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Thursday, September 25, 2008

After a month.

Winter, together with Summer, had his check-up again with his pedia for his second shot for Hepa B.

Winter now weighs 4.7kg and is 57cm long. He gained 600grams and 5cm in 2weeks.

Sadly, he caught his Ate Summer's cough - Ate Summer cannot stop herself from kissing Winter, even after our constant instructions not to do so - and was prescribed mucolytic drops.

Summer had her second shot for her Hepa A too. We also asked her pedia for new appetite stimulant.

Next check-up is due next month, on October 25.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Getting Winter's passport was such a breeze!

With Php 1,300.00, documents were picked up from our house. Then, I was scheduled for appearance at the DFA, in behalf of my baby Winter.

After entering DFA through Gate 3, with only my receipt and valid ID on hand, I went to look for the booth of Teleserv. The guy at the entrance escorted me to the seats and turned over my receipt to another guy who instructed me to wait for my name to be called. I was just about to text somebody when they called for my baby's name. I checked the application form for corrections, signed inside the box, signed at the logbook for returned documents, and that's it!

I called Omar and he too was surprised that I was done so early. He was just about to look for a parking slot and I was done already.

With less than 10minutes, I was done with my appearance at the DFA, and am just now waiting for the delivery of the passport within 8-10 working days. I hope to get it earlier. I still have to apply for his Canadian and US visas.

Monday, September 22, 2008

1 month na kami!

Yey! One month na kami ni Winter!I'm so happy! Exclusively breast fed baby ko for a month na! and still counting!!! Hoping for more breastfeeding months to come.

I'm so happy! I can move more now than before - dami kasi bawal pag bagong panganak, I hope!!

We were supposed to order from Jollibee the spaghetti good for 5persons in a tupperware, but surprisingly the 87000 agent I talked to and the Jollibee outlet Omar went to doesn't even know it exist so we just bought individual orders of spaghetti. I also asked Omar to buy a cupcake from Gonuts Donuts. Cory cooked fried chicken. Pary na! hehehehe. Syempre di papayag si Ate Summer na di rin nya birthday. So we sang like 'Happy birthday Winter! Happy birthday Summer! Happy birthday, Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!' And Ate Summer happily blew the candle.And in less than a month, even weeks before he turned a month old, he can strongly raise his head na. Kakatakot, pero mayabang e, nagpapakitang gilas sa mommy. He would often do this when I burp him after feeding.Pano na sa binyag? Baka magulat si Ate Summer wala syang gift, puro kay Winter. hehehe

Photo Challenge

Before giving birth, I inquired already on the earliest means on how to get Winter's NSO certified birth certificate for our trip on December. Good thing, St. Luke's provide such service. I was able to get his copies in less than a month.

September 19 - I was notified that his birth certificates are ready for pick-up but was able to get it the following day na.
September 20 - I filled up his passport application form through Teleserv.
September 21 - Got his photo taken from Great Image.
September 22 - 2Go picked up his requirements.

When we got to the studio, Winter was asleep so we had to wake him up. When he woke up, he was crying - ikaw ba naman ang gisingin. It was really a challenge to take his photo with his eyes open and mouth closed. Buti na lang matsaga ang photographer. From his photo, he looks like he was smiling, but he was not. He was actually crying - bumubwelo lang ng sigaw hahaha. I bought pa naman a white collared polo with vest kaya lang DFA requires a dark-colored shirt kaya Great Image had to crop it with another polo. Ayun, he looked like a grown up boy na tuloy. Mas cute pa dyan anak ko in person e - stage mom talaga hehehehe. Pero okay na din kasi pahirapan talaga. At least, kita ang dimples hehehe.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Family Day

We attended Summer's Family Day with Playschool International. It was held at the Gym of Mary Help of Christians.

Omar was hesitant at first to attend the Family Day. Siya lang daw mapapagod dun since I cannot play yet for I just gave birth. But stage mom as I am, I insisted in coming, even from Bulacan, and joining the school's activity.

