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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birth day! Birthday!

It's Omar's brother birthday on the 31st and we had our celebration. Omar and Winter started the party with a song number.
Don't they look alike? It's like there's a mirror in between with a time capsule.

And just as we were celebrating his brother's birthday, Omar's sister in New York just gave birth to her baby Molly!

Birthdays! Birthdays!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Biboy!

It's Ryan's 13th year. We had dinner at Racks at Magallanes.
Happy Birthday Biboy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daddy's Turn

Daddy finally had his cataract extraction at Asian Eye Institute at Rockwell.

Mom bought Daddy eye frame from their last trip at Europe. Dad brought it to Executive Optical but they refused to do it for Daddy. They recommended to have his eye check. He then went to the eye clinic at Malolos and was recommended for cataract extraction. He then went to Asian Eye Institute for second opinion and got the same recommendation. Only, he have to get clearance from his doctors. Then, he had to lower his blood sugar and it took him more than 2weeks before he was able to get his clearance.

The procedure was just so quick.
He had no eye patch or anything, just a Singson looking glasses. Brand new left eye lens for Daddy.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Winter happily helped me sanitize the room due to his virus for Summer's sake.
Clean up! Clean up!


Antibiotics for his 'nana' at the throat.
Medicine for the chicken pox.
Vitamins for appetite stimulant.
Vitamin C.
I think somebody had more than enough already.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Since I'll be bringing Summer to the hospital, Mom ordered me to bring Winter as well to confirm if it's chicken pox.

I picked up Summer from school, then we had lunch at Shakey's. It's Summer's favorite - pizza, chicken skin from the fried chicken, and the mojos. Aside from the new kid's zone at the selected Shakey's outlets. The one closest to the shop is the world's biggest and has kid's zone.
It was confirmed. It's chicken pox. Summer got her booster shot. I requested for some creams for Winter's pox and was warned that it will be pretty expensive. Sayang naman puti ng anak ko kung puro peklat naman.

It will be 2 weeks of isolation from Winter. And since it's viral, we have to clean the house from wall to wall since virus can stay on the wall too.

Haayy, we keep on going to the hospital and drug stores. I bought Lysol too - both spray and concentrated solution for the house.

It's time to sterilize the house.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Uh-oh! It has water inside.

Winter was under my observation, as per instruction from his pedia. Should he get a fever, I have to have his blood test.

Thank God, he didn't get high grade fever, aside from sinat last night and this morning.

I gave him a quick bath and just as I was putting on his nappy, I saw some big rash on his butt. I searched his body and found that there's something strange on his foot. Winter had a band-aid on his foot yesterday when I brought him to his pedia. He had a mosquito bite and he keeps on scratching it so what his yaya usually do is to put bandage over it to stop him from scratching it. But what we thought was a mosquito bite was growing bigger and looked like it has water inside. And there are smaller ones on his arm and legs too. It's a suspected chicken pox, on a rainy day! Talk about global warming.

I immediately called his pedia. This time, my concern was on Summer. It's not the best time for her to catch the pox since she's having her exams on the first week of September. It's Quezon City day tomorrow and his pedia will not hold clinic. But since Summer must have her booster shot the soonest, his pedia accommodated us by going to the hospital at the same time he will do his rounds the following day. He has lots of patients checked-in at the hospital due to dengue.

He also instructed us to isolate Summer from Winter. How is that possible with just one room at the house? Solution, Omar and Summer will sleep at Mommy's house tonight! The doctor also prescribed another medicine for Winter.

When will this virus ever stop?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who missed who?

Summer went to school.
I brought Winter to the doctor.
Summer came home from school.
Winter's not home.
We went home late from the doctor's clinic.
Looks like they missed each other.

It's viral.

Winter's temperature was up the whole time last night, even after I give him his round of Tempra and even after I wipe him cold.

Since I do not know where his fever is coming from, I decided to bring him to his pedia. Or else, his next scheduled clinic will be on Thursday. Better be safe than sorry.

The doctor said it could be viral. I told him that I would be happier with viral disease over dengue. He just informed me that dengue is viral. Scary!!! Turned out that Winter's throat was full of 'nana'. I was just sooo relieved. So he gave us antibiotic then we're off for home. Just the same, he gave us a request for blood test just in case Winter's fever won't drop even with antibiotic.

We were able to get out of the hospital late already so we had dinner at Rack's at Magallanes. Happy that the boy was able to eat even with the 'nana' in his throat. He had macaroni and cheese.
Another day off work.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another first.

It's Summer's second to sleep on her own, but it's her first to sleep on her own in our room. Omar and Summer exchanged sleeping places last night.
Summer survived the first night.

Winter's turn.

Omar was sick two weeks ago. I wasn't able to go to work the whole week. The week after, I was at the office the entire week catching up on my work loads. Summer had slight fever over the weekend. After school, I called home to check up on her. Nope, she wasn't sick anymore, but Winter is. He's having fever.

When I got home, prepared him for bed, took his temperature, gave him a dose of Tempra and wiped cold the back of his ears, his neck, armpit, singit and back of his knee. His temperature won't go down. He's not down with cold or cough either. I don't know what's causing his fever.
I just pray it's not dengue.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


As I blogged before, Winter was always at his Ate's tail end.

