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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thanks to P-Noy

As we were watching P-Noy's inauguration on TV, Daddy was so inspired that he invited everybody for dinner, of course to Daddy's official restaurant - Mini Shabu-Shabu.

But they wanted to try a new shabu-shabu restaurant and asked me to check some place else. Omar and I just remembered King One along Macapagal Avenue - it's all you can eat shabu-shabu and it's almost near our home.

Everybody loved it!
Mom and Dad even volunteered to sit by the conveyor for the food.
It was just so hot since soup are right there in front of you.
Burp! Oops, excuse me!

P-Noy in the house!

It's P-Noy's inauguration day today. It's a holiday. The country is just so hopeful once again.

Omar and I didn't stay at home and went to Bulacan instead to prepare the house for repainting. We dropped by the shop and saw this motorcade of fire trucks all the way from Times street to West Avenue. They are joining the motorcade of P-Noy from Times street all the way to Malacanang or Rizal Park, I guess.
May God bless the Philippines!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Search result.

I finally found the perfect bike for Winter.

I gave up on getting a bike for him, realizing that he's still a baby and too young for such toys. I decided to buy him the same toy car, ala bike, as the one in Bulacan, only bigger this time. But they do not have anything the same at the Toy Kingdom, they have something smaller. But he's growing already so he needs something bigger, not something smaller.

Until I found this red bike. It's foldable, more heavy duty, and he can reach with his feet. A little bit over the budget, but something I can afford. I took a photo of it, MMS it to Omar. I didn't get a go signal since it's over the budget, but I still bought it.
Omar liked it when he saw it. Summer likes it too. Winter likes it too. The two of them can ride on it at the same time too, a little bit dangerous since one of them might fall down, but it's that sturdy and strong that it can carry both of their weight.

I'm a happy mommy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Assumptionista.

It's Summer's first day of school at her big school - Assumption College at San Lorenze Village in Makati City. It's OUR first day of school.

It was a breeze waking her up, she was excited. We were in bed last night as early as 7:30pm. I was excited! In fact, she came second in their class today. Parents were allowed to bring the students in their classroom for the first day. A lot of parents were there, equipped with cameras, to capture their kids first day of Prep.
Summer initially wanted to stay at the back near the toy corner. But the stage mom in me wanted her to seat in front. Good thing Teacher Trina came to second the motion so Summer had no choice but to follow. They were given their own name tags.
Before the class starts, the assistant teacher lead the way to the parking area of the school bus. I introduced Summer to the bus operator where she will ride on her way home. At 10:30, the bus operator called to tell me that Summer took the bus and was on their way home. Big girl na talaga.

Do well in school, Summer. Make your Mama proud!

Sister's Act.

Summer's been pushing Winter lately, accidentally and intentionally. I've been warning her to stop doing it every time I catch her doing it.

I've had enough and had to show her the consequence of not obeying me. I told her to lie on her tummy on the bed, spanked her butt with slippers and ordered her to stand at the corner. All these while I explain to her what happened, what she should have done, and not to do it again next time. All these while Winter was crying.

And just when Summer went to the corner, Winter went to lie on his tummy on the bed while crying, waiting for me to spank him. Good thing his and Summer's back was on me and didn't see the surprise and laughter on my face. I spanked his butt lightly. Then, while crying, Winter went down of the bed and followed his Ate Summer to the corner.
He's been always like that - following his Ate. Just like the title of the album of my collections of pictures of my babies - Winter is where Summer is.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Nin!

C's Deli in Clark just serves the best pizza ever!!! Jenny wanted to celebrate her birthday there.

It's a very thin crust pizza in rectangle sliced diagonally served with arugula and alfalfa.
Put hot sauce over the pizza, spread arugula and alfalfa, roll and enjoy with closed eyes.
Since it's her birthday, we must have noodles for long life.
The family sure had fun eating our appetizer for the night. Main course to follow.
Happy birthday Nin!

