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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tayo na sa Antipolo

We hear mass at Antipolo once a year on a month of May in thanksgiving and in celebration of my parent's wedding anniversary.

We attended the 6am mass. We were late. Ang daming tao! Last day na kasi, weekend pa.Syempre pa, we have to do our shopping after mass. We bought suman, kasoy, and toys for Summer my mom used to buy for me - clay pots and fruits. Next year, I plan to buy the horse made of paper mache for Summer.We were able to find an all you can eat breakfast along Examiner St. They served garlic rice, pandesal, tuyo, scrambled eggs, bacon, longganisa, arroz caldo, champorado, and salted eggs with fruit cocktail for dessert. Ok sana kaya lang they are under staff. Ang tagal magrefill. Kung diner dash lang, matagal na silang game over. Ilang beses ka babalik sa buffet table at babalik sa upuan mo na walang nakukuha.Tapos na summer. Tag-ulan na naman. Another year to prepare for summer next year.

Photo Hunt: Self

My first post for PhotoHunt, a photo of myself and my sister - must post a photo of yourself or a part of you. Why not send both? :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008


After work, inside our bedroom at Bulacan.

Summer: Look Mama! Corner si Storm.

Me: Ha!? Bakit? Ano ginawa ni Storm?

Summer: Kulit sya e.

And from time to time, Summer will look back at Storm and will say, 'Stay there!'

Oh no! Wawa naman Winter pag lumabas baka lumaki sa corner kay Ate Summer.

Oh, and when she draws our family, Summer would draw Papa Omar, Mama Jade, Summer, Ate Cory and Baby!!!! Yes! You read it right! She's included the baby in our family. Sana totohanan na!

My luck has come.

Luck has finally took its turn on me.

My favorite! Kirkland Almond Clusters.It's the chocolate I ate when I was pregnant with Summer. And I'm eating the same chocolate now that I'm pregnant with Winter.

I sooooo looooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee it!

It's heaven sent. Big thanks to the fairy godmother who sent it.

Actually, it's for Summer. Summer didn't like the nuts too much. Winter loves it!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Luck's been showering the family these past few months.

Kuya got a free pizza just because they forgot to replace bell peppers with mushroom, as he requested. He got his US Visa good for 10 years. And will be getting a free trip to Aman Pulo for site inspection for a prospect project.

Jenny got a fabulous job offer. I am so excited for my birthday and christmas gift from her. She got A's from her papers.

As for me, hmm.. maybe my time will come. Maybe silver bars will come my way hahahaha.

Too much for luck. I am so thankful for all the blessings He's been showering me and my family. My baby is my luck. How can you be lucky having Summer?

United Colors of Bloggers

Got a flight ticket from Issa.

Let all the bloggers around the globe come together in unity by blog linking. All you have to do is add your name to the list. Don’t forget to specify the country where you are from and of course, link your name to your respective blog. If you have two or more blogs, add and link ‘em all. Then invite 8 or more bloggers to do the same. Here we go!

Julia from Philippines, Catherine from Malaysia, Shi from USA, Mitch from Philippines, Hailey from Philippines, Sexymom from USA, Liza from Philippines, Sasha from Philippines, Thess from Netherlands, Marie from Philippines, mind bubbles from USA, Evi from Canada, Christine - Marikit from AU. Christine - Strawberrygurl from AU, Mel's Untamed World from PH, Mel's Uncensored Life from PH, vanity kit from USA, something purple from USA, em's detour from USA, kaptyurd from PH, and so i am from PH, princess bela from PH, our journey to life from PH, my planet purple from PH, women xplore from PH, issa from PH, jade from PH.

Tagging jammy, apols, dang, trinity, and rocks. Enjoy your flight.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tried and never again.

We had steaks again for dinner. A family affair was once again.

Kuya and Omar grilled the steaks, sausages and vegetables while Ate Bing prepared the gravy and mashed potato. I gave them moral support hehehe.

But this time, instead of using Angus beef, we tried a local T-bone cut beef from our suki from Farmer's Market. It's not tender. Angus beef is far more better than the local one. And we tried the marinate from Canada, it was good.

