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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finally, a visit to the dentist.

I was pretty scared to bring my kids to the dentist. I'm a guilty mom for Winter's teeth.

Summer went in first and Winter was so curious he was over Summer while Summer was having her turn until he lied down next to his Ate Summer.
The dentist instructed Cory to properly clean Winter's teeth. He knew that I work and I do not stay home with the kids.

We'll just have to properly clean Winter's teeth and no procedure is needed. We'll just have to wait for 5 more years for replacement and to never take the remaining part of the teeth off. As for Summer, will have to be back on Monday.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking forward to a feast!

My BIL, who is a chef, got promoted. What was best was the company opened a position just for him. He works as a sous chef at Ascot Hotel in Makati until the executive chef resigned. He is now the acting executive chef. But it's been a bit too long already and they have to formalize everything. In their company, the next position from the sous chef is executive chef. He doesn't want to accept the position executive chef since he wanted to be able to pass through the proper titles. He'd rather stay as the company's sous chef. But the company had other plans. Instead, they opened up a new position just for him - executive sous chef. Just perfect!

In celebration of his promotion, he's treating the family for a dinner on Sunday. Nope! Not in any restaurant. Their family loves to cook. The family loves to eat and drink. He's going to cook for us on Sunday. We're having a feast. I heard the menu includes crab, prawns and clams.

And since he's into drinking, I've already thought of the best gift for him. I discovered another drinking t-shirts. It's not the first time I encountered such shirts and shirts like that always reminds me of him so why not add one to his collection. Superb!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Odie and Carla weren't able to join us at Summer's birthday dinner at KFC. They brought their gift for Summer today and Winter got hold of it.
They brought gift for Julian too and Winter took it too.
And he called them... Eyes.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It's Daddy's birthday! We had lunch, together with his siblings, a day before at Tao Yuan Restaurant at the Resorts World. Yes, it is our third time at Resorts World in a week. Christian, son of Uncle Johnny from Canada, joined us too together with Che, son of Tito Memen.
Of course, we cannot skip their hainanese chicken, that's what they are famous for. Definitely, a must try.
We bought cake from Contis and the waiters served it with a birthday song.
Happy birthday Daddy! May you have more healthy years to come.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prep Moving up day.

It's Summer's moving up day!

Took me a lot of convincing stories just to let her wear the white dress. She finds the ruffles at the shoulder itchy so we have to wear a sando under it. Then her white shoes just keeps on slipping off, even with 2 corks inside, because of the stockings so we have to wear white knee socks on top of her stockings.

Teacher Trina gave her and the rest of Prep E students a souvenir CD. Summer and I are both excited to open it when we get home.
Omar and I were surprised to see her right in the middle and in the front row. And all the girls are in white, except for her with red flowers on the shoulder and sash. So you can just imagine how she looks so stand out right in the middle in front with red!
They showed a skit on the life of Sr. Mary Eugenie. Summer was with Act 4 and sang Big God.

Then the awarding of ceremonies followed. They showed the kids annual picture on the screen while their names were being called to receive their certificate on stage.
Another school year ended. What's in store for us for Grade 1?
We invited the lolas to join us. I just realized that they are more stage lolas than me. Mommy bought a bouquet of flowers for Summer too. I like the bouquet, so small, just right for Prep graduates.
We treated the Lolas for lunch at Tao Yuan Restaurant at the Resorts World.
I finally got to eat hainanese chicken. I love it! Best eaten with hainanese rice. I love the laksa too.
We saw Sam too after lunch and the kids had fun running around the lobby and literally rolling around.
Congratulations Summer!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Summer, again!

It's Summer's birthday and she's 6 years old already!

We invited the family for a quick dinner at KFC at SM Bicutan. Surprisingly, on a weekday, they were full. Good thing, Omar and Kuya Olejoe came in early and reserved 3 tables for us.
We just bought a small cookies and cream cake from Red Ribbon for her to blow. Cookies and cream has become her favorite for the last few days.
When the kids were done eating, they went to ride the animal and motorcycle rides and the merry go round.
Winter was scared at first but we already paid for 4 tickets so I forced him to ride until he enjoyed it.
Summer's favorite part, next to the rides with her cousins, were opening of the gifts. She got her scooter from Nin.

Happy birthday Summer! May you grow healthy and God fearing.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Congratulations graduates!

Ryan graduated from grade school last night.

Jenjen graduated from high school this morning.

We had lunch at Savory Restaurant at Resorts World to celebrate with the graduates.

While Omar attended at a baptism of his friend's baby as ninong, Kuya Dante dropped us off at Resorts World to meet the family for lunch. We came in too early and went around the Newport mall. At the entrance, we met some entertainers from Kaos and posed for a picture with the kids.
Then it was Nin's turn with the kids at the plaza.
Then, it was time to meet the family at the restaurant. Winter had fun clowning around.
Congratulations to the graduates! Salute to the parents! Jenjen got flowers from Nin.
Jenny then toured Mom around the mall while Omar and I went to see Kaos with his family. Sadly, the kids have to go home with Mom and Nin. We got free tickets and cannot afford to ask more for the kids.
It was a nice start to visit the place with the family and will surely be coming back soon to eat and walk around, and not to play =).

