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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 12: New Year's Eve

It's almost our first free day for errands. And while doing our errands, I got to eat Cold Stone, the ice cream I've been craving for for ages.

We welcomed the new year at Tita Lynda's place at Hemet.

Tita did not just provided our New Year's dinner, but provided games and prizes for everybody. The kids had so much fun, and the adults too. Summer earned lots of money for Mama hehehehe.

The party started with a song number from the kids - a christmas song from abs-cbn. Then they had games for kids and adults. We even had Hemet got Talent where the girls danced, Amiel did a Michael Jackson number, babies sang, and Karina played the piano.

We had our toast after the program then everybody went to look for their own place for a short nap for our trip in the morning to the sin city of Nevada.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 11: Family Reunion at San Diego

We were invited by Tito Memen for lunch at San Diego. Tito Memen is my Dad's cousin.

Their place was an hour and a half drive from Ate's place. They served good food and we received lots of gifts again.

Thank you Tito Memen for lunch!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 9: Shopping!!!!

Woohoo! Time to hit the factory outlet! Cabazon, here we come!

We started the day late and we did not expect the heavy traffic going there due to road construction. And parking was full!

So with little time left, we were able to buy a pair of plaid shorts for Winter, a pair of jeans and a colorful sketchers sneakers with lights for Summer, 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of pants, and a bag for myself, and a pair of shoes and jogging pants for Omar. Kaka-guilty!

AJ and Jaz invited their friends at home for dinner to meet their cousins from the Philippines. They had fun eating Filipino food - not all are Filipinos, and playing guitar and ukelele.

A tiring but a very happy day for me. Who wouldn't be happy shopping? hehehe

Day 10: Happiest Place on Earth

A reunion with Mickey and Minnie!

A day at Disneyland!

And it was full-packed! They stopped selling tickets as early as 10am, it's that full!
Summer was able to see the Princess and the frog characters on parade. We've brought Summer to Disneyland HongKong and Florida but she's never been to the Small World so I pleaded everybody if we can take her to Small World here at California. Everybody obliged since my kids are brats and spoiled. Summer was so happy with the ride while Winter was sleeping the entire ride.
After the parade, some went home early while I stayed for the kids even if I was tired already so we can let the kids see the fireworks and Fantasmic. While waiting for the shows, we went to California Disney for the teenagers turn to take the adult rides. Omar and I just shopped for the kids and did not take the rides anymore. We just sat in one place for Summer and Winter to rest for a while. I'm getting old, I'm starting to get tired of theme parks. Sadly, Summer fell asleep and wasn't able to see the Fantasmic.
And while waiting for the teen-agers from their rides at our meeting place, I saw Mickey and Minnie with a very short line for picture taking. It just made my visit at Disney complete!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 8: A Blessed day

Oh, we we're so blessed! And we're so thankful!

We woke up on a bright morning - bright not because of the sun but because of snow around us, it was so white! We had snow storm and it was unexpected.

We were so supposed to leave early since it's going to be a long drive for us so we can catch the Sunday mass at Moreno Valley but since it was storming, we had to delay our trip. We were travelling in 2 vans and only 1 is equipped with a snow chain. We waited for the storm to finish and hit the road.
And as we left the lodge, barely a kilometer away, our van started sliding. Kuya was driving, he stopped stepping on the gas, backed out a little, and tried driving again and we started sliding again. Kuya stopped again, backed out more, drove more and we were still sliding. Until we decided to back away more all the way to the resort.

When we returned to the lodge, there were 2 vehicles who left and some remained when they saw us return. We were waiting for the city plower to plow the snow along the roads but since it was a private road leading to the lodge from the main road, it was not the priority of the city to plow. Turned out that the 2 vehicles got stuck and the lodge was just informed by the new guests who arrived at the resort and saw the vehicles on their way to the resort. There was no signal along the mountain so there's no way to call for rescue. Good thing we decided to go back.

It was after lunch already when the sun was shining and the snow was starting to melt when we decided to hit the road again. It was a success this time. We took the longer route but less mountain trip and less snow.

