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Sunday, January 30, 2011

On our 7th year, Day 2

Why was it so hard to wake up in the morning when you have to? And why do we wake up so early when we can stay on bed longer?

It's breakfast time at Circles.
Then, as promised, I took the kids swimming. It was windy and it was cold so we have to look for the sun for some heat =).
Then, Summer gave us an envelope, which she managed to sneak in into our luggage, for a gift.
Then, sadly it was time to go home. We were asked if we enjoyed the red wine, since I inquired if they give something in celebration of our anniversary, just to surprise my husband. We did not receive from our room so they asked us to wait and gave it to us instead for us to bring home.
Thank you for 7 wonderful years and looking for more better years with you and the kids.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

On our 7th year, Day 1

As we are reaching our 7th year on Monday, we checked-in at Makati Shangri-la.
The kids had fun running around inside the room and at the lobby too with the giant rabbit flower arrangement for the coming Chinese new year.
We had lunch at Dusit Thani at Glorietta since I've been craving for Thai food for the longest time already and Omar loved the Tom Yum soup. Summer did not want to eat their and wanted to have Jollibee. She learned to love chicken pandan so we brought her to Jollibee after for french fries.
We attended the anticipated mass at Glorietta and brought the kids at Time Zone. Oh it was like heaven for them.
We then met Mama and Papa at Yakimix for dinner.
Just like last year, Summer get to sleep on her own bed by herself. She's a big girl na talaga.
I love it!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family day.

Summer have to be at school early for her family day so we decided to have our breakfast at McDonalds to save time from preparing and cleaning up.
It was our first to attend the family day.
Winter cried when he saw his Ate's class join us at the gym. He wanted so much to stay next to his ate which is not possible since they're about to perform anytime soon. So imagine while everybody was quiet during the invocation, my little boy was crying on top of his lungs.
Summer was shy at first until she warmed up and danced gracefully to the end.
Then it was time to go home since Omar have to catch something at work. We didn't have time to bring the kids to the field for some games but it was okay since it was pretty hot anyway.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Summer was asking me for moooorree papers she can write on to. Summer was asking me for ice cream.

My answer was no and no and no. She's so makalat in the office. She's hard to feed during meal times.
Then Ate Mae from the office showed this to me. She got a paper, vented her anger in the paper and showed it to them.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer hunting.

Summer was creative one day and so handed this paper to me when I reached home.
The next clue was not in the bathroom but on the bed side table near the door to the bath room.
And this was what I found!
She went to check the other clues I did not found.
Sayang! Next time baby!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


The day has finally come, they're going home!!!!
I hope you enjoyed your stay. Next time, go home with your family and stay longer.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last Day.

It's a sad day. It's the boys' last full day in the Philippines. They're due to fly home tomorrow. I just had to take a photo of them playing in our room at Bulacan. We will surely miss these two.
And on the last night, Summer helped Emong finish his homeworks. I can see how Summer loves to write. She doesn't know how to do cursive writing yet but she was able to copy and do some of Emong's home work.
I'll miss the babies.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

To the high lands.

Daddy and Mommy brought Uncle Dave and Tita Faye to Tagaytay, together with the boys - Amiel and Usteng. And so Winter and I joined them too.

First stop was breakfast at the Midlands for my Dad's favorite arroz caldo. Everyone had arroz caldo except for Emong who had two-eggs free style with sausage =) and he ate Usteng's arroz caldo too since he didn't like it.
We toured around the clubhouse and sports club. Winter loves the playground.
We stopped over at Good Shepherds for some ube and bought empanada for the boys.

We had lunch at Antonio's. It was expensive. It was yummy! I had steak.
It was a cold and windy day at Tagaytay. I love it! I missed Summer, she has school.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reantaso Big Family picture

With big family in a picture needs a big studio.

Big family picture with big number of kids need big amount of patience and skills and talents.

Ojay rented a studio at Makati City and set-up his equipments, voila! Family picture. Took us more than 3hours. The place is huge, air-conditioned and with its own dressing room. Perfect!

We had the kids first.
Then the boys version, girls version, then the whole family in white top and jeans.
Then we changed outfits for our own family pic.
We finished late already. Good thing they bought bread and ham for the kids. We had dinner at Shakeys for the kids. Summer have to wake up really early tomorrow.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Big Babies!

Usteng is 9 and Emong is turning 10 next month.

I love preparing birthday parties.

It's just pretty hard to prepare one when you're not the financer. I cannot decide right on the spot and have to get Mom's approval. Can't overdo the budget. The theme was even harder - Bakugan!

Mom prepared the food, got the photographer and videographer too.

I ordered the cake from Red Ribbon, bought prizes and some loots from Divisoria, ordered a bakugan standee, arranged for the party host and magician, and did the balloon decors.
Ate sent the balloons from the US together with the candies and some toys for the loot bags too.

I love making the babies happy. I love making Ate happy. Everybody's happy.