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Gabgab!

The kids had fun at Gabgab's 2nd birthday party at Jollibee.

We came in too early but just enough for the kids to have fun at the play area while waiting for the party to start.
Winter is no longer a baby. He joins the games now and even won twice.
Winter was scared with Jollibee and wasn't able to join Summer for her photo op with Jollibee.
The kids had fun eating and playing with their loots and prizes. Thank you Tito Aga and Tita Jack for inviting us.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Summer!

Summer never had a birthday celebration at school because school usually ends a week before her birthday. But birthday parties will no longer be allowed in her school with grade school. And last day of school will be exactly on her birthday, moving up day will be on the next day. But the girls will be too busy for their practice so Teacher Trina scheduled me on March 17 lunch time because their practice will be extended until 2pm.

I ordered Red Ribbon chocolate cake with Disney princess design and bought a birthday candle at the bookstore.
We brought Jollibee chicken and spaghetti and small bottles of iced tea.
We were not allowed to stay so Teacher Trina just took the camera from us so she can take pictures for us.

Here's Summer with Pilar
and the rest of Prep E.
Teacher Trina was kind enough to take pictures of Summer and her friends at the playground while waiting for me to pick her up.
Winter too had fun with the girls even for just a quick one. Summer had fun opening gifts from her classmates.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ice Cream!!!

Omar and I are in a 3-day diet program. We are allowed to have vanilla ice cream for dessert but just that and nothing else.

So I prepared one instead for the kids - vanilla ice cream sprinkled with marshmallows, banana and chocnut, topped with chocolate syrup.
The kids loved it! Summer ate the chocnuts. Winter ate the marshmallows and banana. I wish I can eat it too.

On duty.

We went to Makro and since Winter was up already, we brought him along with us. He was wearing a hand me down pants from my now-19yo nephew AJ.
And in payment for helping us out buy stuff, I rewarded him with a siomai. He had a pretty hard time biting on it since he lost his front teeth already but still so madiskarte finding a way on how he can eat it.
Work is better done with play =).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tito Jing

After 7 years, Tito Jing came home from Chicago. He finally met my kids. Omar and I just got married the last he was here.
Mama invited him for dinner at home to meet the family. He came with Tito Ville and Tita Josie. Tito Doc and Tita Cora joined us too.

Omar's relatives had fun looking at Winter, a re-make of Omar =).


Omar and I are going to try a 3-day diet program and so we went shopping for the materials. The kids had fun shopping around in mini trolleys.
I hope we can make it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I love Cafe Monaco but parking is so hard. I love Arirang more but it's too far.

Korean novela Temptation of Wife is now playing in my laptop. I can't watch it in our dvd player since it's invaded with Barney or Psalty or Disney cartoons. So you can just imagine the craving from Korean food every time the setting is in their dining room.

Then, luck was just on our side. Omar and I went grocery shopping for home and since we'll be home late, we decided to eat in the area and there was parking available at Cafe Monaco, woohoo!!!

I had my bibimbop.
And my all-time favorite, Kimchi soup.
I was sooooo full. I should have just had the soup and not the bibimbop anymore. Gluttony.

Noodle rice.

Just want to share with you the longest grain of rice I've ever had from my sister from California.
It looked like durog durog na bihon when it's rice. It's as long as the Knorr beef noodle soup. It's like a noodle rice but not long enough to be like rice noodle.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday lunch with Tita Nora

Tita Nora invited the family for a lunch at Tagaytay. She was supposed to bring the kids to a playground at MarketMarket while the adults eat at Kamay Kainan last week but Ojay's family went camping at Clark.

From Bulacan, we went to Verdana at Tita Susan's place to meet the family for our convoy to Tagaytay.
The kids had fun running around at the spacious lawn of Tita Nora's house at Woodlands.
There was no wind so we weren't able to play with the kite. I brought the kids bubbles so they can play with it outdoors.It was a nice day to spend with the family. Food was overflowing. Thanks Tita Nora and Tito Fred. The babies had fun running around with their cousins.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Nin gave Julian a kite for his birthday. I was envious for I've never flown a kite in my entire life.

And while Nin was tutoring Summer for math, she promised Summer that she'll get her a kite just as long as she will study hard.

We had our travel mart at SM Marilao. I bought Summer's invitation cards for her classmates for her 6th birthday lunch at school, saw the kite and bought it, not just for the kids but for myself too.

We tried it in the afternoon but unfortunately, there wasn't enough wind. I thought it was easy. You just cannot see it from the picture but it was the guard actually who was maneuvering the kite for Summer.
Winter got scared when he saw the kite fly by itself and ran to my side.
Until Paeng joined us and took over. He was able to learn how to fly it during their PE class at school during Linggo ng Wika. Why didn't we ever had that?
Noynoy and Justin joined us too.
And since there were no wind, they just settled playing at the swing instead.
Maybe we'll just bring the kite at Tagaytay tomorrow instead. Haayyyy....