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Monday, March 30, 2009

Ratatouille time again

It's cooking time again!

We had Puso ng Saging Burger! Oha! Ibang level na to!!!!In fairness, para nga syang burger. Kakatuwa lang mga bata, having second thoughts kung kakainin ang burger pero okay naman daw. Though, they didn't get second servings pero ang heavy naman kasi. Haha e defend daw ba?

It was served with lots of veggies and cheese syempre plus spaghetti.PS Omar brought to work his burger since he wasn't able to eat the night before. Masarap daw medyo matabang lang daw.. nice noh? safe answer.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthdays! Birthdays! Again!

It's Daddy's birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy!

But Daddy's not here. Jenny surprised them, also in celebration for Mommy's birthday, by sending the babies of Ate from the US to Canada and a party celebration at Radisson's Hotel, o diba ang sosyal ni Ninang Jenny, ang yaman! hahaha

Birthday din ni Coffee kaya yun na lang celebrate namin. It was just so funny that when Summer overheard from Ate Bing that it's Coffee's birthday, she asked Ate Bing if she was invited to the party. Ede ininvite na sya. Di ko inabutan ang blowing of the candle. So I invited Summer to go home, pero ayaw pa nya umuwi kasi di pa daw sya eat hehe. Akala totoong may party. Pictorial lang naman.Happy birthday Daddy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Times two.

It's Oriental Vegetable Stir-fry
and Mango Crisp
Kinain naman nila ang vegetable stir fry kasi alam na nila na ako ang nagluto, unlike ang beef with oyster sauce ko kagabi. Pero ang mango crisp, ubos! Wala pa akong oven kaya toaster lang ginamit ko. Patok! Mauulit pa.

Absent muna ako sa cooking lessons ko this weekend, will be pretty busy. Bukas, birthday na ni Daddy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


My cousin, Cybel, graduated from highschool. And she graduated with flying colors!

She had her thanksgiving dinner at the native restaurant. The graduation rites finished late already. Too late that it was Winter's sleeping time already. He was almost crying the whole time we were there, well aside from the fact that separation anxiety has become his favorite past time.
Look at all those medals! She'll be taking pharmacy at UP Manila. Congrats Cybel! Congrats Tito Chito and Tita Fennie!

...and more...

Another dish - and it's Beef with oyster sauce.We served it with fried chicken. Bad move! Sadly, di pinansin ang beef ko. Si Omar lang ang kumain kasi alam nya na ako nagluto nun. Andito pa naman sila Kuya. I'll try again tomorrow.

I hope this won't stop me. I hope that the ratatouille bug would hit me, not just now, but for long.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moral of the story

Had cooking session again this afternoon - the spicy sitaw!Na-overcook ang sitaw ko! Pero masarap sya, according to Omar. Yes, pumasa! I am so loving this cookbook. Pangs, I'll send you one pag may papunta dyan. Pero sosyal ako magluto, pag dating ko sa kitchen, chopped and measured na ang ingredients, ilalagay ko na lang sa kawali =).

More to come. Mommy, pwede na po ako mag-asawa hahaha.

Caught in the act

As promised, here are photos of my crawling worm.Parating bulate noh? =)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mommies cook too.

Summer once asked me if I know how to cook. I said a little. She was so surprised and said, "No! Mommies don't cook! Only ates cook!" Nahiya naman ako bigla, disoriented ang anak ko sa mga roles ng parents sa bahay.

I don't cook at home. Omar cooks more. Ate Cory does the cooking at home. I know how. I know how to read and count so I know how to follow the instructions from the cookbook. I'll live.

So I bought this Mama Sita's cookbook and I liked it! It comes with nice pictures so at least you would know how your dish should look like. I like to try cooking the spicy sitaw, the steamed tilapia, the oriental beef stir fry, and the brocolli with mushrooms.

This time, I tried cooking the seafood chowder.
Then I served it with green salad with olive dressing.
Followed with a fresh green mango shake. Just perfect for summer. With this heat, it's almost like Arizona homes weather.

I cooked the dinner and I ate it by myself hahaha. Kuya and his family went home to Manila and Omar played basketball and will eat dinner outside. Cherry and Cory had no choice but to eat my dinner. Masarap naman e, for me. But for my picky eater Summer, not yummy daw cook ko =(.

Oh well, it's a start. See, mommies cook too!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My worm.

I discovered something today.

As I was browsing online using my laptop, Winter kept on pressing my keyboard. So I put him by the head of the bed while I was by the foot of the bed. And next thing I know, he was right beside me trying to sneak his tiny fingers into my keyboard. I never knew he could crawl already. I can remember trying to motivate him to crawl just days before. He was using his arms to crawl and not his knees.

I'll post pics once I catch my worm crawling around.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Latest apo.

Yes, I am a lola already to my apos from my pamangkins from my cousins. And the latest addition was from Marvin and Joy, the first from Tito Pining and Tita Zeny, baby Marcus.The baby looks like Marvin and he looks long.