When we go back to Subic, we will definitely go back to All Meat Store to buy Angus. Would you know where to buy cheap Wagyu beef? Is it more tender than Angus?


I got my hair cut, finally!

I felt like a mermaid with my long, curly hair. Omar had his hair cut two weeks ago, Summer had hers last week, and now it's my turn!

I cannot cut it short like a boy's hair cut since I look puff because of pregnancy and the more I will look round with a very short hair.

I cannot have my hair straight because of my pregnancy. I'm not sure if it's safe for the baby.

I let Abby decide on what's best to do with my hair. He cut it layered in shoulder length. The ends are still a little bit curly.I hope I would still like it tomorrow after I take a bath and won't be able to blow it dry.

Now, Pangs it's your turn!


I finally got Summer's scrapbook from her last school year's activity at Playschool International.

For a not so creative and no time mom like me, this scrapbook is the best! Summer's compilation of art works on her short time at school and photos taken by teachers themselves which I wasn't able to capture since I don't stay with her at school.
Sana maka-kumpleto ako ng scrapbook nya until she finish her school. I'm sure she wouldn't like me collecting her stuff until highschool hehehe.


I was able to reserve a slot for Summer at Playschool International two weeks ago for Junior Level.

It was only today when I was able to go back to her school to enroll her. I took the quarterly scheme. Summer was so excited to go back to school. This time, she will be reporting to school from Mondays to Fridays.

First day of school will be on June 18.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Odie!

You read it right! It's Odie's birthday today!

We had dinner at my IL's home at Paranaque. Mama prepared everything all on her own - the yummy mechado, karekare and bagoong, roast chicken, and salad. Tita Leslie sent pansit and shrimps. We had yellow watermelon and a home made banofee pie from M for desserts. Omar and I brought a bilao of california maki.

Ok talaga ang discovery namin na ito - the sushi stand at Suki Market. A 10inch size bilao full of california maki is only Php 350.00. Freshly made pa. You can call and have it prepared na para pagdating mo, ready for pick up na.

Before going to dinner, we went to Greenhills to look for Omar's board shorts for our upcoming family outing. Though we weren't able to buy for Omar, Summer bought her slippers and I was able to buy a maternity shirt and shorts I can use over my maternity swimwear.

I had fun bringing Summer shopping. Yes, she would point here and there but won't make a big fuss if I cannot buy everything for her.

We were able to buy a green shirt for Odie with Odie, the dog from Garfield, and Odie'd printed on the shirt.

Happy birthday Odie!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where crying will lead you...

Mommy's been inviting me since last week to accompany her to the wake of her relative.

We are from a big family and up to now, I am not familiar with everybody even if we almost see everybody every year. I know some but not all. That's why I've been avoiding my mom so as not to go with her to the wake. My bad, I know.

But come the burial day, I cannot say no anymore. When Summer saw me dressed up for the funeral, she cried to the max! As in, the worst cry I ever saw on her, with matching hugging my legs tight. Syempre her crying worked for my mom and so we brought her along with us.

We went to the church and heard mass. Then we just stayed inside the car the whole time. She was brave enough to look at the dead. I never look at dead people. I have a very wild imagination. She even wanted to walk with my mom inside the cemetery saying she wanted to go to the party. I said there's no party. She said she wanted to go the patay.

My baby's so cooperative. She won't cry even if there are no other kids. She won't allow herself to get bored. Sarap kasama.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Acetone is no go signal.

As previously posted, Summer had her first nail polish when she last had her hair cut.

She wouldn't let me wash her hands at first for fear of losing her nail polish. We also told her to stop her thumbsuck habit so as not to lose it.

Come Sunday, we have to take it off already, nagbabakbak na kasi and it's no longer nice to look at. So when we took it off, I looked at her fingers and said, 'Wow, your fingers are so clean!'

She shouted excitedly, 'Yey! Thumbsuck!'


