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Monday, March 31, 2008

Breakfast with UH

Got featured at Unang Hirit one monday morning.

We were grateful for the opportunity. They were grateful for our accommodation. Got more exposure this time than the usual. Got to see the hosts Rhea, Drew, Suzy and Jolina, and the chef from Chef to go.Thank you for the media mileage.

Finally home.. Prayers please!

Odie's finally home.

It was Feb. 29 when we rushed Odie to the emergency room of Capitol Medical. He had cough then and was not feeling well. He was about to pick up his wife from work when he had blurred vision and asked us to bring him to the hospital. At the hospital, his BP was 70/40, ecg was normal, blood test was normal. He was released after 2hours and was adviced to see a cardio and neuro immediately.

MIL was bothered and brought Odie the following day to the doctor. He had his 2D Echo and got the results the following week.

The following week, Odie lost his voice and was adviced to see a pulmonologist. He had his x-ray- or was it ultrasound, and found a big mass at his left lung. He had his CT Scan a week before the holy week and found a 9cmX11cm tumor in between his left lung and heart, on top of his aorta.

Monday, right after the holy week, he was admitted at Lung Center for his biopsy on Wednesday. The tumor is not just on top of his aorta but wrapped itself around his heart, suppressing his nerve going to the voice box, thus the lost of his voice. It is malignant.

The family decided to treat the tumor the alternative medicine way and not to go through chemo. It is cancer of the germ cell, a very rare kind of disease. So Odie finally went home to MIL's house to rest and recover. Odie is only 31years old and 4months married. He is strong and he is fighting!

The family is fighting it together with Odie. We thank you for your continuous prayers for the quick recovery of Odie and strength for the family. Thank you!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Golden Anniversary

It was my uncle's golden anniversary. My dad's eldest brother.

They renewed their vows at the Shrine of St. Anne at Hagonoy, Bulacan and had the reception at Barcie International Center.We had buffet dinner. The grandson played a piano, the granddaughter recited a tagalog poem, some danced to the 60s, and a pair sang a love song. They had avp too.Good health and many more happy years together to Tito Pining and Tita Zeny!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It's Daddy's birthday!No party for Daddy this time. We just had lunch with the family. We had lunch at Kamameshi House! It's been a loooooong time since we last ate there. How we love their Kamameshi mixed rice. Yummy!!! I love it! Actually, I've been craving for the mixed rice that's why we chose to eat there. It's my choice, not theirs, not the celebrants hehehe. I love their angus beef too!Mom gave Daddy LCD with home theater for a birthday gift. I gave Daddy a health book.

Happy birthday Daddy!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fashion Icon

I remember the last time we were at the US, just before I got married, my brother invited her client, who happens to be in the area, for dinner at our house. She was there to send her daughter to a fashion school in California.

Her daughter dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and wanted to pursue her course in the US. She searched for fashion schools in California, specifically fashion schools in Los Angeles.

She must be done studying by now. I wonder where she pursued her career. She must have a bright future in the industry having to finish in a fine school in the US.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Summer's 3rd

I gave birth on a Holy Tuesday 3years ago and celebrated Summer's 3rd birthday on a Black Saturday.
I'm so blessed to have a very supportive and loving family who helped me give Summer a Happy Birthday! Black Saturday is one of the busiest day of the year at work so I totally have no time to prepare for Summer's birthday party. I ordered her cake, bought balloons, prepared souvenirs for eggs, and purchased some ingredients.I'm thankful to my hubby for doing almost everything - from marinating the barbecue, preparing the tacos, doing the last minute shopping for ingredients, picking up the cake, and setting up the venue.

I'm thankful to my SIL Yang, for preparing the spaghetti with bechamel sauce and to my BIL Ojay and Ryan and BIL Kuya Olejoe for grilling the barbecue.

I'm thankful to Mama and Papa for looking after Summer the whole day while I am busy with my work, Omar's busy with my favors, and Ate Cory busy running the kitchen too and for roasting the chicken.

I'm thankful to Mommy for providing sotanghon, drinks for the kids, ice cream and cones, styro plates, plastic spoons and forks, and providing tables, chairs, and tents for the event.

I'm thankful to Daddy for providing beer and Kuya Dojoe and Ate Bing for providing Coke Zero.

I'm thankful to Ate Cory, Ate Meng and Nenita for running the kitchen almost 24hours.

So many people to thank for! Summer was so happy with her birthday party, without me even lifting a finger.Thank you Ninang Jenny for your 2 toy gifts, Mama for your so many clothes for Summer, Tita Yang for the art set, and Noynoy and Justin for the cake.Thank you Lord for giving us Summer! She's such a source of joy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

It's the 3rd time my inlaws spent their holy week with us.

We went to Parong-Parong early so they can witness the Penitencia or the hampas-dugo and the pasan krus. It was their first time to see it. Bong joined us as well.