The baptismal reception coincided with Summer's birthday lunch celebration so we were a bit late for the reception. We had desserts instead.

Congratulations Marvin and Joy! Welcome to the Christian World, Marcus!

Winter's 7th.

Winter is now 7months old!

His 7th month old coincided with Ate Summer's birthday so we just borrowed Ate's cake instead of cup cakes.At 7months, Winter had a taste of ice candy and roasted ribs. Ang takaw, konsintidor na mommy.

It's Summer time!

Summer turned four!

For the first time, Summer requested what to have on her birthday cake. She wanted a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake!We did not have a really big party for her, just a lunch gathering with the family. But still, to give her the party feeling, I looked for stuff in theme. I searched Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom for party items and couldn't find Strawberry Shortcake, Divisoria to the rescue! I was able to buy a birthday banner, paper plate, loot bags and loot items there. Then, I bought pink, light green and red balloons and ordered a cake from Goldilocks. I initially planned to get one from Kink Cakes kaya lang mahal hehe, e basta may character masaya na anak ko, di naman kailangan mamahalin.Guests started coming in at Saturday dinner. We had mechado and hototay soup. We set-up a tent outside the house for some drinking, singing, and playing. Summer slept at 2:30am at masama pa loob, ayaw pa matulog!We had Papa's all-time favorite goto for breakfast with tokwa and shredded Ryan's crispy pata.

Then, came the party! We had spaghetti, ribs, inihaw na tilapia, cake and strawberry ice cream.Summer shared her loot bags to all her friends and opened her gifts. This time, Omar and I didn't bother getting her an expensive toy. She loves cheap toys just the same so why bother spending. We ought to get her cheap toys, mas marami pa. Kaya lang, mas makalat hehe. We gave her her long-requested golf set, a snake and ladders gameboard because she once asked me what a dice is for, and a toy cash register because she loves playing shopping - a bad sign! hehehe. She got lots of new clothes - hurray! and toy make up and nail polish from her kikay Tita Yang and Tita M and a swim suit from Ninang Onnie.Summer was so happy, thanking me and Omar and telling us that she was very happy for her party - paulit ulit. Sulit na ang pagod at gastos.

To all the guests who came, thank you for joining us and for all your gifts for Summer. You truly made her happy. To family far away, thank you for remembering and for your gifts to follow hahahaha!

Happy birthday Summer!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh Nooo!!!!

The separation anxiety is starting to attack!

I heard from Cherry that Winter would cry every time she would try to get him from his Ate Cory while Cory was trying to fix some things.

I just experienced the same thing with Kuya Dojoe tonight when I went to their house to get my digicam. Winter would cry with Kuya and would like to come to me.

Oh no! Paano na pag-uwi nila Mommy and Daddy from Canada? Di na nya matatandaan sila? Oh no! Pano na si Ninang Jenny at Ninang Onnie? Oh no no no no!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March check-up

I brought Summer and Winter to their pedia for their long overdue monthly check-up.

Summer gained back the 1kg. she lost from her last weight at the doctor's clinic while Winter lost 0.1kg from 7.7kg to 7.6kg.

Summer was so noisy inside the clinic - so unlike her from the previous visits. She would even tell her doctor that she's done with the check-up after her weight check. She was not aware what was in store for her. She did not have any shots with her last 2 visits to her doctor.

Winter had his IPD shot and Summer had her Hepa A booster shot. Summer literally ran away from the clinic when it was her turn. I just told her to tell doctor that it will be her birthday on Sunday. She's so excited with her coming birthday that she keeps on inviting everybody to her party - di naman sya magkaka-party.

The doctor gave her a compact mirror from Paris and a lollipop.

All's well with the babies - thank You po!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Parents were born.

After 5 years in the making and 9 months of conception, Bong's and Jack's long wait was finally over.

Jack finally gave birth to Gabgab at Delgado. The baby boy looked so cute he looks like a girl hehe.

Congratulations Bong and Jack! Enjoy parenthood!

Juniors to Seniors

Summer finally moved up from Juniors to Seniors. She's been long waiting for it to happen. I believe it's her dream to become a Senior.The program started with the parade of rock stars - the theme of the moving up day, followed by an opening number from all the students.The Juniors had their turn to show their own number.

Then the certification of attendance was distributed.
All the girl students of Playschool had a separate number from the boys.
Then, they gave special awards to the students. Summer got the Art Angel Award. She so loves drawing her family and friends. She has the most artworks in her class.
All the students had their closing number.
After the ceremony, we had early lunch at Shakey's! I've been so craving for Shakey's for the longest time! We had garlic and cheese pizza, chicken and mojos, and a large strawberry shake!I love this day! It's a dream come true for Summer and for me - for she is finally a Senior and I got my Shakey's. Thanks Omar! Congrats Baby! I'm so proud of you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What to give?

