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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 12: Last day at Buffalo, NY

Ate got an early flight. Everybody's so sleepy to cry hehehe. I think the teenagers did not sleep at all.

Bye Ate! We hope to see you again soon.
We have to return to the outlet to change Winter's light up shoes for the other shoe was not lighting up. Good thing, Daddy has some shirts to change too. We grabbed our breakfast at the mall. It was early lunch.
It was a breeze too going back to Canada. Weather is getting warmer. Bye NY!

Day 11: Shopping and Buffalo wings

Grrr.... my battery ran out on me. And my camera's charger has a round outlet and the hotel's electric outlet has a flat outlet. I asked the front desk if they have an adaptor I can borrow, and they answered me that people should be bringing their own. I told them that other hotels provide, I was told that their hotel is not one of those hotels. And that's Hilton Garden Inn at Buffalo, NY.

We went to see Our Lady of Victory and went to hear mass.

We had our breakfast treat from my nephew, AJ, at McDonalds.

Then came the part we've all been waiting for - shopping! Time was so short, time was so fast. We were able to buy shoes and clothes for everybody. We had our lunch at the food court.

We then brought Ate and her family back at Our Lady of Fatima and we heard mass once again.

Shopping is much cheaper in NY than in Canada, less tax and better exchange rate with peso. So this is where we bought my 55/250mm lens and Winter's DSi at Best Buy. Kuya bought hi slr too so I was able to borrow his charger for my camera as well =).

Kuya and I hosted breakfast back in the Philippines after our church visit at Antipolo. This time, it was Ate's and Jenny's turn to treat the family. We had the original buffalo wings. We had lotsssssssssssss of wings.

Oh no, today will be our last day together. It's bye bye time once again tomorrow.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 10: Day 2 at Buffalo, NY

We heard mass at Mary Help of Christians, the same parish we have at Paranaque in the Philippines. It was Onnie's first to hear mass in a crying room with Molly.
Ate and Jenny asked for a petition for Mom's and Dad's wedding anniversary and a lot went to congratulate the family after the mass.
We walked around and it they have a nice church ground with their stations of the cross going up the stairs. They even opened up the closed chapel, which they believe is miraculous.
We then went to see the Niagara Falls - it's a first for Onnie and Andy. Tita Jack's family came to join us but they're just staying for a day tour and just went to see Ate and her family.
We had our late lunch but it was heaven! Jaz and Adrienne ran to cue us for a lunch buffet. They just met the cut off in time. We paid for lunch and had dinner. They served crabssssss!!!!
We celebrated Molly's 9th month. I bought her cup cakes from Mrs. Fields.
And the hotel gave Mom and Dad an anniversary dessert.
But when we got back at Hilton, it was time for Onnie and Andy to head back to Rego Park. It was a short chance for us to see each other but we were able to savor Molly. She was just so adorable.
The kids took a dip at the pool.
And another day is waiting for us tomorrow.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 9: Day 1 at Buffalo, NY

It's Memorial Weekend for the Americans so there will be lots of sale across the border. We left home early to avoid the long line at the border. And we were early! We crossed it with a breeze.

Firs stop was a visit to Our Lady of Fatima. We went up on the roof to see the image of the Fatima.
And to enjoy the view from below with the rosary around the pond.
We were too early for the mass so we had our picnic breakfast by the parking area. They really provide tables for those who wish to have their picnic like us. We brought adobo, rice and some bread and fruits. It was fun.
Then, we went around to look for our school's patron saints. The front yard was surrounded with different images of saints. We saw patron saints from our high school and colleges, even San Lorenzo Ruiz. But Summer did not get to see Saint Marie Eugenie.
After mass, we checked-in at Hilton Garden Inn, where we will be staying during our entire vacation at NY.

Then came Molly..... of course with her mom and dad, Onnie and Andy. She was such a doll!
While waiting for Ate Joy and her family, who were doing the amazing race, we went to Walden Galleria for some shopping. We had lunch at the food court for our first stop.
Finally, after numerous boarding passes and different flights, Ate arrived with her family and Adrienne except for Kuya Archie, who is expected to come tomorrow morning.
We had dinner at the hotel... hotel room ehhehehe.
Tomorrow will be a big day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 8: Home visits

We're home bound today. We're busy packing for our trip to Buffalo tomorrow. It won't be the traditional day tour pass but we will be staying there for 4d/3n. It's unplanned, it's not in the itinerary. But Ate asked Mom and Dad to meet us there.

