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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Rhianne!

I was excited when I received an invitation for a birthday party at Jollibee.

Winter loves watching with his Ate Summer videos of Jollibee so I thought he would love to see Jollibee live in action. I even considered giving Summer a birthday party at Jollibee just to see Winter's reaction when he see Jollibee. Until we were invited by Ate Ellen for Rhian's first birthday party.
I joined more games than my kids. Winter loved staying in front watching the games but he's just too small to follow instructions. He cannot even talk yet. Ate Summer, on the other hand, was scared, must be because of the too loud sound system. Why do Jollibee party always have to be loud? Winter got scared at first and cried but was so curious that he would always look at the mascot. He would let me bring him near Jollibee but he wouldn't let me let him go.
Thanks for the experience. Happy Birthday Rhianne!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Gabgab!

After Daddy's birthday lunch, we passed by Gabgab's 1st birthday party at Alfredo's at Tomas Morato. Gabgab is Bong's and Jack's only baby. We just passed by since we still have to head to Tagaytay to meet Omar's family.
Tito Aga was kind enough to give my babies loot bags even if we did not stay until the end of the party.
Thank you Tito Aga and Tita Jack! Happy birhtday Gabgab!

Daddy is 66

Mom organized a surprised birthday lunch for Daddy.

Daddy's siblings were invited at the Summer Palace of Edsa Shangri-la Hotel for lunch on his birthday. At first, Daddy wanted us just to eat at a nearby Chinese restaurant at Malolos since we're all busy. But Daddy cannot say no to Mommy. We just told him that our family will be having lunch at Shangri-la. He was surprised and did not expect his siblings to be there. Happiness kasi ni Daddy mga kapatid nya, minsan para nga syang nalalasing sa kaligayahan.
Of course our family was there except for Ate and her family. Though, Ate was on the phone when Daddy arrived at the function room to hear the surprise.
Thankfully, all siblings came all the way from Paranaque, Bulacan, Mindoro and Pampanga. Daddy's so happy.
The waiters even sang the birthday song while bringing the birthday cake for Daddy. Can you see my little boy at the background hoping to blow the candle?
Happy birthday Daddy! We wish you more healthy and happy years together.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My bikers.

They are all geared up.
Even my little boy.
Stay safe, babies!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Summer!

Summer celebrated her 5th birthday last week.

Today, Omar just bought chicken for dinner while Mommy served pancit. We gave her our birthday present for her - a bike she can use when going to the office. It's a Disney Princess Pink bike - so Summer!
Ninong Olejoe gave her matching Disney Princess helmet set with elbow and knee pads.
Omar bought something for Winter too but he still prefers the bike over the gift.
Happy birthday Summer! I love you! Be safe riding your bike. Be a good girl.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Goodbye Playschool.

It's Summer's Moving up day at Playschool International from Senior level to K2 next year at Assumption College in Makati.
The theme for the moving up day for this year is all about environment so kids to be aware of what's going on and to help take care of mother earth in their own little way. Girls were asked to wear a dress and floral head dress. They started the program with a parade of the students.
Then, they had their prayer in a song. Their first song was 'Top of the World'.
The girls danced and sang 'I'm Walking on Sunshine'.
And the Seniors, for their last year at school, performed 'Ain't no mountain high enough'.
Winter had fun watching his Ate Summer sing and dance, though I think he was more interested to play at the playground.
She got her certificate and her Little Miss Artist Award in recognition for her love for drawing specially her family.
Sadly, it's time to say goodbye to Playschool. Thank you! Thank you for teaching Summer letters, numbers, shapes and colors, for teaching her to read and write and draw and count. Thank you for teaching her to dance and sing. Thank you for 3 wonderful years.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Summer's 5th

Omar and I decided to hold Summer's birthday right after Pacquiao's fight while families from both parties were here with us.
Summer can't still get over Belle so we had Disney Princess for the theme - just for the banner and loot bags, that's it!
We prepared spaghetti, fried chicken, cake, ice cream, chocolate and iced tea. Mommy and Lola provided sotanghon, ukoy and fruits. Galing! Parang multiplication of bread.
We just got chocolate heaven cake from Red Ribbon as we do not have enough time to order for a Princess cake.
Summer had fun in her party with her guests - our family from Santiago and Reantaso and her playmates, Noynoy and Justin.
Winter played hard! So hard, konti na lang pwede na syang kuning singer ni Villar sa jingle nya. Mukha na syang naglaro sa basura sa dumi.
And of course, the best part for Summer was opening the gifts. She would ask everybody for their gift for her.
And after cleaning my boy grasa, bagsak! Tulog agad.
Thank you for joining us celebrate Summer's birthday in advance.

Summer wave.

We will be having live streaming of Manny Pacquiao's fight at Bulacan and so the inlaws came to stay to watch it with us. We will be celebrating Summer's birthday a week in advance while both parties are here with us.

While waiting for the game, the kids had fun swimming. Winter had fun swimming at the hotel pool.
While Summer and her cousins went to the wave pool, thanks to Tito Ojay who joined them, and had a blast. Summer discovered the fun of the wave this time. She was scared before.
She had fun playing with her cousins pero parang aso't pusa - away bati! Kids!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Funny faces.

I got animal masks for Summer's exchange gifts for her friends at school for their mini Valentine's Party. We got excess and Winter had fun playing with them.
Good thing he has a pair of big eyes. So visible in the masks.


It's been yearsssss since we last joined exhibits. And now, we are starting to be active once again to be able to survive in this challenging times.

We got a 2X2 booth at SM Megamall. Considering the limited space, I am expecting that the assigned to man the booth will be squatting outside our allotted space once again.
We had new tarpaulins printed for the booth.
The scale model was more than a decade old already but it still attracts attention, specially from kids.
The finished booth after working with 3 bosses with different ideas.
Hope the exhibit will be a success.
The interior defense dines under the sabotage.