We did our stations of the cross while doing our visita iglesia. I brought them to the chapel of Nazareno at Parong-Parong for the first 2 stations, Shrine of St. Anne for the 3rd and 4th station, Perpetual Help for the 5th and 6th station, Santiago Apostol for the 7th and 8th, Basilica of Imaculata Concepcion for the 9th and 10th, Barasoain Church for the 11th and 12th, and Sta. Isabel for the 13th and 14th, and Chowking for halohalo after the stations of the cross hehehe.

We had too much to eat! Papa prepared tinapa fried rice for breakfast, brought ginatang tiniest hipon for lunch, and seafood mongolian rice for dinner.

Then it's gonna be a big day tomorrow!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Summer had her evening bath and she wore my fancy dangling earrings.

After showing everybody her pair of dangling earrings, with her back on us, I saw her like talking to somebody. So I asked her who she was talking to and she pointed it a little lower than her, answering 'Sila o!' So I just watched her showing her earrings to her imaginary friends, smaller than her. I even saw her wincing and bending her head to her right saying 'Ow! Wag nyo hila!'.

It was really strange! Then I remembered while we were having dinner, after she drank her water, she looked around and was looking for something, then asked her Ate Cory, 'Where are the kids? Where are my friends?'

She must be so used playing on her own that she made up her own friends.

Maundy Thursday

We do our Stations of the Cross at the Divine Mercy every Maundy Thursday with Mons Flint.

Kuya Olejoe and Ryan joined us as well. Omar and Kuya Olejoe each carried a small cross, as their way of offering a prayer for his brother, Odie.

Since we were with Mons Flint, many joined us to have a more solemn stations of the cross.

I bought suman and casoy for snacks at home.

It's gonna be a long holy week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Train to doctor

As per Ninang Jenny's instruction after reading my post, we went to Toy Kingdom to buy Summer her toy train. Unfortunately, upon getting there, the doctor toy set took her heart. She wouldn't even look at the toy train. I even saw a Thomas the train starter set. Summer was so excited with her new toy that we let her open it even if it wasn't her birthday yet. Omar helped her assemble the toy and she loved it so much!Thank you Ninang Jenny! Oh! And when we call her doctor, she would angrily answer back that she's not doctor, and that she's Summer! :)

Moving Up Day

It's Summer's sort of graduation day at Playschool International and they call it the Moving Up Day, with animal theme. As previously mentioned, Summer was assigned to wear a mynah head dress.The students had their animal parade, each introducing their own name, what animal they were and the sound they make. Summer just stood at the mic, must be mesmerized with all the mommies and daddies watching her. Teacher Tina have to ask her for her name, what animal she was and the sound she must perform. Then, they had their animal, animal song and dance number.Summer belonged to the pet and farm animal group, and recited 2 Little Black Birds with bird finger puppets.Their last performance was a song and dance number to the song of 'If I were..'.
Moving Up Day won't be complete without the awarding ceremony and distribution of certificates. Summer was awarded the 'Playschool Patrol Award' for always reporting the goings on inside and outside the classroom.Aminado na ako! Sa akin nagmana anak ko, sumbungera na! Tsismosa pa!

8 Facts / Habits

Tagged by Jesse. Thank you!

In the 8 Facts About Yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. Then at the end you tag at least 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Here are the rules.

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****My list:
1. I'm short-tempered.
2. I'm bossy / demanding.
3. I hate being late.
4. I'm sensitive.
5. I'm lazy.
6. I like minnie mouse stuff.
7. I don't look at dead people in their coffin.
8. Math used to be my favorite subject.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My mynah.

As soon as I received the memo from Summer's teacher to prepare a mynah head dress for their moving up day, I texted my sister right away to search for it.

I'd rather improvise a costume than buy a ready made one. I just want to make use of what I have. And since Summer won best costume on their halloween program, kinarir ko na ang costume nya since.

Took me weeks, helps from my SIL and sister, trips to the mall, and a fight with my hubby, just to finally finish one. Ang hirap pala maghanap ng mynah! Matatakot nga naman ang mga bata sa black bird. Ang daldal kasi ng anak ko kaya mynah ang na-assign na animal sa kanya e.

My SIL bought a yellow cap and I colored the visor orange with jobos, sew on my black hood from my jacket, cut-out eyes from felt paper and sew it on the hood. Voila! May mynah head dress na anak ko!
Mynah was silenced with the so many mommies and daddies watching them during their show.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Summer time

Omar and I went to SM to go looking for Summer's costume for her school program on March 18. It's so hard looking around for a mynah head dress, or even just a mynah toy. In short, we did not find any.

Since we were there already, we decided to buy Summer her birthday gift. When at Bulacan and I watch the Lifestyle network with their cooking shows, Summer loves imitating them with her tea set, making use of her lotion and powder as ingredients. When at Paranaque, Summer loves playing her books, piling it up together, hugging it to herself, and saying 'Good morning class!' She got lots of books already so we bought her a kitchen set.

