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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Highschool Musical

Sharing with you how Summer loves Highschool Musical.

Parang kiti kiti.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Walking mushroom

Summer loves using an umbrella.

Here she was just this morning, walking under the rain, using an umbrella.She looks like a walking mushroom hehehe.

Happy Birthday Ate Cory!

Mama texted me before lunch that it was Ate Cory's birthday. Kaka-guilty, di ko man lang naalala birthday ng yaya ni Summer.

Omar asked Mama to cook spaghetti instead. We bought cake and barbecue. I called Cory and told her not to prepare dinner anymore for we are having dinner at my in-laws.

When we got there, everybody was greeting her. Somebody asked her if we knew or if we remembered. Omar saw her whisper 'hindi nila naalala'. But to her surprise, we were just at her back holding her cake. She was surprised. Mukha naman happy sya.Happy birthday Ate Cory! Thank you so much for helping us raise Summer.

Field Trip

Summer had a village tour on her fifth day at school.

They went to the parish church to meet with the parish priest. They also went to the grocery store and was asked to bring Php 20.00 so they can buy snacks. The grocery provided chocolate milk for the kids and she did not get to use her money.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Last Supper

Chef Orland got a call from the agency and got his Canadian Working Visa last Saturday. He was also informed that he's leaving on Saturday, a week after.

So Mama mover her supposed to be surprised dinner for Papa on his 60th bday on October 3 to a despedida dinner for Orland instead last night. As usual, we had lots and lots of food. I found Orland quiet, must be sad considering that he'll be the first to leave the family for long and they are such a close knit family.
Summer had so much fun running around with her Kuya Patrick. Orland's one and only son with M. So much fun, she had sugat. Growing kid na talaga.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Taho Day

Summer brought Php 5.00 to school today. The school invited a taho man to go to their school today and each student will buy from him. Summer ate half of it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 3

This time, I did not stay with her. Ate Cory stayed with her, and this was her story.

She saw Summer running with the same boy who got mad with her the day before. Turned out they were after the same toy. Summer was trying to get it from him and the toy hit Summer's mouth. Nagkasugat!

Inside the classroom, the teacher asked her again to get the shape from the wall. Instead of handing it over to the teacher, Summer tossed it like a flying saucer and hit the teacher right on her forehead.

Haaayy!!! I brought her to school hoping she'll be tamed. But my little kitten on the first day turned to a tiger on the third day. I hope she won't turn into a dragon or a dinosaur.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 2

On Summer's 2nd day at school, I stayed until she settled inside her classroom for lecture.

Her class starts at 8:30am which is for playtime. By 9am, they go inside their classroom for lesson proper, singing and dancing. At 10am, they go out to play at the playground and eat their snacks.

During playtime, Summer's classmate was building a pyramid out of blocks. When he turned his back, Summer took a yellow car and crashed his pyramid. The boy was mad the whole day.
Inside the classroom, she wouldn't want to participate at first. But since the teacher was using Barney's songs, she started to smile. Until the teacher asked the students one by one to get the shapes from the wall. Summer was happy to obliged when it was her turn already. She was jumping already when the teacher played the 'when you're happy and you know' song. The teacher was then reading a story, all the boys were quietly sitting down listening to the teacher and Summer was still jumping from the song. Haay! And while she was happily jumping, I left the classroom without her knowing it. I heard her cry a bit but she stopped eventually.That was Day 2, more days to come!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Be safe!

They say that getting an insurance is like living poor to die rich. I'd say not. It's just an assurance for the people we love.

We work hard to give our kids the best in life there is. We never know until when we can work hard. For peace of mind, family insurance plans is a good investment. A must in our budget sheet.

It sounds scary and complicated. But it's easy. You just have to look for a trusted agent to help you compute how much is necessary to invest. You can ask your friends for referral. Or you may visit this website This website is helpful. They can quote insurance rates, show coverage for insurance, can even look for insurance cheapest premium companies.

Remember, it's just securing the future of your loved ones.

