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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Warehouse Sale

With all the warehouse sales going in and out of the Metro, I first tried attending the kids and maternity warehouse sale.

Big & Small, Orange Juice, Spin, and Havin a Baby had a warehouse sale at Makati City.

I was able to buy 2 pants for Summer, a pair of pants and shoes for Winter, and their cute shirts. I was also able to buy a set for myself - not a maternity dress but a nursing wear and some gifts for Christmas gift giving.
I wish for more moolah for more shopping! hehehe

Back in my arms again.

..or wrist.After a decade, I finally had my Tag repaired. I lost its bezel, brought it to the service center, my watch stayed there almost, if not more, a year, pulled it out, and stuck the watch in my drawer.

Until, I tried surfing online for the part. I got a discontinued model so it was pretty hard looking for the part. I tried calling the service center and was informed to wait for 2months. After 15minutes, I received a call that they have the available part - must be my order a decade ago.

So here! Omar paid for the part and the repair - his birthday and Christmas gift for me. Bye bye oven!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I was late.

I was about to leave home so I entrusted my baby to his Ate Cory. Ate Cory's hands were full so I placed him in his carrier, in front of TV, and played Summer's dvds of Baby Einstein. I didn't mean for him to watch TV this early, but just something to distract him while waiting for his Ate Cory to finish her chore. To my surprise, he was intently watching.
Oh no! My boy is no longer a newborn but an infant.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A family affair

Summer's school project is to make a Christmas decor out of recycled materials. This time, it's Omar's turn to get involve with Summer's school work.

We were given a month's notice, yet, it was a day before the deadline and still Summer doesn't have her christmas decor. This is when the Reantaso family showed their support for one another. Look at the family busy preparing Summer's project.

Look at Summer's first christmas decor made with love by Papa O and Ninang Onnie, taken with Julian and Jaja.And Papa Omar's produce:A play school project turned into a family affair.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter's 3rd.

Winter is now 3months old!Winter can now shift sideways, while lying down, on his own. Ayaw pa din nya ng nakadapa, nakasubsob lng ang ulo nya di makagalaw. Di kayang buhatin angulo, ang bigat kasi.

Ate Summer, as usual, blew his monthly candle.On his first month, we blew his candle at our house in France St., his second month at 1618 at my inlaws, and 3rd month here at Bulacan. Next month, we will be blowing our 4th candle at Canada! Woohoo!!! Ninang Jenny, sagot mo cupcakes natin ha!


Ang kukulit! Any tips on how to stop them?

Omar's Day

It's Omar's birthday!

We had lunch at the office with Kuya Dojoe, Bos Jo and Bong.

We served spaghetti with bread and barbecue for the staff and contractors.Thanks to Ryan who cooked some of the food. We had so much food and have to bring the left overs to Bulacan.

My gift? Naku! Omar's collection's anniversary is just days before his birthday. Weeks ago, we received an invitation offering 25-30% discount for their products. I had too much expenses for the year already so I just pledged for half of what he bought. It's their anniversary and it's Omar's birthday. Will it be a yearly event? I hope not! hehehe

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A dinner to remember... sort of.

It's not an extra-ordinary dinner.

Since we were out the whole day, we have no dinner prepared to go home to. We had dinner at Shakey's at Magallanes and it brought so much memories - like going to the theater, love their thin crust pizza and mojos, super love their strawberry shake, their striped uniform and flat hats, spaghetti served on a sizzling plate, childhood memories!

I love their ultimate cheese and garlic thin crust pizza. Yun nga lang di masyadong nakakabusog kasi thin nga! I'd rather dip the mojos in catsup over their garlic and ceasars dip. Of course, I have to get their strawberry shake in large size!Winter slept the whole time. I wonder if that's the effect of his vaccine too or if he was just being his normal self hehehe. Oh, and I was able to manage to have dinner properly with one hand! Practice na to! for Canada and US trip! hahaha!May Shakey's ba outside the Philippines? O dito lang sya sa atin? Does that mean Shakey's is a good place to bring balikbayans?

November Check-up

The 2 babies are due for their monthly check-up with their pedia.

