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Monday, June 11, 2012

Friendly neighborhood.

So nice to have one.
More than the goodies, knowing you have somebody near you who loves you.

Love thy neighbor.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1st day, Grade 3

Here is my girl on her first day of school as Grade 3.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eyes eyes baby!

From last school year, Summer went home with a prescription from the school doctor to bring her to an eye doctor.

As much as possible I wouldn't want her to wear glasses. I know it's exciting at first but it's so uncomfortable.

I want to bring her to a doctor I can trust and not just to any doctor who is into business. Good thing we have Doc Jim.

Summer turned out to have astigmatism so wearing of glasses is a must. The little girl was giddy with excitement.

Winter said she looked like a lolo.

Summer asked her Papa if she looked like me. I am not just sure which answer she would wish to hear from his papa - yes or no.

Playing with Mac

Nin bought a new Mac.
The kids had fun playing photos with it.
One of their favorite was the rollercoaster ride.
Look! No hands!

Creating memories

Let me borrow Nin's words as I share with her our story the night we baked cupcakes - creating memories.

We were not raised using the oven. My mom is not into baking. I heard stories from my classmates. And that's something I want to give my kids for a change, stories of baking with their mom.

Thanks to Tita Jack fir the boxes of cake mix she gave us with matching frostings. I just bought sprinkles. Voila! The kids had fun creating their cupcakes.

Looking forward to more time at home for more baking.

Going Dutch

Welcome our new neighbor from Netherlands - Tita Sexy and her little boy Lucas.

Winter got a new playmate.

Fil-Am Breakfast

We had the Canadians over for breakfast. We cannot accommodate the family for overnight. I can only accommodate 2 persons at a time. That made me realize how small my home is. But that's fine with me.

To make everybody happy, we prepared Filipino and American breakfast. Omar prepared ham and bacon with toast and a platter of assorted daing with garlic rice. I prepared the scrambled eggs. We served mango, pineapple and watermelon juice with fresh banana, mango and duhat.

It was a change preparing breakfast.