Summer hunt

As I came home from work on a Sunday afternoon, Omar was sleeping in our room. But Summer is nowhere to be seen. All I saw was a pile of pillows next to Omar. Until I saw a hand sprouting from the pillow. Summer was hidden under the pillow. No, she wasn't playing house. She was trying to hide herself while doing the forbidden - thumbsucking!

Haay! She's growing kalyo on her thumbs already. I hope she outgrew it soon!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!

It's Mama Olive's birthday today!We had thanksgiving mass at Greenbelt Chapel followed with a dinner at Via Mare Oyster Bar.

Since summer, Summer was not able to visit Makati for we stayed here at Bulacan. She was so excited to finally go back to Makati once again. Ang likot sa chapel!

Before going to dinner with everybody else, Omar and I bought our gift for Mama, a shirt from Marks n Spencer.

As mentioned, we had dinner at Via Mare. We had rockefeller, squid and gambas for appetizer. Summer had egg and rice, as usual hehe. I had spicy beef stew and Omar had barbecued baby back ribs. The family also ordered for paella, though nothing beats Orland's paella. M brought a chocolate cake for Mama to blow, which was also served for dessert.The boys had their picture taking with their uniform hair cut, in support for Odie.Tito Boy performed magic for everyone, be it kids or not.

It was a night of family eating together.Oh! Na-corner nga pala si Summer that night, gawin ba kasing playground kakatakbo at gawing bundok kakasigaw ang Via Mare. She was a good girl to oblige naman. AT there was this long table next to us with just one guest pa lang sitting on it, she sat in front of the guy and tried to talk to him. Naawa siguro anak ko kasi wala pa syang kasama kaya sinamahan muna. Di naman nagalit, mukhang natuwa pa but we have to call Summer kasi nakakahiya din naman.Happy birthday Mama! Thank you for the dinner!

A day at the maket with Summer

Since mommy is out of town, I have to do her chores of purchasing goods. We went to Balintawak Market for the vegetables, Makro for the groceries, Farmer's Market for meat and seafoods, and Nepa Q-Mart for fruits. And I brought Summer along, instead of letting her stay with Omar at the shop. She would look like a mechanic if I let her stay at the shop for a day, di dahil sa ganun ka-gulo or ka-dumi ang shop, kundi dahil ganun sya kalikot. She would even ask me if she can go down sa baho - referring to the market because I always tell her that she will just stay in the car and wait for me for she cannot go down because it's mabaho inside, hence the call baho for palenke.

Since I smell like Palenke and Summer still spent some time at the shop, we have to take our bath first before meeting my ILs for dinner. It was raining and resources are not that abundant. Summer will have to take a bath with cold water. She was literally running out of the bathroom, not caring if she will slip or what, just as long as she can run far from the water. I told her that it's just like water in the swimming pool, that it's cold. But she said that there's no swimming pool. I ended up getting hot water from the water dispenser. This pacified her.

I hope Summer will grow up just like us someday, exposed to what my parents are doing and learning to love our means of living. After all, what's ours will soon be hers so she might as well grow to love it and know how to run it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A visit with my OB

As usual, I am a week late again for my next check-up with my OB.

I finally got my certification that I am fit to travel for our family outing on June. Yey!

Baby's fine. And I'm doing fine. Everything's fine. Thank God!

What's better? Omar accompanied me this time! It's a first for our second baby. Ok lang alam ko naman na busy sya sa shop. I was willing to drive myself to the hospital kasi di din ako makasingit sa driver pero kahit madami syang work, he offered to bring me for my check-up. Bakit daw ako magpapacheck-up? Buntis daw ba ako! Kainis!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ocular Inspection ended so yummy!

We went to Subic to scout for a place for our company outing.