Summer is still 15.5kg, no weight gain and no weight loss. But still, under low normal na weight nya. So I requested tests just to rule out primary complex dahil sa kapayatan. We had her chest x-ray already and will have her tuberculin test maybe next week. She's a picky eater and so active. She'd rather play than eat. She also had her Hepa-A booster shot.Winter now weighs 6.5kg, a 1.1kg weight gain from his 5.4kg weight last month. He's big for his age, according to his pedia. Looks like his lower teeth will be coming out soon, as confirmed by the pedia. He still has rashes on his face and will try to use Cetaphil this time.On the side note: Si Summer, sa Karcraft pa lang, di na maipinta ang face. She'd rather stay in the car alone than to go down with us at the hospital. She was crying while walking from the car to the clinic of her pedia. But after her vaccine, while we were having her X-ray, she's so hyper - running, shouting, and laughing. I wonder if that's the effect of her vaccine or she was just being her normal self. She was scared at first with her X-ray. She just took her Papa's word that they will just take her photo and all she had to do was smile. She was looking for her photo after her test. Winter, on the other hand, didn't even cry when he was injected with his vaccine. Boy na boy!

Thank God all is well with my kids! Though, I have to find ways to increase Summer's weight.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November Celebrants

The Reantaso family has a lot of reason to celebrate the month of November:Nov. 5 - Yang's birhtday
Nov. 11 - Onnie's birthday
Nov. 19 - Ojay's birthday
Nov. 21 - Omar's birthday

November - Histopath result showed that Odie is now cancer free.

We had a simple dinner at Mama's house - pancit lucban, barbecue, roast chicken and cake.

The 5 celebrants blew the cake. Ojay led the thanksgiving prayer.
We had a game of poker after dinner. Guess who won? Not me! I don't know how to play the game.Winter had fun entertaining Odie while thumbsucking and Ninong Odie happily watched him.Summer, as usual, had so much fun playing with her cousins.Thank God for birthdays! Thank God for answered prayers!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Tita Nora!

It's Tita Nora's birthday!

Her friend, Tita Bambi and her hubby, from Chicago is in the country. In celebration of her birthday, we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant along Wilson St., along with her other friends as well.

We were served yummy food!It was a birthday dinner without the birthday celebrant for she's in Chicago. Happy birthday Tita Nora and thank you for the dinner!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Lola!

Lola's birthday fell on a Monday so we went to see her on Sunday instead.We just had our breakfast before going to her place but we just so love her bopis and cannot resist not eating again. So we had our second breakfast for the day.Tita Cel cooked carbonara but were so full, we took them home na lang.

The lolas love speaking with Winter, who responded to them as well. Summer had fun playing with her aunts.Happy birthday Lola!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jollitown party.

We were invited at Benedict's Baptism and Marga's 1st birthday party at Jollibee.The party made me realized how my baby grew to be a big girl. She's no longer scared of Jollibee. She joins the games and plays with other kids. I was surprised that she can play the longest greeting, though she did not win the game.As usual, we did not go out of Jollibee without her playing in the play area.
Maybe I can give her a Jollibee party on her 5th year, if budget will allow =D. Winter would learn to love Jollibee by then.

Surprise for Jenny

Since Mom and Dad went home from Canada on August, orders were given left and right for the preparation of Jenny's upcoming surprised thanksgiving party for her graduation from her masters of law from the University of Toronto.

While on maternity leave, I started doing her invites. I surfed the net for a nice lay-out. It was a 3-page invitation. The front has a cut-out toga with a small real tassle, a scanned grad pic of Jenny embossed on top of the toga, and the name of the invited guest at the bottom. The second page was the details of the party printed in a diploma format, using parchment paper and tucked in a board paper. The last page was a reminder to the guests that it will be a surprise party, the sketch of the venue, and numbers to be called for the rsvp. And invites must be mailed 2months before the event.

After my birthday and Winter's baptism, I went back to work with lots of back log to catch up to. And at the same time, I have to start preparing for Jenny's AVP - which, I do not even know how to do. I started texting her friends requesting for their wishes or greetings for Jenny. I ransacked her room for photos to be scanned for the presentation. I even have to bring the photos to Kuya Dojoe's office to have them scanned since I do not know how to use a scanner. And have to do them twice since the first scanning had too low resolution. First week of November, it was my only time to take videos of the family's wishes for Jenny. I finished the avp the night before Mom and Dad's departure for Canada. How to transform them to dvd format? I slept at 3am, woke up at 6am, still I cannot figure it out. I was able to figure it out the last minute - as in when they were preparing to leave for the airport.

