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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun Day

As promised, Summer will attend the Fun Day at McDonalds. But not with me, but with Ate Cory and Winter.
We were just right on time for their art workshop when we got there.
I just left the camera with Ate Cory so she can take photos of the kids. Summer saw all the mascots of McDonalds.
While Winter was so scared to come close to the characters.
They went home happily with toys from McDonalds.

Graduation day.

And I wasn't able to attend her graduation day. Omar wasn't able to attend too. Ate Cory can't too since she have to look after Winter and Winter cannot join her too since he have to go to sleep so he can join Summer at Fun Day in the afternoon. Nin and Ate Jenjen were busy too. I told her ahead that other kids will have their mommies there and she won't have her Mommy there but I promised her that I'll bring her to the Fun Day later.

Omar dropped her at McDonalds and Kuya picked her up, together with Nin and Jenjen. Looks like Summer was asking Kuya here to wait a little longer while Kuya was asking her for his french fries and Summer was telling him that he have to pay for it =).
Good thing the graduation finished late or Nin came in early so they were able to take photos of Summer.
She went home with a certificate, backpack with tumbler and her other art works like puzzle and other color art works.
Whew! At least now she have some story to share for her summer vacation since I wasn't able to send her to some summer class.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding.

As I was watching the royal wedding, Summer would say 'boo!'. She wasn't interested and would rather watch Disney or Nickelodeon channels. Until I read that Rowan Atkinson arrived already and I told her that Mr. Bean was there. She suddenly lit up and got excited looking for Mr. Bean among the crowd then she asked, 'Does he speak?'.
As Summer was so excited about Mr. Bean. Summer shared with me that Queen Elizabeth was from the cup. And that Mr. Bean found her dog and that's how the queen knew him and that's how he got invited to the wedding.
And when Summer saw Prince William got off from the car and removed his cap and gloves, Summer said 'heh? What happened? Did he cut his hair?'.
I never knew how interesting it was to watch TV with her or was it because the royal wedding was like an educational film where you'll learn a lot.

Summer's day 5 at mcdo

Summer is on her last day today at McDonalds.

For the past week, I've been trying to go there early just so I can take photos of her while she's on the floor but it was always done when I get there. The trainor noticed it and kindly offered me the chance. She let Summer go to the floor once again just for photo ops.

This is Summer at the drive-thru.
And Summer at the counter with the trainor in red uniform.
And this is Summer as a customer buying her french fries... again.
Thanks McDo for the program. I hope my little girl learned something from her one week session.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

which is which?

Sino ka ba talaga, Winter? Superman? o Spiderman?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kids' turn.

As promised, after the stations of the cross and visita iglesia, they can have their dip on the pool. I prayed for the sun to spare my kids from burning their skin. They were not spared. They had fun anyway.
Nin gave Winter this car life saver. He's been playing with it the whole night, running around the house in it with matching helmet and goggles - Disney pixar's UP style.
Summer's too big for lifesavers anymore and just kept on jumping on to the pool.
Thank you Ninong odie and Tita carla for bringing the kids to swim.

Summer's day 2 at mcdo

Summer got her shirt size right this time and so she was able to report in uniform.
She started getting new friends.
I brought Winter with me when I went to pick up Summer after her session.
And it was double expense - fries for two. Winter got his Ate's drink.
In 3 more years and I'll be sending 2 kids for McDo summer activities for kids, or Summer will be over aged by then?

Who got a spare?

Car seats. I need car seats. I need car seats in Canada.

I have a 6 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. They are not used to using car seats here in the Philippines since I don't own one here. But we will be needing it for our upcoming vacation in Canada. I'm confident my 6 year old girl will follow my instructions to take her car seat, I am not just confident with my 2 year old boy. But I'm hoping that he'll follow his sister. I just need to be creative with my boy and provide snacks and toy with his car seat.

I used to be my brother's navigator whenever we travel. Back on the days when GPS were unheard of. I like reading maps and taking alternate routes. But having to take the back seat with the kids, I cannot remember the many routes in and out our house in Toronto and we've been there for 4 times already. Thus, no need for me to take the DMV test. I left that to my sister who took practice exams when she went to study and work there for 2 years. Plus, my brother applied for an international driver's license here in the Philippines which he can use whenever we travel.

Anyways, please I need car seats. Please do let me know if I can borrow from you or if you know somebody whom I can borrow. Thanks a lot!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer's Day 1 at McDo

I just kept on inquiring and never got the chance to enroll Summer for any summer activities. She ran out of slot for voice lesson near my place and we have a scheduled vacation come May so it's pretty hard to squeeze in something for her this time.

Good thing I came across a summer activity with McDonalds for just a week and I'm pretty sure she'll have fun pretending that she's working.
Summer had fun on her first day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday.

We went visita iglesia on Good Friday.

Here's the little boy, all ready, for the trip.
First stop was the chapel of Nazareno at Parong-Parong at Hagonoy. My family stayed there to sing the pabasa while me and my inlaws went to visit the other churches for the other stations of the cross.
Before moving on to the next station, Mommy bribed Winter with a bottle of soda. She sure got a thank you kiss from the boy.
On our way to the second church, we came across a group having their penitensya paying respect to a pabasa station. It was a nice chance for us to take photos.
The kids transferred from one car to the other in between stations.
It was a tradition I wish to keep and for my kids to absorb as they grow.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My little bumbay.

This is how my little boy looked like when I met him for lunch at Mommy's house.
Doesn't he look like a bumbay selling stuff for 5-6? He won't let his deep set eyes to no use =).

Flight tickets: Check!

Tickets were issued way before we started filling up application forms for our visa.

