saying, 'Look Mama o!" then she laughed and sang 'bayang magiliw'.

I then tried to get what she's trying to do. Then I saw her pointing at Snow White's hand! Galing noh? Anak ko yan e! Hahaaha

My Bambina

A week before the presentation, Summer was assigned to represent Italy - wear Italian costume, practice Italian greeting, and to bring Italian food.

A self-confessed stage mom that I am, I texted Jenny, who's at Canada and has 24/7 access at the internet, to research for a nice costume for Summer. I don't want to buy a ready made one. I want to be creative and make use of what we have. The following day, I asked Mama, who happens to be at Glorietta, if she could check at the bookstore for the Italian costume since I cannot find a nice one from the internet.

So I had the skirt from Tita Beth from Canada in mind already. Jenny mentioned wearing a vest so I thought of Summer's hand me down black halter backless blouse. And I saw her white blouse from Mommy with ruffles and a ribbon. It's not longsleeves, but I found it better since it's gonna be cooler and more comfortable with Summer.

But how am I going to make an apron? So I tried the costume on Summer. The skirt looked like an apron already. I just need a skirt. Mommy cut a yard from her table cloth used for skirting her buffet table and asked our laundry to make a skirt out of it. Then I borrowed a head dress from her kitchen assistant whenever they assist at the buffet table.

Voila! I have my bambina already. I bought a knee socks worth Php 64.75 and that was my all in all expense for her costume. And you cannot even see her wearing one.Come the day of the event, I saw Summer inside their classroom before the program. I was amazed with all the costumes of the other kids. I then texted Jenny that we are not going to win the best in costume and I felt guilty not spending for the costume.

Come awarding, Summer won the Best in Costume for the Toddlers level. I was surprised and I was so happy! I did not get to hear the other winners anymore. Summer was not interested. She refused to go to the stage for the awarding. We tried to bribe her with her lootbag and a gift as a prize. But seeing the sash convinced her to go to stage. She likes it!Thank you for all the sponsors for my bambina's costume. Thank you Lola Olive and Papa for joining us.

Grabe! I'm a super happy stage mom. Poor Summer!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Isang Mundo, Isang Awit... Pag-ibig

Summer had her first school program.

Playschool International celebrated their UN Day at the last day of their first semester instead of doing Halloween Trick or Treat.
At the stage, they had all their student's hands stamped. Summer's was the yellow one at the bottom at the farthest right side facing the stage.
We were supposed to have our parade along the street but it rained. So the students were instead asked to parade in front. And they paraded by level with toddlers wearing European costumes. There's my bambina in the middle wearing her Italian costume and waving her Italian flag.Then, each student were asked to go in front to greet using the language of the country they were representing. Summer, from Italy, said 'Ciao'.

Kids from all levels sang Heal the World.

Each level performed a dance from the continent they represented. Toddlers class danced a Greek dance.
For the final number, they sang Isang Mundo, Isang Awit.. Pag-ibig. From too much performance, Summer got annoyed and refused to perform this time. It's okay, she is still too young to handle too much exposure hahaha.

And the teachers were so thoughtful giving kids lootbags as prizes for performing well for their so proud parents.
Then they had the awarding for the Best in Costume, which deserves another post.

Aside from the costume and flag, each kid has to bring any food good for 5-10persons from the country they are representing. We bought pizza. There were too much food. Summer got spaghetti and cake. We did not stay long. We went to catch up with Summer's cousins having their own UN Celebration with their school at the church.

My baby is so grown up. I feel so like a mom, happy watching my baby perform. Haaayyyy! Thank you Summer for making Mama and Papa so proud of having you.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Thanks Jane for the award.

I didn't expect to gain friends from blogging. Thought it was just like a journal to record my baby's milestones so she could get to read it and laugh at herself when she grows up. It's nice to have new friends.

Let's be friends - Jen, Apols, Jacqui, Jody, Toni and Melisse

Birthdays! Birthdays!

It was Eson's birthday on Wednesday, Ikong's birthday on Thursday, and their birthday treat for the cousins on Friday.
We had dinner at Dampa at Ortigas and had a feast of seafoods - shrimps, fish, squid, oysters, mussels and clams. It was a food fest for all of us. We were more than 20people, we are big eaters, and yet the celebrant was till able to bring home some left overs. Imagine how much food we had that night.