So while Summer was doing her homework, Winter was there, as if he was a tutor, as if he knows what to teach his ate, as if he can read and write or even talk.
I'm not complaining here. I love it that my babies are close and I can see how much they love each other. I hope they stay the same, if not fonder, as they grow old.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Advance Happy Birthday Winter!

Since Mama and Papa will be leaving for New York next weekend to attend to Onnie's birth for Molly, we celebrated Winter's 2nd birthday in advance at Bulacan.

It was a rainy day. The kids spent the morning swimming and the party started early lunch.
We had grilled burgers, chicken lollipops, french fries and spaghetti. Mommy donated sotanghon for the elders and Ate Fely gave Winter maja blanca. Thanks to Lolo Oca for grilling the patties. It was raining so the smoke from the grill partied with us.
Ninang Jenny suggested that Winter must always have ice cream cake for his birthday so she provided the cake. I bought the cake at Dairy Queen. I just put Cars match boxes of Winter for a touch of the theme.
We just had the family as guests. Oh, did I mention that both Omar and I have big families? Not just in number but in appetite as well.
Winter had a blast blowing his birthday candle with his pouty mouth in front of all the kids. We also had Kuya Obet's kids as guests.

Thanks to the angels for all the help as well.
Stitch is turning 2! Terrible 2! Scary!

To see Lola Nora

After packing up from Winter's birthday party, the Reantasos went to Rockwell to see Tita Nora and Tito Fred just before they take off for Chicago in the evening.

Lola Nene was there too.
We had early dinner. The spicy ground beef was great.

Thank you for the dinner. Have a safe flight!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A first after 18years.

Cory was cleaning our house in Bulacan so I have to bring the kids with me to the office. Mom was making her rounds when she saw the babies. She took Winter with her and brought it inside. Winter saw a kid on the pool and kept on pointing at the water, refusing to leave the area. Mom had no choice and gave in to the whims of Winter and went to the pool. Ate Summer joined them too.
In the 18 years operation of the resort, it was Mommy's first time to dip in the pool. And because she cannot say no to her apo.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A small request.

And while Omar's on his rest day at home, I requested for beef salpicao. We still have steaks in the freezer waiting to be cooked and only Omar can cook it.
It was just so good! We have to eat everything before we get our blood test, before the results are out, before we get all the prohibited food in our diet.

Rest Day.

Omar's doctor ordered him to take a rest the whole day today and go back to his clinic tomorrow for a series of test.

And Omar's idea of rest - going to Makro to buy stuff for his office. He won't even let me drive. Maybe because it is easier to drive than to handle the little boy while I drive.

The little boy was so ecstatic waking up and seeing me and Omar on his bed side. You could really see how his eyes light up and his smile, giggling while rolling over and over the bed. We brought him with us to Makro and he was so behaved.
After Makro, time to go back home for the doctor's prescribed rest.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Emergency, Take Two.

After our overnight stay at the ER or Paranaque Doctor's Hospital last night, we were instructed by Omar's internist to bring Omar to UERM.

It was 8am when I got calls from the family asking about Omar's condition until Omar texted his doctor and got to talk to him. Kuya Dante drove for us. I couldn't trust myself to drive for us with just 1 and a half hour's sleep. We packed our stuff, getting ready for admission.

He was in a convention and won't be back until lunch time. He called the hospital ahead and gave instructions to his resident doctor. The performed ECG and it was negative, alleluia! No pain relievers were given this time.

We were instructed to get our room already while Omar went to get his ultrasound with Mama. It was a full house and the hospital was under renovation after Ondoy and I got a Junior Suite. The only option then was a ward. When we all got back at the ER, Omar's doctor arrived, got the results from the ultrasound and gall bladder and pancreas were clear, aside from his pre-existing fatty liver. So he cancelled our room and instructed us to go home and take a rest. He prescribed medicines and told us to go back on Wednesday. It was a cousin of arthritis at the rib cage, according to him, with the pressure from Omar's cough aggravating the pain.

It was so hard to decide where to sleep - with Omar at the hospital or at home with Winter since I still breastfeed him. I even thought of brining Winter to the hospital at night but I'm sure the family will protest. God is good. He did not let me choose. He gave me both.


I woke up in the middle of the night with Omar standing by the bed. He was holding an ice pack by his side. Turned out he was in pain for almost an hour already. He was coughing and suddenly he felt a stinging pain on his left side. He was contemplating on going to the hospital. He talked to Mama. Kuya Olejoe and Mama picked us up at home to bring Omar to the ER at 11:30pm.

He had an X-ray but it was clear, no fractures or anything. He had his blood test for cardiac arrest and thank God it was negative too.

He was given Ketrimed for the pain. The pain was not relieved. He was given Tramadol through IV. The pain was not relieved. They gave him Nuvein. The med was so strong Omar fell asleep but the pain was not relieved either.

At 5:30am, we decided to bring him home to get his rest while waiting for his doctor's clinic time.

I was just in time to see Summer having her breakfast. I was still able to help her prepare for school. Good thing Kuya Dante was home to bring Summer to school.

I never knew I could have the energy to be up from 11:30am until 7am. I wasn't really sleepy but I just know I have to sleep, hoping Omar will be well soon.