Gosh! Paeng is graduating from grade school and will be a high school student next year. They're getting older and harder to please! I'm running out of ideas of what to give them on occasions like his coming graduation. Before, I would just visit a toy store and buy what's in. Now, you have to go what's the latest gadgets and they're costly! Not to mention, hard to find.

And as I was surfing online, I saw a site where I could easily purchase a gift for his age. A friend suggested that I get him an ipod. But since he already got one, I could just get him accessories for his ipod. That's something I can afford. And since it's summer and he can already join his dad play basketball on Tuesdays, this would sure come handy for him while playing or during their short trips.

I just hope he'll have fun using it as much fun he'll have during his coming highschool years. Congratulations Paeng! Make us proud!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Letter

Rules: Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. . .nothing made up! AND DON'T CHEAT BY LOOKING UP ANSWERS IN THE INTERNET. If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question. {stole it from Alpha while bloghopping}

Have Fun!!

1. What is your name: Jade

2. A four Letter Word: Jump

3. A boy’s Name: Jack

4. A girl’s Name: Jill

5. An occupation: Janitor

6. A color: Jade green

7. Something you wear: Jeans

8. A food: Jack fruit

9. Something found in the bathroom: Jade Tissue

10. A place: Japan

11. A reason for being late: Jam as in traffic jam

12. Something you shout: Jos ko po? =)

13. A movie title: Jurrasic Park

14. Something you drink: Juice

15. A musical group: Jonas brothers

16. An animal: Jaguar

17. A street name: JP Rizal

18. A type of car: Jaguar

19. The title of a song: Just once

20. A verb: Jump


I miss blogging. It's been a while since I last blogged events since I gave birth and joined Facebook. It's so much easier posting photos at Facebook but going back, you cannot read stories just by merely looking at the photos. And now I've finally updated my blog and back to blog hopping, I even had the time to steal tags. I miss tags. Enough blog hopping, time to surf the net. First stop is holodomor.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Baptism and Birthday Party - not the BB you're thinking of.

I am just so happy for Vicky! They long so waited for this baby and now Stephen Joseph is turning 1!

Omar and I were blessed to be invited to be PaoPao's ninong and ninang. We attended the very early baptism at 9am at the Ermita Shrine, and coming from Bulacan with the kids in tow, that's really early for a Sunday. I'm not complaining ;).

After the rites, we went home first to bring home our stuff from Bulacan and for a quick power nap. Then left for the birthday party/baptismal reception at 12nn at Gloria Maris at the CCP complex.

It was nice seeing my college barkada again. I saw Den with Willy, Efren, Jusy with Nick, and Maila's kids - Achu and Stacy and of course, Vicky with Jason and Joseph.

Summer, as usual, was scared to join the other kids in front for the birthday program. Jusy gave her Play Dough to play with. We were served Chinese food, of course! It was superb! I like the souvenir item for the ninong/ninang - it's a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy on a towel arranged like a cake.

We gave PaoPao a toy bike which I purchased from Toys R Us at Podium. Good thing I was able o use my card and earn miles. Paying it full on time gives you good credit standing and won't make you a bad credit credit cards holder.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Faces of Winter

I brought out the camera to update my blog and found myself playing with it with Winter.

Big eyes!

Friday, March 6, 2009

For Tita Ganda

Summer soooooo loved to write and draw and color and paint and anything to do with a paper and any writing material.
Good thing Ate gave Summer this crayola art something. It has 10 templates with it, colored pens, and acrylic where you can erase what you wrote. It saved me so much paper and gave me a lot of quiet time with the busy Summer.
Thanks Ate!

Family project

Summer was asked to bring a half-size cardboard to school.

She was happy that I was able to buy one for her. Pero ang problema nya is - di sya kasya sa bag nya!

After school, her Ate Inday drew an outline of the guitar at the cardboard. Parents were asked to cut it, tie a string, put a stick at the back for reinforcement, wrap it in aluminum foil and decorate it with the child.Kaya and competitive parents ni Summer, kinarir ang guitar! Omar brought it to the shop, cut it and had it car painted with silver. He attached rubber for the base of the string. At plywood ang ginamit na pampatigas sa likod ng guitar! I used Summer's DIY beaded belt for the strap and pink DMC for the guitar strings. Then we decorated it with star stickers from Ninang Jenny with Summer and voila!!!
Pag-uwi ni Summer, nagustuhan daw ni Ate Inday and mga teachers ang guitar nya. Sabi may prize daw sya kasi ang ganda ng guitar nya. I just don't know how true hehe.

Nice noh? Syempre, labor of love e! Sana ganyan pa rin kami ka-active sa school assignments pag turn na ni Winter.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthdays! Birthdays!

It's a Belated Happy birthday Ninang Nene! and Advance Happy birthday Baby Lisa! Party at Gazebo Royale.As usual, it was a night of eating, laughter and picture taking!
I so love the uni! I miss eating it so much since it was bawal while pregnant. I also love the chocolate fountain.

Lissa's boyfriend flew in from Netherlands and was interrogated by the uncles. Lissa was banned to come close to the table =).

Happy birthday!