Some cousins brought them this toblerone cake from Cake 2 Go. I always see this cake shop and never knew that it was that good. It was like an ice cream cake. So yummy! So chocolatey!

The girls then had our coffee at Starbucks while the boys had theirs at Stardust. Little did they know that we will having our own share of fun that night. We had our taste too! wink wink.

It was fun, a night full of laughter. Too bad we were not complete. Happy birthday Eson and Ikong! Thanks for the night!


I was tagged by Jody.

Where is your ultimate dream vacation?

Wow! Travel, my favorite!

My dream vacation - my family - Omar and Summer, with my family - Daddy, Mommy and my siblings with their families, my other family - Mama and papa, Omar's siblings and their families - on a cruise. Maybe a Disney on cruise since I love Minnie Mouse.

Can I have more on my dream list?

I would also love to visit Asian countries with Omar and Summer - Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, China, Japan.

And of course visit family and relatives at Canada and at the United States. I haven't been to some states of America like Florida, Chicago and the like. I would also like to see the Canadian Rockies.

I would also like to go to New Zealand and Russia to see the blue mosque.

Wow this is a growing list. I had fun dreaming. Thanks Jody!

What will be your Christmas gift for your husbands? Jane, Jacqui, Jody, and Joy? hehehe all Js. Sana di nagbabasa ng blog nyo hubbies nyo hehehe

And another treat!

Wow! Another treat from Toni! Thanks Toni! Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat

Thanks Melisse for the treat!
I love candy apples! Not the apple, but the caramel and peanut coating hehehe. I love sweets!
Trick or treat!!! Treats for Sophia of Jane, Jacob of Apol, Lil boy of Apple, Little boy of Cata, Samantha of Jacqui, and for Joaquin of Peachy from Summer.
Don't forget to drink water and brush your teeth after enjoying your treats.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

10 Years!


My passport arrived with my US visa renewal.

I got another 10years mutiple entry B1/B2 visa. Yahoo!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Oh yes! Believe it! I got an award for Jacqui! Ako din di makapaniwala hehehe.
Thanks Jacqui for the award. I'm so happy!
I am sharing this award and presenting it to Jody, Jen (of Eric and Erynne), Leah, Peachy and Melisse.
Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's my birthday!

It's my birthday!

Omar and I attended the 6am mass then had breakfast with my little girl.

Omar went to work while I attended Summer's school. After school, we then went to our Makati office. I bought pancit from Amber for our staff there. Then, off we went to Karcraft with another set of pancit.

We then had our family dinner at Mini Shabu-Shabu Restaurant at Powerplant Mall at Rockwell. It's the official restaurant of the family but it's been a while since we last ate there. I had a reservation for 20people, ordered for Seafood Mix and some extras. It's healthy and Omar-friendly hehehe.Present were Mommy and Daddy and Mama and Papa.And of course, Kuya and his family, Nanay Lina, Kuya Olejoe, Odi, M, Onnie, and Ojay and Yang.
We missed our Canadian family - Jenny and Orland, and Ate's family at the US. Gosh! Family is surely growing!

A day at school

Being a stage mom that I am, kahit assignment lang ang pag wear ng costume and no particular program, syempre attend din ako sa school ni Summer.

They started their day with their songs 'Hello, hello!' and 'Mr. Golden Sun'.

The teachers read the 'What will I be?' book while asking each kid wearing the same costume as the career being featured at each page to come forward.Then, they practiced for their song number - Heal the World. Syempre, no idea kung kelan pa dapat showing, but I witnessed the advanced screening hehehe.

And the grand finale - the playground! Summer had lots of fun playing at the playground. Kaya naman pala tuwing pag-uwi, nagmamadaling pumasok sa kwarto para kunin ang unan nya at humilata sa salas, pagod na pagod!

What will I be?

The assignment was to come to school in costume of what they want to be when they grow up.

How can a 2year old know what she wants to be? My mom said, it's not what Summer wants to be when she grows up, it's what I want her to be when she grows up.

So I've thought of letting her wear my white blouse for a labgown, buy a doctor-doctoran, voila! A doctor! So I thought, I want her to be a millionaire.. hahahha. So should I just put lots of toy money in her pockets, then?

