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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First dental visit

It was Summer's first visit to the dentist.

I brought her along with her Kuya Ryan's visit to the dentist.
Summer did not cry. She just wanted to sit on me instead of sitting on her own at the dental chair. She opened her mouth everytime the doctor would say 'ah!'.
Everytime she would hear the camera zooming in, she would look at the camera. Na-over exposure na yata sa camera.
The dentist said she had good and nice teeth. Yun nga lang, parang it's hard to believe in the doctor. The dentist just used a mirror to look at her teeth. He did not even count her teeth. And, he was not in doctor's attire that Summer kept on calling him 'kuya' instead of doc.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Swinging afternoon

Summer loves to play at the swing on her own, kahit sobrang hina ng swing. She loves swinging on her own, feeling grown up.
She loves having her photos taken. Ang arte!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Sleeping Beauty

After a whole day of travelling, look how exhausted my baby was.
We drove all the way from Bulacan to send my parents to the airport for their US trip. I brought along with me my ever 'sipsip' baby to kiss them goodbyes. From the airport, we travelled back to Bulacan. And for a friday night, we met heavy traffic before and after our airport route.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Potty Training

Summer finally did it!

I've noticed for the past weeks that everytime we take a bath, she would pee. I instructed her yaya not to put on diapers for Summer if she's not sleeping or travelling.

Last night, while watching TV, Summer said 'wiwi'. I assumed that she was wet already. To my surprise, she was still dry so I hurried her to the restroom, and there she peed smiling at me. She was as proud as I was of her. I thanked her right there and then and hugged her tight. And she just smiled back at me. I was so amazed, I forgot to take photos of her hehehe.

And she did it again this morning while having breakfast.

Oh no! My baby is a baby no more!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Mommy's BirthDay

Mommy celebrated her 60th year on Easter Sunday at DJ Paradise Hotel in her most simple way.

The party's theme was 'Reminiscing the 60's'.

For the invites, we used 45s to match our theme. We used Mommy's photo on her teens.

Mommy had her outfit made and she bought me, Jenny and Ate Bing matching outfits at Greenhills. We had our hair and make-up made by Agatha.
We had our Thanksgiving Mass at the Golden Shower at 5pm. Mons Flint, Fr. Pros and Fr. Espiritu led the mass with the RCM sisters as the choir. Jenjen, Paeng, and Biboy read the readings and the prayers in Tagalog. That was pretty hard but they did it well.

After the mass, we invited our guests to make use of our studio-set up for their free vintage pictorial. They went home with their 5R photos printed in sepia for free. Then, invited the guests to party at the roofdeck of the hotel.
People feasted over the Fusion and Western cuisine prepared by DJ Paradise Resort and Chef Orland. We served sushi, sashimi, maki, salad with 4 different dressings, miso soup and sukiyaki, lechon baka and baboy, japanese dishes, pasta, ox tongue, chocolate fountain, pastries, tiramisu, and the likes. Everybody loved the food while reminiscing with the music of the 60s performed by the XPoZ Band. We heard a lot of good feedback from our guests about the band. They must have enjoyed the oldies but goodies sounds.

While enjoying the food and the music, we requested the guests to sign their wishes for Mommy at the photos pinned on top of the flower arrangement of the guest tables. We then collected these after the party and binded it.

Lola and Daddy gave their birthday wishes for Mommy.
Jenny prepared the AVP followed with our supposed-to-be surprise dance number. Daddy asked Ryan what he prepared for Mommy's birthday. With the little boy's innocence, he answered proudly that he will dance, inspite of our instructions that it will be a secret. He said that he did not tell Daddy, he just answered Daddy's question. Kids! And while Daddy was telling us how he caught Ryan with our little secret, he wasn't aware that Mommy was right behind him listening. Kuya and Ate Bing, I and Omar, and Jenny danced to the tune of El Bimbo and the kids joined us to the tune of Sugar Sugar. Surprisingly, Summer danced too! Onnie choreographed our dance steps. Still, Mommy and Daddy were surprised with our dance number. They didn't expect it to be that good DAW hehehe. Daddy even approached to hug me for a job well done.
It was a magical night with a magic show by Tito Cris, a gift for Mommy from Tito Boy and Tita Leslie. I did not expect the magic show to click with our guests since it was an adult affair. But they had lots of fun watching Danny, Mons Flint and Marion participate in the magic show.
Mommy then had her piece, blew her old-fashioned style cake from Merced Bake House, and souvenirs were distributed. We gave away fans, coasters with psychedelic prints, and CD of 60s music.
We had another set of music of the 60s from the band while other guests stayed to enjoy the music.

Mommy was so happy. Daddy had fun. That was Mommy's simple party. Happy birthday Mommy!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

One hot afternoon

I don't want my baby to get dark.

Here's a photo of Summer and Omar one hot afternoon.
I hope the hat and the umbrella si enough to block the sun.