We weren't able to hear mass anymore but I bet we prayed more that day.

Yosemite is still very well recommended.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 7: Range of Light

After travelling hundreds of miles and spending for the accommodation, might as well take the tour to get to know Yosemite better. And we took a child-friendly tour - they call it the Range of Light tour.

We were 3 vans and joined with a family of four.

The guides brought us at the half dome, bridal veil, yosemite falls among others.

We took so much photos and one of my favorite is the photo of all the kids positioned according to their age.

After the tour, instead of taking a rest, we walked our way to the frozen lake and had more photos taken. We had dinner at the restaurant of the lodge and had smores for desserts.

During the tour, Winter discovered the joy of eating candy. He behaved at his car seat throughout the tour just as long as he has his ring pop with him - that explains his blue mouth at the pictures.

Yosemite is a very much recommended place to visit.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day to Yosemite

We started our day early and drove our way to Yosemite where we will be spending our next 2 days for the holidays.

It was an 8-hour drive to the mountains of Yosemite. We checked-in at Ever Green Lodge.

It was like a postcard. It was like staying at Camp Rock. It's so nice! We got 2 2-bedroom units. We brought enough left-over Christmas food for dinner. We were so tired we weren't able to try the free smore but Paeng was able to bring home some for me and Summer.

The bed was so warm while looking at the scenery outside the window full of snow.

It will be a long day tomorrow with the Range of Light tour. Excited!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve!

The day was spent preparing for Christmas dinner - that is for the members of the family. For me, I got no spare hands since they were so full of Winter. Yeah, Winter won't let me go. I was able to pack our things for our trip tomorrow.

Our Christmas started with a mass where Usteng was a shepherd, Emong was an inn keeper, Jaz said a prayer of the faithful, and AJ prayed his intention for the family.

Each couple must prepare something for dinner. Mom prepared karekare, Ate made spaghetti and Kuya Archie made humba, Ate Bing prepared Molo soup, Jenny and Reg made baked mussels. Too much main course, right? So Omar and I made turon served hot and crispy topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, mint leaf and fresh strawberry.

Families of Ninang Lynda and Ate Cristy came to celebrate the night with us.

Summer was so happy with all her gifts. It was actually the first Christmas which she looked forward to since she knew she'll be receiving gifts, unlike the previous years when she was still clueless. Omar and I gave her a Princess Belle doll.

Jaz played her ukelele, Paeng played AJ's guitar, Jaz and Adrienne danced and more dancing came. Summer sang with Usteng and Emong. Emong danced Michael Jackson too and Usteng danced Sponge Bob. They even did a line dance. It was a party!

We had a merry Christmas! We're complete.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Universal Studios

Jet lagged and all, Mom and Dad has no choice but to join us at Universal Studios.

Summer wore her ballerina dress while Winter wore his Superman costume.

We cannot take the Mummy ride and while waiting for the others to finish the ride, I had photos of the babies at the dummy cars and with Dora and Diego. And while waiting for lunch, we had our photos with Sponge bob and Curious George. On our way to the restroom, Summer was asking me if she could have her picture taken with the one with long yellow hair. And as she pulled me to show whom she was referring to, I saw Bart Simpson hehehe. But line was a bit long for us to cue.

We were able to take the studio tour this time, unlike last year at Florida.

We ended the day early since Mom and Dad were tired from their trip yesterday. AJ got lost too on our way home but it was an experience. We were just sleeping while he was driving us on our way to Tita Lynda's for dinner while the moms, who were with Reg and far from us, were in panic! Haha!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 3: Boss' Arrival

Mom and Dad arrived today from Manila.

We just spent the day at home. Omar prepared cream of potato and leek soup and helped in grilling the steaks he marinated last night.

Ate picked Mom and Dad from the airport.

The soup was a hit!

Now we're complete. What a joy!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 2: Six Flags

Woohoo! Time for theme park!

We left early since the park was 2-hours drive from our place. We dropped by Ate Cristy's place to pick-up Alex and to meet up with Reg. Adrienne joined us as well. We are a big group of 2vans so it was big fun!