Father's Day

Tita Jack gave Winter cute shirts with matching shorts. I guess she got confused sending me the same shorts. She just keeps on shopping for my babies, lucky me! hehehe.

They were still big for Winter so I tried it out on Summer but it was too small already. So I just had their photo wearing it for Omar to see on Father's Day.
Obvious ba na Summer was not in the mood for picture taking?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In search of...

... a toy for Winter.

Lola Nora and Lauren gave my babies money to spend for toys. It was strictly instructed for toys and not for the bank.

Winter has a toy car, ala bike, at home in Bulacan, but nothing in Paranaque. He often use his big toys, ride on it, pretend it was a bike or car, and drag it all over the house. I thought of buying him a very small bike that would fit a 1yo. I do not want something big with a pusher. I want him to learn how to do it on his own, I'm pretty sure he would prefer that too.

We searched at Toys R Us at Trinoma but no luck. Bikes are still too big for him. Even the smallest one, his feet still cannot reach it nor does he have enough strength to pedal it. Even the electric ones, his foot does not bear enough weight to make the car roll.
We left the toy store without wheels. Better luck next time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dinner at Jayjay's.

The Canadians did what they loved doing in the Philippines - shopping! For Tita Jack, SM Mall of Asia is like her theme park here. They went shopping at Greenhills and Tiendesitas with Ate Bing. Then they went to the shop so they can ride with us on their way back to Bulacan.

Omar and I brought them to Jayjay's near our shop for Filipino dinner.
It was raining, it was pretty traffic. Good thing we're busog.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cybel's 18th

My cousin from my mother's side celebrated her 18th birthday. She had 4 gowns until I left the party. She had photo booth for her souvenirs. And had Roots of Nature band for entertainment.
Summer had fun! Scary!!!!

Happy birthday Cybel!

We're 19.

We're thankful, we're so blessed. We turned 19years. We survived and still happily serving.
As a tradition, we celebrated it with a thanksgiving Mass with Mons and his penguins.
Kuya was in Manila. Jenny was in Malaysia. Ate was in the US. It's just me and my family together with Kuya's kids. Daddy gave his speech for the staff.
Mommy prepared early lunch.
Thank you for letting us serve you more.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Passport renewal.

Passport renewal is just like going to Baguio from Paranaque. It will take you 4hours!

I called DFA for appointment 3rd week of April and got June 8.

We parked at S&R and had lunch - it felt like having lunch at Costco. We walked our way to DFA and entered the compound at 12:15pm for our 1:00pm appointment.

It was a breeze from the gate until you get your number. That's where we waited for more than 2hours for our number to be called.
Then we went to the Cashier at the second floor. No line. Then we went to photo capturing where we waited for another 2hours.
Haayyy. A passport I will use for 5years will bear my stressed face.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Karcraft's Summer 2010

Karcraft's Summer outing started with a 6pm mass at the Barasoain Church followed with dinner at the resort.

Omar bought chicken from Chooks to go, prepared adobo, his staff prepared laing, and Mom donated pinakbet.
The night was filled with eating, drinking, swimming, singing and playing cards. Some went to the park to hear the band play.
It may not be enough, but it's our way of saying thank you to all the people who helped Omar run the shop.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Today is shopping day.

I joined Omar buy goods for Karcraft's summer outing. We bought wet goods from Farmer's Market and groceries from Shopwise.

Summer and I then asked them to drop us at Trinoma. We bought Summer's school shoes, socks, sando and some school supplies. Summer chose her own shoes.

Big girl na talaga, ready for her big school. Time for me to get ready.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Parent's Orientation

Summer and I attended the Parent's Orientation at Assumption.

I'm glad to know that all Prep Level will attend the morning class from 7:30am to 12:00noon. Summer belongs to Prep E Class. Omar will bring Summer to school in the morning and Summer will take the school bus going home.

We were given manual as guidance for the school's guidelines for the school year.

It was short. Omar wasn't able to join us and picked us up from the school instead.