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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Again and Again

Ever since I let Summer take her swim in the afternoon, she's been doing it again and again.
She swam on weekdays since we go to Church on Saturday afternoons. She can't on Sunday since we sleep and play together on Sundays. She just loves water. She would even sleep in the afternoon with her swimsuit on.

Kaya ayun, ang itim itim na. Di bale, pag school days na, nakakulong na ulit yan sa bahay.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Fortune

After another weekend of hard work, Mommy and Daddy treated us for dinner.

We had dinner at Fortune Restaurant - a Chinese restaurant here at Bulacan. We had lauriat. We were so full. I enjoyed the crab and the peking duck.


Thanks for the dinner.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I finally was able to swim my little girl. She kept on telling me that she's not hot anymore and that she's not sick anymore while touching her neck herself. She must be really hot, she wanted to swim so much.

I brought her to the pool. She was so happy. She even chose her own swim wear.
Then, she was so excited when she saw the monoblock bed for sunbathing. She went there, lied down, and told me that she's like Sharpay of Highschool Musical! May pa-pose pose pa! Ang arte! She'd rather lie there wet and cold just to be like Sharpay than swim. My goodness! I just have to tell her that we're going back home if she will not go back to water.She even asked me to take her photo showing her legs splashing in the water.Ang saya saya ng anak ko.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hi Ted!

We did not attend our usual Sunday dinner with my inlaws. We are pretty busy and dead tired on weekends of Summer so we usually ask them to excuse us for Sunday dinners on Summer. They usually visit us here at Bulacan on long weekends of Summer.

We had our dinner with them on a Monday instead.

I got a call from Mama. Ted, Omar's cousin from Chicago, was staying at their house and Papa wanted to have dinner with the family. Papa was even willing to pick us up from Bulacan, coming from Valenzuela. Kakahiya naman so I asked the driver to bring us instead to Paranaque, then I can do the marketing the following day.

I discovered the sushi market too at Suki Market. A bilao of 75pcs assorted sushi - california sushi and kani maki for only Php 300.00. So I brought that for my potluck. Mama finally got to discover the secret of Mang Rey's yummy mechado. I like it durog, so yummy!

Another cousin from Laguna, Ate Lee, came over to see Odie and Ted too. After 4years of marriage with Omar, still got a lot of relatives to see.

Oh, and Odie will be admitted tomorrow at Manila Doctor's for his first session of chemotherapy under Dr. Villalon. I pray that the chemo will work and will decrease the size of his tumor for possible extraction.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Kuya Enteng! Congrats Ate Sally!

We were invited for a lunch in celebration of 2 occasions - Kuya Enteng's birthday and Jasmine's graduation.

We sneaked for a quick lunch with the whole clan at Goldenville. The buffet table had so much food! I ate too much! No breakfast for a preggy like me, imagine how much I ate for lunch!

Thanks for the food Ate Sally! Congrats!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Meeting Winter

Summer met Winter for the first time.

I went to my second ultrasound this afternoon. In preparation for the coming baby, I try my best to bring or involve Summer with my check-ups and ultrasounds to acquaint her with the baby. Up to now, she refuse to have the baby inside the tummy.

I had my pelvic ultrasound to check on my fetal age and amniotic fluid. I took the opportunity to get the gender as well.

Winter was in breech position, but nothing to worry, according to the doctor, since the baby is still small and can still turn around. The doctor immediately saw the genitals so we found out right away the gender. Looks like this baby will be more malikot than Summer. One hand was covering the face while the other kept on punching. The baby stretched its body too and turned around. Looks like the doctor had fun looking at the baby as much as I did, it took longer than my usual ultrasound. Though we were trying to show Summer the baby, she tried her best to look for the baby in the monitor. The doctor printed the photo and handed it over to her, and all she could say was 'Cool!' hahahaha.Winter is a boy. For sure, hubby will be happy. I so wanted to give him a boy. Another Bosconian in the family. Omar can finally have his own father and son camping.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Tito Boy!

We had another round of food fest!

Papa made his super yummy kare kare, with his trademark na sitaw na naka ribbon pa. They also prepared hito and tomatoes with very very small green mango na chopped. Tita Leslie brought crabs, prawns and pancit malabon.

It was so hard to eat, duno which to get, dunno which to get second rounds.

It was Tito Boy's birthday.

Ojay presented his latest research and consultation with oncologists with Odie's medical condition. The family is now considering of giving Odie chemo therapy and we are just waiting for Odie's decision if he wants to push through with it.

We still need your prayers for Odie. Odie's prayer is that one day he'll wake up with a smaller tumor and with his cancer cells gone.

Thank you everybody for your prayers. Happy birthday Tito Boy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm half-way with my pregnancy! Yipee!

Or so I thought. Ang bilis!!! Up to now, ayaw pa rin ni Summer ng baby waaahhh!!! She throws milk on her baby doll, throw it out of the room, but looks for it when she goes to sleep.

I had my check-up with my ob today and am due for my pelvic ultrasound. Maybe next week, I can visit the laboratory for the ultrasound. Finally, I would get to know the gender of the baby. Sana po boy naman! Pero kahit ano basta healthy at normal.

I'm not as big as when I got pregnant with Summer now. Pero bawas kanin daw sabi ni ob, mahal na daw ang bigas hehehe. Took me years to slim down for a few months just before I got pregnant. It may be harder this time. Sana makapag breastfeed ako directly this time.

Aabangan ang gender!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!

It's mommy's birthday again! How time flies so fast! It was just last year when we prepared a party for her birthday with a dance presentation and a magic show, and now it's her birthday again.

Daddy played their theme song early in the morning, just when mom was just about to wake up. Mom woke up with a smile on her birthday. Then Dad surprised mom with his gift! A brand new 4X2 Ford Ranger!

Mom served lunch for the staff and invited Lola over to join us for lunch. We had caldereta, sotanghon, fried lumpia and halo-halo.We had early dinner at Dong Won Korean Restaurant at Makati. We had bulgogi and shabu shabu and the refillable appetizers. We brought cake for dessert.We gave mom shirts from Mark n Spencer, na di kasya sa kanya so we still have to change it to another size.

Happy birthday Mommy!My special thanks to my Summer, the photographer, who took photos while we were at the Korean restaurant. I had my time to enjoy the food. Oh but I had to take photos during the candle blowing and photos with the apos.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Karla!

It's Karla's birthday, wife of Odie.

Mama texted us early in the morning that she'll be giving Karla a simple surprise birthday dinner at home and not to greet her.

Papa bought pancit from Buddy's and barbecue, Mama prepared chicken teriyaki and we bought a sugarfree cake for Karla from Cake 2 Go.

I was able to bring Summer at Trinoma too. Again, she was so amazed with how much books National Bookstore is selling. She'd rather I buy her book than toys. Wow! Sana totoo hehehe. Too bad I don't know the place too well that I wasn't able to bring her back to the bookstore to buy her book.

After dinner at Paranaque, we still went home to Bulacan. We'd rather drive to and from than pack and unpack our stuff hehehe. Oh and Omar went out with the boys too so I dropped him off at Quezon City and drove our way to Bulacan.

Happy Birthday Karla!