It was so cold at the park. The teens went on their own while we moms went with our babies. But I got to ride X2 and other adult rides as well. Few people so we get to take almost all rides that were open. Too bad, roaring rapids was closed. We were able to take photos with the character mascots too and Santa Clause.

The boys had a shot at the basketball game booths at the park and won a bugs bunny toy for Summer. Good shots from Papa Omar and Tito Reg.

Ate ended the day in the park with a funnel cake for everybody.

We had dinner at Ate Cristy's - mga gutom, malalakas kumain kahit pagod sa park. Thank you Ate Cristy for the dinner.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 1: Lunch at Hemet

For our first day, we had to do our courtesy call to Tita Lynda, my mom's sister, at Hemet. But before heading to Hemet, we went to hear mass and headed to Costco to shop for some groceries and see the grandmas giving free food tests. And of course, to have their hotdogs too.

She served good lunch. Winter was sleeping almost the entire time. Paeng was playing his guitar with Tito Adnie. Girls were bonding together.

And we had dinner at In n Out! Omar had 4-stacker while I had 2-stacker protein style and we had strawberry shake too.

Costco hotdog, persimon, In n Out - all in our 1st day, I think I can go home now hehehe. Joke!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Manila-Los Angeles

We arrived at NAIA terminal 1 too early for our 12:50pm flight from Manila to Taipei via EvaAir. The counter was still closed but the cue was too long. Since we are a group of 10persons, we headed straight at the side of the front of the line waiting for special lane for group check-in. Some staff was telling us to line at the far end of the line, some was telling us that they'll inquire if they have special lane when the counter opens. Good thing, we waited and got a special lane, no need to cue.

While waiting at the airport, Summer and Winter got to play at the play area and Omar and I got to grab some noodles for lunch.

It was a 2-hour flight and they served a meal - not just a sandwich and a juice, but a meal. I learned this time and requested for a child's meal for Summer and baby's meal for Winter. Winter's meal was mashed vegetables and fruits - a real baby's meal.

It was a 4-hour wait at Taipei for our connecting flight to Los Angeles. We had enough time to stretch, walk around the shops, play at Hello Kitty playground, use the Hello Kitty nursery room and eat hot spicy noodles.

It was a long flight to LA, but not as long as Canada's and we got seats with bassinet so we had good leg room.

Our flight arrived 30-minutes early and we waited for a while for Ate to fetch us. Immigration and Customs was hassle free. The customs officer saw the kids and asked us to cue at Lane A where they have to run our baggages at their x-ray machine once again but did not open our luggages anymore. Good thing Kuya and Jenny had mom's baggages with food - yam and rellenong bangus.

Hello California!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Baby!

Summer had her Christmas program today. She improved a lot compared to her previous presentations before. She would now dance gracefully and sing and recite their poem loud. In fact, her voice would raise above all voices because it was too loud, that is for me at least.
Another moment to be a proud stagemom.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Party 2009

We had our Christmas Party at Malolos. Everybody were to wear yellow.
Jenny lead the Opening prayer.

Kuya said the Opening remarks.
Then we draw raffle prizes and played Pinoy Henyo.
After dinner and drawing out all the raffle prizes for everybody, Daddy said his Christmas message.
We had our exchange gifts, as we usually do every year.
The practicumers did not just assist with serving food to the staff, but offered a dance number as well.
While Summer and Winter had so much fun playing with the other kids.
Roderick, as he does yearly, gave a dance number.
What better way to celebrate our Christmas Party with a thanksgiving mass lead by Mons Flint.
Then, the most awaited part, distribution of the 13th month pay.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Birthday cake

Tita Sexy, who's working at Manila Pen, gave Omar a strawberry cheesecake for her late birthday present. Ang sarap!
Pero Tita Sexy, mas gusto ko gawa mo! haha sipsip, pinahirapan pa e noh?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Like Ate, Like Baby

Summer sooooo loves writing, drawing, writing, drawing and writing and drawing!That's why the little boy likes to write too! Mauuna pa yata sya magsulat kesa magsalita e.