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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Summer and her new blankie from Baguio. Kaya lang everytime she sees it, she sings 'makulay... ang buhay... sa sinabawang gulay!" Di na nakita si Barney, ang garden ang nakita =)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Four Weddings and the Holidays

Odie, my brother in law, is getting married on November.
Edhel, my niece, is getting married on December.
Elmer, my cousin, is getting married on January.
Harry, my cousin, is getting married 5days after Elmer's wedding.

Christmas parties, family reunions, and the holidays!

I have to start trimming down. I started doing my taebo again this Monday. I started to eat quaker oats for breakfast this morning, in support to Omar's strict diet and my way of trimming down. And I will try my best not to eat rice on dinner.

I have to post this. This will motivate me to continue what I started - kailangan pangatawanan.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

No Salt, No Oil, No Alcohol

190/120 - that was Omar's BP yesterday. He's been complaining for headaches for the past few days.

We went to his doctor for his check-up. Omar had his tests done in the morning before going to his doctor. His scores were too high, he'd be a summa cum laude if it could have been school grades.

He has high cholesterol, scoring 7 with 4 as normal. His doctor cannot give him medicines to help bring down his cholesterol since his sgpt was 107 where 30+ is normal. And the side effect of medicines for cholesterol will hit his liver and will worsen his sgpt. He was prescribed strict diet to bring down his cholesterol level - no salt and no oil. And no alcohol to bring down his sgpt. He was also given medicines for his hypertension.

So we're back to Omar's diet 2years ago. Oatmeal without milk, no sugar, no salt for breakfast, vegetable salad with vinegar dressing for lunch, and inihaw na fish without salt for dinner. Wawa naman Omar.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First at Amici

After hearing a lot of good reviews about this Italian restaurant at Don Bosco Makati, we finally got to eat there.

It was Kuya's and Ate Bing's anniversary and mommy invited everyone for dinner, her treat. We then decided to try Amici. We had pasta, pizza, and gelato. I love their Toblerone gelato. Yummy!!! Ang papanget namin sa pics, ang iitim! hehehehe

Thanks mommy!

Monday, June 25, 2007

14years at Batangas

It will be my brother's 14th wedding anniversary on the 26th and he celebrated it with his family at Batangas. Syempre sabit kami!

We left our house at Paranaque at 6:30am on June 23. We had breakfast at Jollibee at Lemery town. Then, off we went to Dive and Trek.

We parked at the Lemery Parking of Dive and Trek. We took a 15minute boat ride to the resort.
When we got to the resort, we were given our temporary room, went snorkelling, had our lunch, and went snorkelling again. We were then transferred to our room after lunch.We were served merienda in the afternoon, had our siesta, then kain ulit ng dinner. We spent the night drinking and singing.The following day, we went snorkelling again after having our breakfast, had our rest, and checked out at 1pm.Thanks ot Kuya for inviting us to join them. Thanks too to Jerome, my sister's former officemate, for the suman. Yummy! Happy anniversary Kuya!

This was Summer's 3rd trip for the month. Di naman sya lakwatsera.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Mangan Tayon

Ano ang iyong almusal kanina?
Lauriat - mga tira kagabi. Garlic rice, paksiw na lechon, dinuguan, diningding, and sisig.

Ikaw ay may itlog — nilagang itlog. Paano mo ito kakainin?
Babalatan, bubudburan ng asin, kakainin.

Ano ang paborito mong local na junkfood?

Ikaw ay kinuhang TOP CHEF sa isang engrandeng pagtitipon. Ano ang iyong ihahain sa mga bisita? (Note: Ang mga pagkain na ihahain mo ay ang mga alam mong lutuin. Bawal magsinungaling)
Salad: Chicken salad sa Pho hoa, bibili na lang ako ng dressing dun
Soup: Hot and Sour Soup ng Knorr
Main Dish: Beef tenderloin with gravy (hahanapin ko pa lang kodigo ko)
Dessert: Refrigerator cake
- halatang di marunong magluto.

Kung ikaw ay makakain sa restaurant ngayon din, saang restaurant ka pupunta at bakit?
Sa Breakfast at Antonio's sa Tagaytay. Gusto ko ng hot chocolate dun, yummy!

Saang restaurant mong gusto makapunta, pero di ka lang nakakarating pa?
Sa Italian restaurant sa Don Bosco makati. Mura daw dun, masarap pa.

May pizza sa harap mo. Ano ang ayaw mong makitang topping sa pizza mo?
Parati ko inaalis ang bell pepper.

Ano ang madalas mong orderin sa Jollibee?
Palabok fiesta

Paano magluto ng Sinigang? Marunong ka ba?
Di ako sigurado kung tama. Pakuluan ang baka with kamatis and sibuyas. Pag malambot na, add the gabi. Pag malambot na ang gabi, add the labanos. Pag ok na ang labanos, add the kangkong and the sinigang mix. Tama ba?

Ikaw ay may fried chicken sa harap mo. Ano ang dapat niyang kapartner para masarap ang kain?
Gravy ng KFC.