It was our first to pass along the SCTEx. The road is still nice and still maluwag, must be because it's still new and it's a weekday. The rate from Clark Logistics to Tibo is Php 112.00 and another Php 19.00 for the SBMA Hi-way for Class 1 vehicles.First stop was All Hands Beach Resort, as recommended by a friend. It was just A-Ok so we went to check other resorts. We didn't like how the tables were located so close to the shoreline making it feel so crowded.On our way to the next stop, I was hoping to pass by some monkeys to show Summer. And I saw 2 of them by the side of the road. Kuya even reversed the car just so we can stop right in front of the monkeys. They started climbing back into the forest. But there were so much of them Summer was able to recognize them among the trees. We even threw some chips and a monkey approached it to eat them. Summer was so amazed. Happy na naman ako hehehe.Next stop was Camayan Beach Resort, as recommended by a friend and an uncle, same resort owned and operated by Ocean Park Adventure. We had our lunch here. I ordered for Beef and Mushroom Salpicao, ok lang. The place is more expensive than All Hands and far better. If approved, we might have our company outing here.We passed by Zoobic Safari. Along the road leading to the safari, there were lots of horses. Sad to say, some were painted black and white to make it look like a zebra. I felt so sorry for these animals. But I so wanted to go back to this place. You can take pictures with a live cub! And with the train ride, you can buy a chicken which they can feed the tiger right on the roof your ride seeing the tiger through the glass roof. And at the entrance, you can already see healthy tigers. There is even a white tiger and another tiger with a leash separated from the guests with just a cordon. I so want to have a close encounter with these tigers, yet a safe one ha! Photos below were taken from the entrance, without paying the fee yet. Those are sure effective teasers for me hehehe.And how it ended yummy?

We dropped by the All Meat Store to buy steaks! We bought angus beef rib-eye steaks and US burger patties. We also dropped by a duty free shop to buy some groceries.

Omar and Kuya grilled the steaks, sausages, patties and vegetables, Omar prepared the gravy, Ate Bing did the mashed potato, I did a mango crepe for dessert, and Daddy opened a bottle of red wine.

Another sumptuous dinner. So filling and so rare since we almost always eat seafoods over meat. And the bonding with the participation from everybody made it more special unlike other dinners where only Mommy was involved with the preparation hehehe.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New do and more

Summer had her new hair cut.

I went home an hour earlier than usual to bring Summer to the parlor only to find out that Mommy brought her already just after lunch.

Summer had her trim.... and a manicure. She long dreamed to have a nail polish on her fingers. She even wanted to have a pedicure, only Mommy stopped her, this time!

I so wanted to take a photo of her new hair and fingernails but she won't cooperate. Until she asked me if she can take her daily swim at the pool. So in exchange, I asked her to pose for her pic first and look at her so fake smile.While swimming, she had fun watching the kite fly from the neighborhood until she heard a bullfrog croak and invited her Ate Cory to go home early from her swim.Now, she won't thumbsuck for fear of losing her nail polish.

I'm Proud!

Jenny is at Canada taking her Masters. Unfortunately, according to her, she's a lawyer.

She applied for apprenticeship at the Ombudsman of Ontario.

She was called for written exam. It was a 2-question exam. She answered her first question to the detail that she wasn't able to finish her answer to her second question. She was so upset. She was told that she will get a call a week after if she'll be able to make it for the oral exam.

Within that week, she got a call for her oral exam. It was a panel interview. She was so excited that she made it to the oral without even finishing her written. She made the most out of her oral exam, she spent an hour and a half with the panel. She took most of their time.

She got a call again asking for referrals. After calling her referrals, she will be called again for the offer.

And she got the call yesterday. She was offered a 12-month contract. She was shocked with the offer. She was only looking at 3-months apprentice with the Ombudsman. They said they liked her written and oral exam so much that's why they are offering her a 12-month contract instead. She was offered the 6-months instead and if she did not like working with them, they can cut it short for her. The caller even tried to sell the position they were offering to her.

We are so proud of her! The family is always here to support her. So much so that we will be spending Christmas with her there so that she won't be home sicked and will be able to stay long at her work with the Ombudsman. Yey! Another trip to look forward to.

As for her reward for herself, I suggest she look up fp journe watches. At least she would get to remember this rare opportunity whenever she looks at her time. The timing was great. She had all the time. And the time difference between us will not hinder us to support her.

Congrats Pangs!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Onamae wa nan to desu ka?