First activity was a poster-making contest for the team and to come up with a cheer for the team. We belong to the red team. Being pasaway, we did not come up with a cheer hehehe.I was surprised to see my baby listening and following the teacher's instructions and actively participating. She had fun playing with her friends. Omar and I participated in the games.
Surprisingly, the red team won. We had fun playing with other parents. And Summer got to have her prizes, along with other kids of Playschool. Of course, kids from our team got bigger prizes.It was a tiring and fun day. Thank you Omar for coming kahit ayaw mo at first hehehe. Pero, mas maraming kwento si Omar after the day kesa sa akin hahaha.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ate Summer

We had problems preparing Summer for the coming baby. Only to find out that we have nothing to worry. From the first time Summer laid eyes on Winter, she fell in love with her baby brother.Here are some stories of Ate Summer:

She loves Winter so much, she wants to carry Winter on her own.

There was a time she performed magic. She was standing next to Winter's crib, put the baby pillow on top of Winter's face and shouted 'Magic!'. Scary huh!?

She wants Winter to milk from her own breast.

Winter was crying loud as I was changing his diaper. Then the cry wasn't that loud anymore. And when I looked up, Summer was covering Winter's mouth with her hand.

With Winter lying on his blanket at the middle of the bed, Summer would slowly drag the blanket near the edge of the bed just so she could watch Winter.

At night and when Winter will cry out so loud, she would cover her ears and complain to her Papa how loud Winter was, yet she still doesn't want to lend Winter to others.

Every time somebody would carry Winter, Summer will always be there to remind them na borrow lang nila si Winter.

And she loves kissing Winter at the face followed with a sniff. She loves smelling Winter.

When Winter cries, Summer would tell me that Winter's hungry or Winter's pupu. There would be times that she would not let me feed Winter, telling me that she will just sing for Winter and that Winter will stop crying na.

I hope my babies will grow up loving each other, sweet, at konting away lang sana.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Twice at the mall

We fetched Summer and her yaya at Greenbelt in the morning with Winter, spent the day at Karcraft while waiting for the kids' pedia in the afternoon. We were supposed to go home to Bulacan after the check-up until we received a call from Mama.

We were being invited for dinner with Tita Nora for they are already leaving the day after.

We had dinner at Kamayan at Glorietta. Second mall visit of Winter for the day, too much for firsts. Winter fed upon getting at the restaurant and slept the entire stay. It was easy having dinner with the family, they love carrying Winter! I have full hands for eating on my own hehehe.
Summer had fun watching the singers. She would even call her lolo or lola or whoever was carrying Winter to bring the baby nearer to see the singers.


Omar and I brought the kids to the pedia again for their check-up.

Winter is now 52cm from 50cm and weighs 4.1kg from 3.5kg, 2weeks ago. According to his pedia, ang bilis daw lumaki. He had his BCG vaccine at his pwet and he cried, not for long though.

As for Ate Summer, she had her vaccine too. She wouldn't want to go to bed this time as she already knew what would happen, from our last check-up. Omar promised her yanyan and bubbles, but she would only say - 'I don't like prizes!' She cried before, during, and after her vaccine. Wawa naman. Her doctor offered her lollipops after, but she wouldn't take it. Nagalit yata hehehe.

I was able to buy nursing wear din from the secretary of my pedia for only Php 300.00. Not bad na din kasi ang nakikita ko more than Php 500.00, so I bought 2!

Cultural Show

For this year's cultural presentation of Playschool International for their students, they brought the kids at Onstage at Greenbelt to see Mulan.Summer went with her Ate Cory. I would love to join her sana this time kaya lang I just gave birth to Winter, kawawa naman kung iiwanan ko na.

Summer so loved Mulan. She kept on asking me if she can watch Mulan again. Akala yata nya parang TV lang na walang bayad hehehe. She will go to school daw and will ask her Ate Inday to bring her to watch Mulan again.

From Ate Cory's kwento, Summer kept on raising her hand at the question and answer portion between the casts and the audience. No, Summer wasn't called. I'm just happy to know that my baby is confident to answer questions addressed to her. Ayaw ko kasing lumaki sya na alam naman nya ang sagot but too shy to answer so she would just keep the answer to herself. At least may confidence!

And no, Ninang Jenny, she wasn't singing Reflections when we picked them up from the theater.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

For Ninang Jenny

Winter is such a boy.

He burps and farts so loud! Pati pag poop, ang lakas!

And every time he would poop, his mouth would do the whistle mouth. I was texting this to Jenny and requested for a photo, thus the post. Side kwento: When Summer will see Winter with his whistle mouth, she will place her face in his mouth saying that Winter wants to kiss her.