We were able to get promo tickets for our round trip to Canada via Eva Air. They have bigger leg room than Cathay and they have good food. Only, we have 4hours to wait for our connecting flight, enough to tire the kids going around the airport so they can sleep soundly on board.

Yes, we are that positive that we will be granted with our visa application. Law of attraction lang yan!

Time to pack! I like!


I planned to bring Summer with us, for her first time, at Divine Mercy for our annual stations of the cross with Mons Flint. Unfortunately, it rained heavily last night. The grotto was like a farm so I thought it might get muddy so I decided not to bring her anymore.

And to my surprise, it did not rain at all in their part of Bulacan. Sayang talaga, she would love to see the stations. And what perfect timing for us to be with Mons so she can address all her questions to Mons.
I just took photos of every station for her and will surely bring her to our bisita iglesia with the Reantasos. Sayang talaga.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Visa approval: Check!


4years for me, Omar and Summer and 2years for the little boy!

The canadian embassy issued us a tourist visa valid until a month before our passport expires.

Go na go na! Excited!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


We heard mass and Summer saw the casts of the cenaculo having their rehearsal at the church grounds. She was sooo interested to watch it and scared at the same time, knowing what Jesus went through from school.

I told her to ask her Papa if he can bring her. Omar did not say yes too. And to my surprise, he also wanted to bring Summer but unsure of what the day will bring - we might get lazy and we do not want to disappoint the little girl. Summer must have prayed too hard for it and Omar and I were still in the mood to bring her.

Chairs were not provided and we positioned her at the scaffolding.
She just had a hard time fully understanding it for it is in Tagalog. In a very loud voice (due to too much excitement), she would ask us what 'kaibigan' means. And in a province, with all the kabataans around, it was just embarrassing to have her speak in english in a local setting.
We did not get to finish it anymore since Omar and I were just standing up. She asked us to extend for a little bit, then we just promised her that we'll just try to catch the movie 'The passion of the Christ' on TV on Good Friday.

I'm just happy she's interested in our religion.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My little bumbay.

This is how my little boy looked like when I met him for lunch at Mommy's house.
Doesn't he look like a bumbay selling stuff for 5-6? He won't let his deep set eyes to no use =).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy!

It's Mommy's birthday and she's at Cebu.
Yes, Mommy went to Cebu with Daddy to attend a convention and it fell on her birhtday. They went back on the 10th so we celebrated it with her just the same. Jenny bought ice cream cake.
Then we served afternoon snack to the staff at the coffee shop and Mommy's family came to celebrate it with her too.She brought home native accessories from Cebu for the girls.
While the little boy snobbed Mommy's food buffet, he asked for ice cream and the brat got it.
Happy birthday Mommy! I wish you good health. Please take good care of yourself.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Band night.

Summer would sooo look forward to Friday and Saturday nights where they can go with us to the park to listen to some band while she plays around with her friends - Noynoy and Justin while eating barbecue.
Tonight, Kuya Biboy drove them around in the pedicab.
And when the songs being played get too old for them to enjoy, the babies will play with their DS.
It was a full night. Mom and Dad will be glad.
Let's go back again next week.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tiny bubbles.

Nin passed by our house just to see and play with the babies. Winter played bubbles and I just cannot stop myself from getting my cam to capture the moment. I'm sure her titas across the globe will love these pics.
Go lips! Go lips, Go!


With Winter's very small vocabulary, one of his few words is 'Rain'. And just as he was taking his cold shower this afternoon, he called the shower rain, using the tabo as his umbrella.
Cutie - stage mom alert again!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Visa renewal: CHECK!

Positive thoughts attract positive results!

Mom and Dad will be sponsoring another trip to Canada for our summer get-away this year. We skipped our annual tradition last year and we're having one big time this year. Woohoo!!!

Flight tickets were issued already. We got promo tickets and it was a good deal.

My family's visa renewal application was just picked up today. I'm thinking positive! We will surely get our visa. We must! Summer's been packing her carry on bag since January.

It was just sad that Jenjen and Ate Bing cannot join us. Jenjen's having her first day at college a week after our scheduled flight to Canada. She's taking Psychology at La Salle. Good thing the review she attended last summer paid off. It must have been just like taking New York gmat prep.

And just when Jenny finished filling up her application forms for her renewal and just when I got her manager's check from the bank for her visa fee and bank certifications, she received an email from Canada asking her to submit her passport for visa issuance for her permanent resident application. She took her masters at Canada for a year and worked at the ombudsman of Toronto for a year too. And just when she was on her way back did she apply for permanent residence.

Oh I'm so excited to pack our stuff. It'll be my first to travel without a kid on my lap since I gave birth. Scared of expenses. It's an all expense paid trip - from tickets to accommodation to food and trips. But how can I stop from shopping? I just have to focus on our pending home loan. Sheessh.... just have to take lots of pics this time. At least that's for free.

Monday, April 4, 2011

As promised.

As promised, have to bring the kids back to the dentist. Only for Summer but have to bring Winter just to familiarize him with the dentist. And this time, he went straight to the chair and was served first before his Ate.
Summer had her additional procedures and have to be back in a month. Good job kids!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Congrats Chef!

As promised, the Chef served us good food during our Sunday dinner in celebration for his promotion. Tita Leslie and Tito Boy came to celebrate with us, as well as friends from the neighborhood.

It wasn't the first time that he served us Truffle Cake from the hotel but it was my first to try it. I know, a chocolate lover that I am, and got to taste it just now. It's just that every time it was served before, I had a sore throat. Well, now, with or without sore throat, I should give it a try.
It was definitely good. Look at that super ultra mega rich chocolate. Haayyyy!!!!
And Mama made sticky rice served with mangoes.
I just sooo love desserts! Congrats Chef!