Nana came to bring more food! As if she did not send enough prior to our arrival and when we went trailer camping, she brought more for our trip to NY.

Mommy prepared karekare for her since she needs to eat more meat. Tita Turing and her family came to join us too.
The boys, as usual, had their drinking session.
Come night time, Tita Jack and her family came to see us. My babies are her babies too. She's been spoiling me and my kids lots of stuff from Canada. She brought cake for Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary too and Justine made some cookies for Summer.
Oh, I'm excited for tomorrow!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 7: Frankie Tomato

For today, we had lunch at Frankie Tomato. It's an all you can eat pasta and pizza with lotssss of buffet stations.
Thanks to Tita Cora and Tita Lina for the free lunch.
The babies had fun playing around with Henry and feasting over gelato.
Before going home, Summer dragged me to the lobby to have her photos taken at different photo spots pretending you're in Italy.
Another full day! Burp! It was nice meeting you RG!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 6: Downtown

It's time to hit downtown while weather's been good to us. We left after lunch and went to the Go Station. We got an all day pass for CAD$ 12 each. Jenny took her masters here so she was our guide.
It was Winter's first ride at the bus, not counting our bus at Grand Canyon two years ago when he was still an infant. Travelling with small kids, we were allowed to take the front seat. And my talkative Summer talked to the bus driver and he was replying. I then found out at home that bus drivers were not allowed to speak with passengers while driving so as not to divert their attention from driving.
We went down at Unionville station and walked around.
Jenny brought us at Lawrence Market, a sosyal market place. Winter, still in jet lag mode, slept. The stroller Kitz lent us is a heaven sent.
Jenny treat us with fresh Italian noodles where the server was a Filipina. I also bought smoked cheese.
As we stepped out, we saw a garden of tulips!
We then went to see the plaza which they turn into skating rink during winter. This time, we did not pass the underground mall which we did last time during winter. With a nice weather, it's time for outdoors.
Summer was so excited to buy ice cream from an ice cream truck. As excited as Mama Jade =).
We were just too full with lunch that only Kuya got to buy his sausage sandwich from the stand. And indian speaking Filipino was selling them.
Winter too have to get his own ice cream.
We then took the train going back home, another first for Winter.
Thanks Nina for the tour!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 5: Toronto Zoo and Dinner at Yangs

Finally, a day at the zoo! Less crowded and no rain, thank God!

The babies were excited. I used the animal hats we brought from the Philippines. Summer with the bunny hat and Winter with the monkey hat.
I was surprised that the little boy can already recognize pretty lots of animals already.
They have playground and activities for the kids too aside from animal viewing.
And as if we do not have much photos yet from the zoo, we took more while waiting for Daddy to fetch us.
Too much time waiting, the kids kept on begging us to buy them tokens for some rides. So we gave in so they can take the carousel. And Winter would rather sit on the non-moving turtle. Sayang pera =).
We then had our Japanese dinner at Yang's kitchen. It's an all you can eat, ala carte style.
Everybody's happy, everybody's full, everybody's gaining weight - oopps! except for the babies.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 4: Walk in the park and Dinner at Pho

It's Victoria's Weekend and it's a holiday. In Canada, unlike in the Philippines, shopping malls are closed during holidays.

We had a slow day and walked at the park near our home after breakfast. We've been visiting Canada since 2005 and it was my first to set foot at the park next to us. Weather was nice. Summer and Winter sooo look forward to walking around for they know that last stop will be the playground. Plus, we have to burn the food we've been feasting on.
Omar and I played too, not just the kids hahahha. We saw a bench and did a Notting hill scene =).
And family photos while walking around. So this is how it feels like should we stay here for good.
I've been seeing Winter as a little boy now and no longer a baby. He sure do knows how to play in the playground.
And Summer used up all her energy as well.
We went to bring the kids to Toronto Zoo but it rained and parking was quite full due to the holidays so we decided to just go back tomorrow.

The Filipinos in us won't let the holiday stop us from shopping. Chinese are real businessmen. The chinese mall, Pacific Mall, is open! Just like they're the only mall open on Christmas. So we stopped by and roamed around. Little did we know that the Javiers surprisingly went home to see us. Mom and Dad were there. Some went home already but we were able to catch Tita Nil and Tito August who just live in the area.
Mommy, who's been thinking which to prepare and preparing our food, brought us out for dinner at Pho. We were served BIG bowls of noodle soup which we love.
And I just have to have their iced coffee after the spicy soup.
I like this. Relaxing and fun!