For the instructions, add your name on the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below. Tag six of your friends and inform them of the tag. Have fun.

TRANSLATION:A - ka -----G - ji -----M - rin -----S - ari----- Y - fuB - tu -----H - ri -----N - to ------T - chi -----Z - ziC - mi----- I - ki -----O - mo -----U - doD - te----- J - zu -----P - no ------V - ruE - ku-----K - me ----Q - ke ------W - meiF - lu-----L - ta ------R - shi ------X - na

1. OSWALD - moarimeikatate (sounds like american and states har....har...har...)

2. JUNELLE - zudotokutataku (Thank God I’m a Filipino! sounds like sadako. nyay! hehehe)

3. JACQUELINE - zukamikedokutakitoku (Ayay!! Unsaman ni perti mang taasa..wa ko kasabot nyahahaha)

4. LIRA LUZ - takishika taduzi ( sounds like a title of an anime show) it's cute!

5. Gracey - Katakamikuari (oh my, i'm glad i'm not japanese. Nothing sounds like it!

6. Vannie - Rukatotokiku (huh? ruka sounds cute!) hehehe

7. Farah - Lukashikari (hahaha! it's cute!)

8. Patricia - Nokachishikimikika (ang haba naman! ) : )

9. Jade - Zukateku (parang ang asim)

May I know what your japanese names are: Ate Bing, Mari, Issa, Jesse, Jane, and Jody.

Thanks Pat for the tag.

Being One

Odie started losing his hair, a side effect from his chemo therapy session. He went to the barber shop and got a shave.

The following day, Kuya had his hair cut too. Not a shave, but close to shave.

Sunday came and Papa had his too. And Omar had his too. Here's Omar last pic of his old hair. Summer had so much fun playing with the toys at the barber shop that she wanted to have her hair cut too just so she can play and not go home yet.Ojay just had his today.

Mama must be so proud of her family. Another proof how solid the Reantasos are, all in support for Odie. Sana mapalaki din namin ni Omar mga anak namin na ganyan ka-solid. Parang ang dami hahahaha.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day!

Omar bought our gifts for Mommy. Ang bait!

He bought cake from Cake 2 Go, a gift from Kuya Dojoe and his family.

He bought flowers from Del Monte, a gift from Ate Joy and her family and Jenny, who were at the US and Canada.He bought flowers too, a gift from Summer. It was supposed to be a balloon arrangement but he couldn't find any so we just added a small balloon instead.
Jenjen, Paeng, and Ryan gave me their self-made mother's day card.

We had an early dinner with my family at Pho Hoa. Omar and I had Seafood Noodle Soup, Summer had Tenderloin Beef with rice, Omar had grilled pork sandwich. We also ordered for saladsss, pork brochette, and spring rolls. Mommy brought the cake from Kuya too and it was really good! So good that we decided to get the same cake for Mama.We had dinner with my in-laws at home. We had la paz batchoy and chicken inasal. Mama gave me a blouse. Yang gave me a box of pastries.

Being a mom is so rewarding! And it made me appreciate Mommy and Mama more. Happy mother's day to all the wonderful moms!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Spoiled Brat

Summer's been bragging her Papa to buy her a jumping rope. She wants a red one.

She plays with her toy frying pan like a lollipop. According to her, it was Mr. Bean's lollipop. She wanted me to buy her a lollipop too.

Before the movie, Omar and I bought a jumping rope, not a red one, for Summer. After the movie, we saw a candy stand and bought a lollipop for Summer. On our way home, we called her up and told her that we have a surprise for her and to wait for us. She was so excited! When we got home, she was at the stairs already waiting for us.You should see her face! She was so excited with her jumping rope and yet she doesn't even know how to play with it. She wanted me to show her how but how can I do that when I have a soccer ball inside me hehehe. Ang nakakatuwa nun, she kept on saying thank you. Ang sarap! Sulit na!The following day, she wouldn't eat her lollipop kasi it's maasim daw. Omar ate her lolly instead.