Kumakain ka ba ng dinuguan? Alam mo ba kung saan ito gawa?
Dugo ng baboy. Pwedeng laman loob ng baka, pwedeng laman loob ng baboy. Pwede din chicken or itik.

Kung nagutom ka after mo basahin ito, you’re tagged!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paradise at Baguio City

Baguio City - DJ Paradise Resort's late summer outing. 52 employees with 6 children joined the event.

We went ahead of the bus a day earlier. We left for Baguio on June 18, Jenny's birthday - Happy birthday Ninang! It was a close to 4hours drive from Malolos. Summer kept singing with his new toy guitar from Mommy from Cebu through out the trip.

After breakfast, we went to market to shop for pasalubongs. I bought a Barney blanket for Summer. When at home, Summer spent the day watching Barney at my laptop.
The bus from Malolos arrived lunch time of June 19. Everybody who came gets a free blanket from Mommy for their use and souvenir from Baguio.
After serving lunch, we went for our city tour. First stop was Mine's View for shopping then Burnham Park for more shopping. The road along Mine's View road was under construction so we have to walk all the way from the entrance of Mine's View to Good Shepherds, while carrying my sleeping beauty, to buy my ube pasalubong for Omar and their yummy alfajor. I got to eat my inihaw na mais kaya okay lang.
At Burnham Park, Summer went boating with her Ate Cory and Ate Tina. While onboard, they bought and ate balut in the boat. We had dinner at home and some played bingo, some played cards, some spent the night drinking and singing.

The following day, my family went to St. Joseph to hear mass. They have a new altar.
The bus then went to the market for more shopping, Camp John Hay, and PMA. Summer and I weren't able to join them this time. We went instead to Camp John Hay for some shopping at the Commissary and had our lunch at the club house.
And that was the end of our summer outing for the year 2007. Masaya daw sa Baguio, marami nakikita, magastos lang daw. Masaya din daw pag beach kasi walang gastos.
Oh, did I post that Summer just loves picking flowers? hehehe

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy father's day Daddy! Thank you for being the best dad!

Happy father's day Papa! Thank you for raising a great dad for Summer.

Happy father's day Omar! You are everything I wished the father of my kids will be, and even more. Thank you!

Happy father's day to all the hard-working fathers out there!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Separation Anxiety Attacks

I left Summer at home at Bulacan and went to the office. Our house was just around 5minutes walk from the office.

After an hour at the office, my cellphone's battery died. I called home to ask them to send my charger to the office. Summer, my 2yr old baby, answered the phone. She was crying at the top of her lungs, saying 'Mama, carry! Carry!' huh?! How can I carry her when we were at the phone. I cannot talk to her yaya since she refused to give the phone to anyone and would just like to keep on crying carry.

My mom, whose house is next to ours, heard Summer crying, cannot call my house since the line was busy, called me at the other line. When she learned the story, she sent Summer to the office.

And Summer lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sweet 16 on Independence Day

DJ Paradise Resort turned 16 on June 12.
This was the most quiet anniversary celebration of the resort. Pres. GMA moved the celebration of the independence day to June 11 so that made June 12 a working and school day.

We had a thanksgiving mass with Mons Flint and with the RCM sisters, thanksgiving lunch for the staff and thanksgiving discount for the guests.

Thank you for 16 blessed years.

Friday, June 8, 2007

El Nido - Miniloc

We are back and we are so dark!

This is what we look forward to every end of May - our annual summer get away! Warning: This is a long read with lots of photos - can't decide which to post and not.

This year we decided to go to El Nido. It was a big decision deciding between the two - Lagen and Miniloc. Lagen had the swimming pool while Miniloc had the snorkelling sites. We can always take our dip at the pool so we decided to stay at Miniloc instead.

Our flight to El Nido was via Island Transvoyager, Inc. - a 19-seater chartered plane to El Nido. Flight was at 11:30am and we were checking-in at 9:30am - feeling international flight, di naman kami masyado excited. We were served snacks at the waiting lounge.
On our flight, Summer was such a good traveller. It was her first time to sit on her own seat- may bayad na!
At El Nido Airport, there were singers to welcome you and snacks were served once again. Since it was past lunch time already, we feasted on their palitaw.
We took the speed boat, transferred to a bigger boat to bring us to Miniloc, and tranferred to another speed boat to bring us to the pier of the resort. Summer was so excited wearing her life jacket, just like adults. She was shouting for excitement - not out of fear, riding the speed boat. Bankeros were amazed as other children her age would cry out of fear.
We had our late lunch at the resort. Wow! Mongolian! We then registered and checked-in to our rooms to prepare for our first activity at El Nido. My parents stayed at the SeaView Room while Kuya and I stayed at the Garden Cottage.
The guest activity coordinator brought us to the Big Lagoon. Joey showed us a carving at the limestone that looks like an image of the Mother Mary. The big lagoon was such a marvel to see with all the limestones around. We then went back to Miniloc to snorkel at their house reef and we saw lots of fish! Summer had fun swimming with the fish. We even tried their kayaks. We even tied our 3 kayaks one after the other - ours, Jenny's and Kuya's. Poor Omar have to pull the other two but it was a lot of fun! After dinner, the staff of El Nido gave the guests a cultural show. I even participated in their tinikling - battery of my digicam ran out so no photos for that one but memories. We then requested for a videoke. There was no swimming pool, bonfire was not allowed, so that leaves out to singing for our bonding time. Syempre di naman ako kumakanta, taga indak lang.

