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Saturday, January 31, 2009

5th year

It's our 5th year wedding anniversary.

Yun lang. Ganun lang talaga e.

Friday, January 30, 2009

First night.

On Onnie's first night out of the country, Omar and I decided to bring the kids to their Lolo Oka and Lola Olive to help ease, even a little, their sadness for Onnie's big move to the US.

We surprised them and slept at their house. Papa and Mama entertained themselves and went to watch a movie. When they went home at around 11pm, they were surprised to see us.
It was well appreciated. Summer had fun and would love to do it again.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Onnie and her BIG move.

Onnie's leaving tomorrow for the US to follow her husband.For sure, she'll be missed by the family being the only girl in the family of Reantasos before the in-laws starts invading. Onnie's the kids' boss when it comes to eating at their house in 1618. Now, who will feed the kids?

Kuya Omar cried.

Paying taxes is fattening.

Mom and I were tasked to pay the property tax at Tagaytay. We brought Tita Nil and Benjie with us.

So we went straight to the city hall to pay our dues and paid a visit as well at the chapel of Archangel Gabriel.Then we went to Sonyas for early lunch. Oh how we loved the ambiance. It wasn't our first but the first time was a long time ago. We had the usual set - salad, bread, pasta and dessert. Winter had mangoes. They even gave away flowers at the end of lunch. We strolled after lunch for some picture taking and bought stuff like mosquito coil and room spray.We then went to Good Shepherds to buy goodies which Tita Nil will be bringing to Canada.

We bought pineapples along the way too.

And went to Rowena's to buy buko tarts and more goodies.

And finally, went back to Manila through the old road so we can stop by and have our bulalo. Here, Winter had his potatoes.Thank God, Winter was such an adorable boy. He never had a tantrum but had so much fun. Lakwatsero in the making. I missed Summer.

I never thought how fattening paying taxes are at Tagaytay. I never mind doing it again next year basta may budget hehe.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Ribs Challenge

The Reantasos had their Market Basket years ago. Their base then was chicken and they have to prepare soup, appetizer and main dish out of it.

The challenge now is: Who makes the best ribs in the house?

The challengers:

Team Kuya Olejoe and Omar
and Chef Orland
Each challenger can submit as many entries as they want. With 3 challengers, we had 6 entries.
Judges were uncles and aunts, cousins and officemates of Onnie.
And the over-all champion was Chef Orland.
It was a night full of food and laughter. It was so much fun! Orland was the over-all champion but Ojay bagged the best in flavor, so you can imagine the kanchawan.

When will be the next challenge kaya?

Despedida for Onnie

Too much despedida dinner for the month.Onnie's leaving on the 29th. Family, relatives and friends gathered and had dinner with Onnie. We brought Onnie's favorites - buko pandan and cassava con leche flan and pancit lucban. Papa prepared his signature kare-kare.Kids had so much fun playing around. I discovered how bossy Summer can be. Poor Winter. And Winter had his taste of dinner too!Boys had their rib challenge which deserves another post.

Mama prepared a gift for Onnie - a calendar of family events.
We will surely miss the only rose among the thorns.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My school girl.

Since Summer started attending school, I see to it that I call her once she gets home.

Ate Nenet reported that Summer got mad with her teacher because her teacher refused to give her a stamp. Reason - she was not listening to her teacher. From the last parent-teacher conference, we learned that Summer was one of the few students who could sit still and listen to the teacher. But coming from vacation, I expected a few days not getting stamp since I expected her to be sharing lots of stories with her classmates. But not for more than a week already. So I talked to her and told her that I won't bring her to school anymore if she will not listen to her teacher. Aba! Pumayag at galit daw sya sa teacher nya! So I told her, no stamp, no TV! I know, my bad! Pero dun sya natuto mag-english tsaka Disney or Playhouse Disney channel lang naman e.

Summer happily went home with a stamp.

Aba! 2 stamps pa!

No stamp pero for all students naman daw, wala. Nenet asked her teacher how she was and was informed that they saw a big change for Summer since Tuesday. Effective ang TV!

May stamp ulit.

Hay salamat! Back to normal na ulit si Summer. Grade conscious kaya pag laki?

Another Winter's first.

We always sit Winter, when he's awake, with us while we eat. Lately, I noticed that he's been chewing on his own, even without food, while we're eating and staring at our food. Kakaawa. Minsan, may sound pa talaga.

Syempre, excited kumain ang baby, excited din ang lolo at lola, at lalong excited ang stage nanay. Kaya ayun, at 5months, pinakain na namin kanina. I originally wanted to start with his vegetables kasi pag fruits, mas malasa, baka di na pansinin ang vegetables. Pero fruits lang ang available e kaya sinubuan na namin ng papaya and mango. Gustong gusto nya. Sinasalubong pa ang spoon at kinakapitan pa ang kamay mo. He drank his water for the first time too.I still have to confirm with his pedia tomorrow kung okay lang ituloy-tuloy na. Lalong bibilog si bilog! Di na sya mama-dependent? na-sad naman ako.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter's 5th.

