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Monday, March 27, 2006

BirthDay Party!!!

Summer turned 1!

We celebrated her 1st birthday party at DJ Paradise Resort in Malolos, Bulacan on March 25, 2005. Most of the stuff are DIYs. I prepared the invitation card with a message of invitation in front, a pop-up butterfly which I colored one by one, all 60 pieces of them and more, and a caricature of Summer. I also prepared the balloon decors, all manually pumped, tiring but all for the love for my very bubbly daughter.

I prepared 3 birthday outfits for her, and this was the first one bought my her Mommy Duning from Thailand. She had a good sleep so we were expecting a happy celebrant on her very first birthday party.This is her welcome banner with the same caricature from her invitation card.
I bought the cake from our local supplier with butterflies and flowers for the theme. I also ordered cupcakes for the kids. I decorated it with an arch of flower balloons.

Before Summer turned 1, we had her photo taken in a studio. Of course I have to brag her cute photos by using it in her tarpaulin. Here is a photo of her stage with flower balloons.

And another photo tarp - this was the same dress she wore on her birthday when we brought her to Church to hear mass. The dress was from Mommy Duning also.

And her main birthday dress from Mommy Duning - a gown with cut-out butterflies flapping their wings with matching hairband. Isn't she lovely? Or am I just too proud to be her mom?

I got Marcus to host the party. I saw him from my cousin. I liked the way he does the balloon twisting and his magic show for the kids.

Thank God for Divisoria! I was able to bring cheap toys for prizes for the kids for the party games.
The sumptuous food was catered by DJ Paradise Resort. Everybody had a feast, specially with the Lechon baka. Ninang Jenny prepared her AVP. I have to pull my resources for this birthday party so I asked Ninang Jenny to provide the bubble show!!!My baby had fun during her birthday party. She did not cry at all, so happy with so many kids around to join her celebrate the day. I even bought confetti and party poppers for the blowing of the cake.

Look at all her birthday gifts!

It was a tiring event but a fulfilling one. Everybody liked the balloon decor I prepared and appreciated my effort for the invitation card. All these for my little girl - a baby no more. Next party on her 7th year hehehe.