Playschool International

It's Summer's first day at school today and I am more excited than her!

It wasn't hard waking her up, telling her it was time to go to school. It was easy feeding her her breakfast, rice and egg! It was a little riot bathing her, now without time for her swimming pool, dressing her up was easy since she knew that she was going somewhere.

Excited mom that I was, I prepared her baon myself. She has her cheese sandwich and cookies with milk and water. I then brought her to school. Her class starts at 8:30 and will last until 10:30am. It's more of a playgroup for her age. She said hi to her classmates and teacher, she was even polite to say thank you, played with puzzles and blocks, shared it with her classmates, and even helped put back the blocks into its container.

That's a wow for me already. My purpose in sending her to school this early was to expose her to kids her age, learn to share toys with them, learn to pack her own things, feed herself during recess time, and be independent. I know, she's a little bratty at home. I'm a working mom and I need help from this school. And so I left her playing with the school's toys with her classmates.And that's where Ate Cory's, her yaya, story began.

When it was time for their lecture, Summer cried and looked for me and her Ate Cory. Teacher Grace then invited Ate Cory to join their class. Summer was still not happy and kept on crying. Until Teacher Tina asked them to go play outside, so as not to influence other kids. Then, Summer was happy playing at the playground. So happy she did not even touched her baon I prepared for her. Until it was time to go home.

Now, how will I bring her to school tomorrow? Maybe I'll just tell her time for playground? Well, I am still excited for her! This is just her, in adjustment stage, with her new environment.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who wants coffee?

Kuya bought his kids a play dog last week and they named him coffee!

Summer calls him coffee, tries to play with him, touches him once in a while, but runs so fast once Coffee tries to sniff her or even stand from where he's lying.That's another baby for kuya! This time, cheaper to raise - no tuition fees!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

They're back!

Mommy and Daddy are back! And they're back with lots of pasalubongs again hahaha.

Summer got lots! She got her favorite HighSchool Musical backpack from Mommy Jack, her cute and first pair of crocs from Ninang Jenny, and lots of chocolates from Mommy and Lola Mameng, lots of clothes from Mommy and Ninang Raida and Tita Nil and Tita Beth, new clothes just in time for her school.And even another set for Baby Alaina, just like hers!Thanks everyone for all your gifts! I love them all!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Look-alike Meter

Swimming pool

Summer's version of swimming pool!
How she looks forward to taking a dip!

Thank you Tita Avic!

Ma. Victoria S. Santiago
August 2, 1963 - Sept. 18, 2007

Tita Avic was our supervisor at the coffee shop. She was with us since the start of our business on 1991.

Thank you Tita Avic for helping us run the coffee shop. Thank you for helping me with our events - from my soltera, wedding, baptismal and birthday ni summer, birthday of mommy and daddy, and even more events pa before.

We will miss you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you Apols for the award! Touched ako. Kakagulat hehehe.

My I love your blog award goes to:


Thanks apols!


I'm moving!

I tried pay per post but my posts were being rejected. I just do not know how to use their links. I am that naive in computers. I just know how to use it and does not know my way around it.

I'm giving myself another round. I will be trying this time. I hope I can make it. It wouldn't hurt to have extras on the sides.

Wish me luck!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Haay... Summer!

This is Summer pagnasa bahay sa Better Living. She will bring her favorite pillow, tawag nya Blue, out to our living room, hihiga parang mayaman, at manonood ng kanyang mga dvds. Tatayo para gayahin ang mga sayaw habang kumakanta. Love nya musicals - Barney, Annie, Shrek, and lately HighSchool Musical.Kaya kagabi ayaw matulog sobrang antok na. Pinatay ko na dvd nya, high school pa rin ng high school kahit nakapikit na hangang sa makatulog.