I then texted her Ninang Jenny to help me think of a creative costume for Summer. She said Summer doesn't want to be a doctor. Summer loves to sing and I can dress her up like a diva! So I've thought of letting her wear her black outfit, which was at Bulacan, and buy the toy mic stand I saw at Toy Kingdom. I asked Omar to buy the toy for me and he agreed. But then I don't have my house keys at Bulacan with me. I borrowed Omar his set of keys but he was not at his office and was at SM buying the toy mic. I got so irritated how my plans were not working. So I called off buying the toy mic since there was no way we can get her black outfit.

I was so pissed off and there was no one to blame. Bad mom that I was, I did not prepare her costume until the following morning, half hour before her class starts.

So now, it's not what Summer wants to be, it's not what I want her to be, but what's available inside her closet. I've thought of a mechanic, but tools are not good. She might use it against her classmates. I've thought of a drummer, but the drum set was too big for her props.

Then, Omar came up with a great idea! A chef! Omar called Mama, borrowed Orland's toque, asked Nanay Lina to make a small apron for Summer, and to bring Summer's tea set. But I thought, Chef don't use tea sets, they use pans. So we used the small pan with matching sandok from Mommy.

And presenting.... our young and pretty Chef Summer!When we got to her school, I saw a dozen of doctors. Buti na lang di sya doctor... too ordinary! The yayas and the teachers got excited with our chef. There were 2 chefs and they are both Sophias pa. Ninong Orland, we have a small chef here already. We won't miss you that much already hehehe. Pero miss ka pa rin namin.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

3rd year

2005 - Omar's and Summer's first application for US visa and they were granted 3months, mutiple entry

2006 - Omar's and Summer's renewal for their US visa and they were granted 5years, multiple entry

2007 - My renewal for my US visa with Mommy and Daddy, still waiting for my passport

Every year, they change their process inside the embassy.

On our first year, we need to present our application forms with our passports at the window located at the waiting area. Then, present other documents at the window by the road. Wait for our number to be called to proceed to the air-conditioned waiting area, wait for the fingerscanning, then wait for the number to be called to which window to approach for the interview. We had our 1pm appointment and done nearly 5pm already.

On our second year, we need to present our application forms and documents at the window by the road. Wait for our number to be called to proceed to the air-conditioned waiting area, fingerscanning, and interview. We had our 8am appointment and done before 11am.

On our third year, we submitted our application form and passport at the window located at the waiting area, waited for our turn for the fingerscanning, asked to line up at the next window to present our old visa, voila! You get your slip for your courier! We had our 8am appointment was done at 8:45am.

We are just waiting for our passports now and we are hoping for our 10years multiple entry visa.

2008 - My baby boy first application for US visa. NO!!! I'm not yet pregnant. Just starting to get pregnant.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I love chocolates!

I so love chocolates!

When I was pregnant with Summer, I would sneak into our ref and munch on this Almond Clusters by Kirkland. Omar was always stopping me to eat them, it is not good for preggies daw. Kaya yata hyper si Summer, nagstain na sa blood nya ang sugar ng chocolates na kinakain ko nung buntis ako sa kanya.

After 3years, I saw this chocolate at Duty Free and I just have to buy it. And the moment Summer saw it, she tried it, munched on it, with matching hmmmm pa. Sobrang sarap na sarap sya. Sabi ko nga kay Omar, parang reunion nila oh.

Letter B

B as in Baker!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa!

It's Papa's 60th bday!

We attended the 5pm mass at Glorietta and had dinner at Gloria Maris.Papa cried when he said his speech. He was thankful for his 60years. He cried, Orland will be leaving on Sunday for his work opportunity at Canada for 2years. It's the first time that someone from the family will be leaving for a long time.Still, Papa had a great night with everybody present, complete for the last time, and will be complete again after 2years.

Letter P

Summer brought home her first artwork.

Looks like they're into letter P as in Policeman.
Pasensya na, proud Mama lang po. Expect more to come hehehe.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Summer got a sugat from ker kakulitan during Orland's despedida dinner at their house. When I got home after a few days, I saw Summer's sugat tuklap tuklap. Nagtatago pa sya para tuklapin ang sugat nya, pinipigilan kasi namin.

Me: Summer, what happened?
Summer: Sugat
Me: Summer, don't do that ha! That's not nice.
Summer: Doctor ako eh!Hanep! 1week pa lang ako nagpapaschool, may doktora na ako!