Upon reaching home, Omar told Summer that we bought her a birthday gift. She was so excited to find out that her birthday is fast approaching. Then I asked her what gift she wants for her birthday, and she answered excitedly - train! I asked her again the following day, still her answer - train! Oh my! Boy nga yata talaga itong anak ko.

Now when we wake her up in the morning, we will just sing her her happy birthday song, then she will smile and will slowly open her eyes.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank you Papa!

After weeks of craving, Omar finally bought me my burrito! He went to SM North Edsa, on his way home, just to buy me my burrito!

I had my grilled steak burrito from Mexicali! I had my first bite with my eyes closed, savoring every flavor!

And while I'm enjoying my burrito, Summer was having her own sweet time with her 'cupcorn' - that's how she say popcorn.I love it! Thanks Papa!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Second Check-up

Right after Summer's school, we went to St. Luke's for my check-up.

The doctor and I made Summer hear the baby's heartbeat through the doppler, though I didn't think she was aware of it.

The baby's size was just the right size for her age. Everything's normal. I was given vitamins for iron and multi-vitamins.

I am 16weeks pregnant.

Baby Storm

'I don't like baby! I don't like baby inside the tummy! I don't like Baby Winter!' - Summer would often say. But when asked what her name was, she would say Ate Summer.

So in preparation, I would bring her to my ultrasound and am planning to bring her with me to my check-ups.

Mommy and I went to Divisoria so I went looking for her mynah head dress for her school program. Unfortunately, I did not find any. But I saw a baby doll! So I thought it would be nice for Summer to have a baby around, even if it was just a toy.

She loved it! But she would not call it Baby Winter! So Omar named it Baby Storm! We originally wanted Storm to be our next baby's name - but seems like nobody's happy to have a Storm.

Summer slept with her baby. Summer had her breakfast with her baby sitting next to her booster seat. And just when Ate Cory was fixing her bottles for safe keeping - we are weaning her from the bottle - she asked for a small bottle for her baby. So she now keeps on feeding milk to her baby. It's a good sign! Success!Though, there was a time, she bumped the baby's head to the wall just to hear it laugh. Naku, kailangan pa rin ng parental guidance!

Aliw pa ako panoorin sya kaya wala pang pic. Pag sinipag na, pipicturan ko din sya.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My big appetite and my big love

Wednesdays is my Karcraft day. And it is Summer's Makati Day with her lola.

Kuya and Ate Bing invited us to have lunch. We had lunch at Nippon - an all you can eat, ala carte style Japanese restaurant. We had so much food to eat! We had sushi, sashimi, kani salad, tofu salad, crunchy chicken salad, sukiyaki, miso soup, beef, chicken, and japanese rice. Ako yata pinakamatakaw e, buti na lang 2 kami, may excuse.

Omar and I would usually attend the 6pm mass at Twin Hearts before heading home.

But before heading home, we went to see My Big Love. Kakatuwa, better than My Bestfriend's Girlfriend.

Thank you Omar for the movie.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Summer's another first

Daddy went to Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

Since the visit was short and they had a very hectic time, he didn't find a free time to shop around.

He brought home dates.

And he brought Summer a perfume from the plane! Yes, as in eau du toilette! At enjoy na enjoy naman ang bata! Feeling grown up. She wouldn't let go of the bottle for the day and would brag it to everybody.

The following day, she even asked me to spray on her before going to school. Manang-mana sa tatay - napakahilig sa pabango! So I texted Omar with just what happened, guess what his reply was! He sprayed on Summer a CK1 just before sending her to school a day before! E trained naman pala na e! May pagmamanahan talaga!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday! Congrats!

It was a double celebration - Ninang Nene's birthday and Sasa's treat for passing the nursing board exam!

After attending the 9am mass at Parong-Parong, we had too much food to eat for lunch. I wasn't able to taste everything but I was so full! I had mostly seafoods and lots of mangoes.

Best of all, we even had our take home food! Spaghetti for Omar, Crabs for Summer, and Buro for me! Thanks Ninang!

Sorry! Busy kakakain kaya no time for picture taking.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

So Arte....

Summer, so arte.... asked me to get my camera to take her photo.

She was wearing her Barbie night dress, wore a hat, and posed for a shot.Proud mama na naman ako. Actually, this is for Ninang Jenny.

Precious Coins

The Central Bank of the Philippines just changed the composition of the coins to save for the costs and to avoid illegal smuggling of our coins outside the country. They say that the cost of the coin itself is more expensive than the value itself.

My brother used to collect the one peso coin during Marcos time, the big and heavy one. Now it costs more than a peso and worth collecting. My mom gave us a five peso coin, the big silver one, on her silver anniversary. It's not like the five peso coin we are using now.

You see, coins may just be coins. But a peso or a dollar won't be complete without them. They are made of metals and minerals that costs more than its value. It may mean nothing to us now but count more years and it will be more costly than our bills now.

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