Haay... pag hiningi nga naman ng anak, kahit walang okasyon ibibigay at ibibigay, mapaligaya lang. Buti na lang at nag-iisa pa lang kaya madali pang pasalubongan.

Malling and Movie

It's Friday and it's Karcraft day.

My maternity swimsuit came today. Yey! I'm all set for our family outing.

Kuya Olejoe came at the office with Odie and Karla. They came from Odie's check up at The Lung Center. We had take out lunch from Mister Kabab - special beef and chicken chelo kebab with biryani rice and beef liver dish. Yummy!

Odie, Karla and I went to Trinoma for a stroll. Karla was able to buy a new pair of jeans from Mossimo. I bought a Maya cookbook Cooking with Kids. It's something to do with Summer when I give birth to Winter. I hope! I was looking for another swimsuit for myself kaya lang looks like the stores kept their summer outfits already and brought out school uniforms.

Omar and I finally got to watch When Love Begins. Ang sexy ni Anne. I can watch it again. I wanted to watch Ploning too pero ano naman laban ni Judy Ann sa kasexyhan ni Anne Curtis, syempre hubby will be more willing to watch Anne over Judy Ann with me hehehe.

Thanks Omar for the movie.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

.... and again...

Summer took a swim again. This time, with Kuya Ryan.Thanks Kuya!

My Super Model

My baby will always be my super model. I won't be a stage mom for nothing hehehe. Isn't it obvious my blog are full of her photos, very seldom do I post my own photo in my blog.

I take so much of her pictures that just like other girls with stage mothers like me, she is so used of me taking her photos that whenever given a rare opportunity for picture taking, she would call me to take her photo.

May pag-asa kaya? hehehe

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And again....

And Summer took a swim again.

Upon getting home, when she found out that I was home, she shouted from upstairs if she can swim. I said yes and she went down immediately wearing a swimsuit already. Nagpaalam pa e bihis na pala sya! At niyaya pa ako para picture-an sya.After an hour of running around the pool, jumping here and there, she went to her Ate Cory and said, 'Ate, busog na ako. Uwi na ako.' No, she did not drink water from the pool. We see to it that she don't. She just meant that she's done hehehe limited vocabulary pa.

Then mom went to join her in the pool. Wala daw kasi kalaro hehehe.Thanks mommy! Summer had fun swimming with you.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

2 Sticks of Yanyan

I see to it that I bring pasalubong to my inlaws everytime we visit them on Sundays. That's what my Mom taught me to do. It doesn't have to be expensive, it's the thought that counts.

We passed by Shell Magallanes to fill up gas and buy nuts for Papa. Summer went down with me and got Yanyan for herself. She was enjoying her yanyan at the car and was almost done when we got to my inlaws.

Surprisingly, she left 2 sticks of yanyan untouched. She said she wanted to share her yanyan with her cousins, Julian and Jaja. Unfortunately, her cousins were not there yet when we got there. Summer was so confused whether to finish her yanyan or to keep it for her cousins. I let her decide. And she decided to keep it for her cousins. She was so excited to give it to her cousins when they saw each other.

It was just 2sticks of yanyan but I am so proud of my baby. She finally discovered the joy of sharing. I hope she'll continue to share what she have with the others. I hope we're bringing her up well.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Labor Day

It's a labor day and we were expecting lots of guests for the day.

Last night, Mama texted me that they would give Summer a visit with Julian and Jaja. They got here just before lunch time. And they brought lots of food. They brought spaghetti and chicken from Jollibee, pandesal and kesong puti, and lots of crackers for the kids.

Summer had her first swim at the wave pool. She wouldn't let go of her Ate Cory. She said the water was jumping. She was not crying though. A bit surprised maybe.

She went swimming again, this time at 1pm when the sun was shining so brightly.

Mama and Papa stayed until dinner.

Summer so wanted to go with them. But we doubt if Summer will sleep without us so we did not let her go with them. Aba at nagtampo. Dun nakatulog sa Ate Cory nya. We were both tired to argue. Ate Cory just brought her to me when she fell asleep.

Separation anxiety of Summer? or Mama Jade?