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Saturday, March 31, 2007

After bath

My baby loves to take a bath - not only because of the water, but she's so looking forward to wrapping her tiny hair like I do when I take a bath.

She tells me, 'Mama, hair!' everytime I towel her dry.

O diba, parang ang haba ng hair nya? hehehe

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Daddy's birthDay with Summer

Mommy gave Daddy a birthday lunch, syempre sabit si Summer. Libre handa, dami pa gift hehehe. Thank you Mommy!

We had Daddy's birthday lunch on March 25 at DJ Paradise Resort at the VIP room. I provided Pancit Lucban and the cake and Mommy provided everything, fair share ha!
We were busy preparing for Mommy's birthday on April that we did not prepare any program for Daddy's unexpected birthday. Tito Joven volunteered to be the emcee for the party. He asked the guests to give their wishes for Daddy. He started with his siblings, with Mommy, with the children, and with the in-laws. Daddy had so much fun! He did not expect Tito Joven to host the party.

Happy birthday Daddy! Thank you Mommy!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy birthDay Summer!

It's Summer's birthday! She is now 2years old and I'm a little bit sad but happy. Ang gulo ko noh? Di na kasi baby ang baby ko. Big girl na sya.

We did not celebrate it with a party anymore after spending so much on her 1st birthday party hehehe. Instead, we brought her to Active Fun at Tiendesitas. I learned Active Fun from my e-group, N@W. We invited her cousins to join us. Unfortunately, Julian and Justine were sick and cannot join us while Jenjen, Paeng, and Ryan are too big to enjoy the place. Her Lolo Oka and Lola Olive joined us too. She loved playing at the pool of balls.
After an hour of playing and running around Active Fun, we brought the kids to Jollibee for snacks. My MIL bought a cake for her to blow on her 2nd year. She blew her cake, big girl na talaga! And the crew of Jollibee was so sensitive. While we were singing Happy birthday for Summer, she approached us and gave a tumbler for Summer, a small token but such a great thought from them.
Happy birthday Summer!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Luau Day

We were invited to attend Omar's cousin, Lizbeth, 18th birthday at BF Homes Club House with Hawaiian theme.

I was so excited, it was time to dress Summer up once again. I didn't knew at first that we can bring Summer along with us. I bought a head dress and lei for myself not knowing what to wear. When I learned that I can bring Summer, I gave her my head dress and lei. A day before the party, my MIL went to Divisoria to buy grass skirts just for the girls. Ang sweet!

Summer had fun running around the party in her grass skirt. I did not expect her to wear the grass skirt the whole time but she did until she changed to her pajamas at night. We had lots of picture taking in her costume.

You look so cute in Hawaiian, Summer!