On the last week of October, I did her guest book too! I planned to do a digital scrapbook style but never got the time to do it. So I did the actual scrapbook. It was a few late nights too, with a toddler roaming around my materials and breastfeeding in between.

Tags were made simple for the souvenirs. I was able to do that in one day.

It's hard to have a stage mom, yet I am one! You'll really try to pull all your resources to make your child happy. Every child is worthy of their parent's love. Every parents must be proud of their children.

A magcal night.

Tito Boy, the Wudjiman, invited us to see their magic show. It is my second year to witness the event. Just like last year, it was held at the auditorium of PhilAm Life at UN Avenue.They had entertainment for guests who came in early. Clowns were doing tricks, clowns walking and dancing on stilts, a guy playing like a mannequin, and clowns doing balloon twisting.
It wasn't just a show, but a battle of the champions. There were 9 champions competing for the title 'Champion of the Champions'. Rico won the title.

My kikay baby Summer had fun watching the show.Thank you Tito Boy for inviting us!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Search.

I lost the bezel of my only Tag Heuer watch more than a decade ago. I brought it to the local service center and my watch stayed with them for months waiting for the missing part to arrive. Until I decided to just get it from them without having it fixed.

And so I was searching over the net for the missing part when I came upon this site. Shopwiki is the best site to go shopping. It did not just help me think of great gift ideas for my nephews and nieces, it offered great prices too! Plus, the perks of hassle-free and traffic-free going to shops and stores just to buy the gift, when you can do it online.

Hmm... what about an Xbox for a family gift? What do you think?

I need it!

My pair of glasses are old already.

My lens does not fit my eyes anymore. I just gave birth with my second baby two months ago so I need to change my glasses. I'm not sure if it applies with those who gave birth, but my eye grade goes up every time I give birth.

We will be traveling soon so it's a must for me to buy a new pair. And I want one with a sun sensor. My hands will be full with a toddler and an infant in tow, and without a nanny at that too! I cannot afford to depend on a pair of contact lenses just to be able to wear a pair of sunglasses. So, it will be great to have an eyeglass and a sunglass in one. Plus, something that's great for picture taking too!

I was browsing over the net, came across Zenni Optical, and came up with the exact eyeglasses I was looking for.

It couldn't get better! It's even so affordable! With all my previous expenses in giving birth and my upcoming expenses for our scheduled trip, I cannot afford to go with an expensive wear.

I'm even considering giving these away for Christmas gifts! I am so excited!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It was Feb. 29 of this year when we rushed Odie to the ER due to blurred vision.

It was March when he was diagnosed with Cancer of the germ cell, a very rare case. He had his first surgery at the end of the month for biopsy.

He had his monthly sessions of chemo since then. He had a total of 6 cycles of chemo therapy until his tumor reduced its size and safer to be removed.

He was admitted at the hospital yesterday and had his surgery today, and it's Onnie's birthday. It was a successful 8-hour operation. They had to cut almost half of his left lung where the tumor grew. A capsule-size tumor was left, located along the artery, since it was too risky to scrape it off.

It was one of the longest operation of the doctor.

Let us all pray for his speedy recovery. Thank you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome back, Lissa!

After a year of taking her masters in Landscape Architecture and a year of working in the US, Lissa went home again to the Philippines.
Kuya Ed organized a welcome dinner for her. We had it at Bahay Ligaya and had filipino dishes.As usual, it was a loud night. We were not complete, yet enough to make it a fun night. We set our christmas party tentatively on Jan. 3, 2009.

Welcome back Lissa!

Running Errands

I was assigned to do an errand for Daddy at Makati and Kuya offered to drive for me.

The transaction ended at lunch time and I've thought of trying Pepper Lunch at Rockwell. Kuya's the best buddy to bring to try out a new resto. I like rice, I like rice topping, I like them hot, so I like Pepper Lunch. I will surely go back and will bring Omar.

I had Beef Pepper Rice, one of their best sellers.
Kuya had Cut Steak with Rice.And what better way to end our food trip with a dessert - Choco something from Crepes and more.It's so yummy to run errands for Mom and Dad, specially when you're with Kuya =).

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Check this out!

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