Winter is now 5months old, and back at home in Paranaque hehe.Medyo mabigat ang leeg kaya tamad dumapa. Lately, nakakadapa na sya on his own but not for long. At this time, he can already grab on his own his teether and can now control his hands and bring it to his mouth.Boy si Winter. Suot lang nya hand me down from his Ate Summer kaya naka-pink. Na-excite lang ako sa 5 cup cakes nya kaya di ko na nabihisan.

Happy birthday Winter!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Still a baby.

Summer did not sleep after school. She was able to sleep on our way to Bulacan and refused to wake up for dinner. When we get to our room, our sheets were brought to the laundry the last time so Omar temporarily put her on the crib while I put fresh sheets on the bed.Buti di bumigay ang crib hehehe.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy birthday Lola Nene

Lola Nene went home from California for the holidays.She turned 82 today. Tita Nora and Tito Fred arrived from Chicago 2 days ago. They hosted the dinner for Lola at Kamay Kainan at Market Market.

Happy birthday Lola!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For Ate

Ate, this is for you.

Umuwi ka lang dito, ililibre kita dyan! Supplier na namin yan sa shop, tuwing hapon dumadaan. That's kikiam, squid ball and chicken balls. Gusto mo maasim na sauce? Gusto mo matamis? O maanghang? O yung complicated - halo halo na sauce?

Pero sa ngayon na andyan ka pa, happy viewing na lang muna!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A trip to Binoangan

I've been staying in Bulacan during weekends and no schooldays for 17 years now, and been coming here on Sundays since childhood, but it was only when I get to step at Obando, Bulacan.

Tito Hermie and his family invited us for lunch at his place.

We parked our car at the church, took a pedicab to the port, and took a boat to their island. I've never seen so much oysters in my life.Tito Hermie showed us where he went to school and their house.Then, we feasted over oysters, shrimps, and crab. We had sinigang seafoods with oyster, kilawing oyster, and oyster cooked ala bistek. Kulang na lang oyster for dessert hehehe. They also served home made langka flavored ice cream.

They also gave us food for take home. Another day of feasting over food. When will this ever stop? No, I'm not complaining! Baka putulin na ni God food supply namin hehehe.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Canadian guests

We had guests from Canada.Tita Lina together with her husband, Tito Hermie and their children, Cris and Elizabeth celebrated their Christmas here in Manila. We even had dinner at their place last month before they flew here.

Tita Cora and Tito Nesty also went home for the holidays. Tita Cora works in the same building as Jenny's.

They will be driving to Baguio tomorrow with Mom and Dad and they stayed at the hotel for the night. We had dinner at the native restaurant - yes, after a full day of eating from the fiesta.

Feast of Nazareno

It was a feast day talaga!

Imagine, I had 3 lunch in one day. Bukod pa ang breakfast and dinner nyan ha!

The chapel of Nazareno was a donation from the family kaya we see to it na dun nagsisimba pag Sunday, lalo na syempre pag fiesta.We attended the 9am mass but did not join the pagoda. I got to finally see Helena. She's my cousin's daughter from Canada. While we had Christmas at Canada, they had theirs here in Manila. Omar surprised me too by attending the fiesta with Winter's ninongs.We had our first food feast at Tito Pining's, followed with another feast at Ninang Nene's and finally at Tita Baby's.

I brought with me Winter and Summer so we did not stay long until the 5pm mass.

May Nazareno continue to guide and bless our family. Amen.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Despedida dinner

We weren't able to join the rehearsal dinner for the wedding since we were out of the country.

But we were finally able to sit and get to know Andy's parents, and they were so nice. Uncle Bill's name is William John, same as Winter's. Aunt Arlene is a pre-school teacher and she's so sweet, she even brought books for Summer.

Mama and Papa hosted a dinner for them for their last night in Manila for they will be flying back to Wisconsin the following day.

It was a short time together but they're really nice. I'm so happy for Onnie for having such nice inlaws.

Friday, January 2, 2009

My new No. 1

from my list of favorite chocolate.

Trufettes Truffles from Canada used to be my no. 1 favorite chocolate. But sadly, it has to drop to number 2 after I had a taste of Royce' Nama chocolate.

I've heard so much about this chocolate from my e-group and from bloghopping. So from our connecting flight from Manila to Detroit at Nagoya, I saw to it to buy one from the airport. Good thing it was just near our gate. I was able to try the Cherry Marnier. And they offered me a thermal bag for that but declined since I'll be eating it right away.

So for our flight back home, I brought with me my own thermal bag and bought all the flavors plus more Cherry Marnier for my inlaws, mom and dad, and kuya. I was able to buy Hennesy, Champagne, Cherry Marnier in brown and white chocolate, and Liquor free.Pag naubos na chocolates ko tsaka na ako magddiet =).