We have to start our day early the following day - para sulit ang bayad! We swam with their 1.5meter jack fish at their house reef as early as 6:30am. Kahit ganun kaaga, di nagreklamo si Summer to wake up that early. Then at 7am, we went to Lagen for our breakfast. After breakfast, we had our swim at their swimming pool.
Bernard, our guest activity coordinator, then brought us to Cugnon Cave. There was even a carving which looks like the head of Mickey Mouse! Game pa din si Summer dito! He then brought us to the Snake Island where we can take our dip and photo moments.
We then had our lunch at Entalula. Lunch was superb - lots of inihaw and fresh fruits! We also had our swim here after eating.
Then, we went to the Small lagoon - this I believe was the best part of the vacation! We were 6 kayaks who went inside the hole of a limestone to enter a small lagoon. The site was such a blessing! Omar had fun paddling for our kayak. We were with Summer in our kayak that's why I cannot help him paddle. For our last day, we went to Shimizu Island early in the morning for some snorkelling. This is where we saw a pawikan. Bernard was kind enough to bring the pawikan all they way to the shore for Summer. This time, Summer cried for fear and shouted, Yak! We had picture taking with the pawikan, and when we released him, he swam so fast back to the sea.
We had fun going to the El Nido and it was sad to leave the island. But we have to go back to work so we can have more summer get aways in the future. Thank you Mommy! Thank you Daddy!More photos at and see the El Nido album.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Karcraft's Paradise

As our way of thanking our staff for helping us the run the shop, we brought them for our very first Summer company outing. Though, this is not their first time at the resort, but this is our first time for a company outing.

We first brought them to the Barasoain Church for the anticipated mass.
We reserved 1 nipa house and 2 apartelle rooms of DJ Paradise Resort for the group and we rented a videoke for them.

We served adobong baboy, lechon manok, sotanghon (from Mommy =)), and pakwan for dinner and inihaw na liempo and hotdogs for pulutan.
For breakfast, we served arroz caldo and tokwa't baboy.
For lunch, inihaw na plapla and liempo, binagoongan, tinolang tahong, okra and talong and pakwan.

I hope they had fun! Walang tulog asawa ko kakaluto pero enjoy naman sya.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

100 Truths about me

Got this from Friendster...


1. Real name: Jade
2. Nickname: Jade pa rin
3. Status: Married
4. Zodiac sign: Libra
5. Male or Female: Female
6. Elementary: Colegio de Santa Rosa, Makati
7. Highschool: Colegio de Santa Rosa, Makati pa rin - Loyalty awardee
8. College: University of Santo Tomas
10. Hair color: Black with brown high lights
11. Long or short : Long
.15. Are you health freak? Minsan
16. Height: 5'4"
17. Do you like someone: Yes
18. Do you like yourself: Minsan
19. Piercings: Ears
20. Tattoos: Hanggang henna tattoo lang
21. Righty or lefty: Righty
22. First surgery: None
23. First piercing: Ears
24. First best friend: Olga Jane - di ko na nakita ulit
25. First award: Bronze medalist - High School
26. First sport you joined: Marathon
27. First pet: Tootsie - a dog
28. First vacation: Hong Kong
29. First concert: Pops and Martin - Valentine celebration with my parents nung bata pa kami
30. First crush: Francis - preschool pa ako nun sus!

49. Eating: I just had ice cream for dessert over lunch
50. Drinking: water after eating ice cream
52. I'm about to: look for a bus for our company outing to Baguio
55. Waiting for: the bus company to answer my call while I'm blogging =)
58. Want kids?: I have 1 already (pero parang 3 sya sa likot) will add 1 more next year
59. Want to get married?: I am married
60. Careers in mind: A mother, wife, and a businesswoman

68. Lips or eyes: eyes
69. Hugs or kisses: both
70. Shorter or taller: taller
72. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic
73. Nice stomach or nice arMS: kahit ano
74. Sensitive or loud: sensitive
75. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
77. Trouble maker or hesitaNT: trouble maker oops!

78. Kissed a stranger: never pa yata
79. Drank bubbles?: nope
80. Lost glasses/contacts: yes
81. Ran away from home: nope
84. Broken somone's heart: di ako sure
85. Been arrested: nope
86. Turned someone down: yup
87. Cried when someone died: yup
88. Liked a friend: I like all my friends, they wouldn't be my friends if I do not like them

89. Yourself: minsan lang
90. Miracles: YES
91. Love at first sight: nope
92. Heaven: yes
93. Santa claus: nope
94. Sex on the first date: nope
95. Kiss on the first date: nope

97. Is there one person you want to bewith right now?: yes
98. Had more than oneboyfriend/girlfriend at one time?: nope
99. Do you believe in God?: yes
100. Post as 100 Truths about me?: Ok!

Kayo naman!