At kahapon, I caught her! Gawin ba namang coloring book ang cabinet namin! And she's proud of her artwork. Kaya ayun, I asked her to clean it. Sabi ba naman, Ate Cory wash. I said no and asked Ate Cory to give her a scrub with soap. Summer hasto clean it by herself. While waiting for the scrub, she has to stand facing her vandalism at hindi pwede umalis hanggat hindi nawawala lahat. Then, she learned her lesson. Big girl na talaga.

Happy Birthday Tito Eleng!

Kainan na naman!

It was Tito Eleng's birthday and was celebrated at Zen Restaurant inside Mimosa at Clark, lunch. We were 2 long tables and we were, as usual, loud!Syempre di kumpleto ang pagtitipon ng walang inuman, 3bottles of Hennesy for 4-5persons, aside from 2bottles of Red wine para sa mga hindi umiinom ng hard drinks. Talagang iingay! Di ko na sasabihin dito kung sino ang pinaka maingay, pinaka masaya, at pinaka tahimik nung araw na yun dahil sa kalasingan hahaha.
I brought Summer with me, representing Omar who wasn't able to join us. The restaurant even provided for her apron, enjoy ang bata, syempre picture taking ang Mama. They even gave her a pencil and stickers na dun pa lang ubos na ang stickers. Summer played with Stephen, kawawa ang yaya nya napagod kakahabol. Di na namin sinama si Ate Cory, kakahiya naman kasi.After lunch, we then went to their home base inside Clark, just in time while they have their project there. We had lots of picture taking pa rin and buskahan of the lasing.Busog lahat, best of all, happy ang celebrant!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Efren!

My kabarkada from college, Efren, celebrated his bday and treated us for dinner last night at Teriyaki Boy at Banawe.

We were complete that night after how many years. Ang iba yata nung wedding ko pa last nakita. Kumpleto daw kasi dumating ako hehehe. Akala ko pumayat na ako, but when they saw me, lumaki daw ako =(. It was nice seeing everybody again. We all texted each other that we should do it more often.

Sayang lang Maila and her family had to leave early and I forgot to bring out my camera when we were still complete. I'm the only pure Filipino in our barkada. I should refresh my very limited knowledge on their Chinese language.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Good Burger, a good find

Kuya and his family joined us last night in support for Tito Boy's magic show.

I promised them dinner but since the show finished late and the kids were sleeping in the car already, dinner was moved to Sunday late lunch instead. Kuya's been telling us good stuff about Good Burger at Libis so we tried it and loved it.Good Burger is serving grilled burgers - choice of grilled chicken or veggie patty. They have lots of nice choices to go with your burger - the best sellers are BLT, Bacon Mushroom, and Margherita. Omar had BLT and I had Margherita. You can even get it in a wheat bread at a reasonable cost. You can also have add-ons like lettuce, mozzarella and the like. So yummy, yet so healthy. Pwedeng pwede kay Omar since it's grilled and it's chicken or veggie patty.

We dropped by Tiendesitas to check on some dogs. Kuya is thinking of getting a play dog.As usual, mukhang basang sisiw na naman si Summer sa init.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Magic 'To

The event:
The entertainment:
While on line for admission, Mr. Bean mascot was there with other ala Charlie Chaplin silent clowns. Summer was scared. We arrived just on time for the show, we missed the balloon twister and the men in stilts.

The audience:Yes, we brought her own booster seat para kitang kita nya ang stage at di mangulit. Best of all, naka seat belt sya kaya di sya basta basta nakakalakwatsa. At sa dilim, takot lumayo, nakakapit parati.

The show:
So much magicians performed. Regine Tolentino was Tito Cris' model for his floating magic. My favorite was Rico, he did not use only dove but ducks. He used a pair of doves just to turn it into a dog. Funny show, a real performer!

After the show:Big girl na baby ko, para syang papasok sa school. This was taken at home past midnight already. Gising pa. She even watched National Geographic and refused to sleep.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Summer's Mini Concert

This show is dedicated to Ninang Jenny, Daddy Nestor, and Mommy Duning.

The sun will come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun. Just thinking about tomorrow, clears away the cobwebs and the sorrows. When I'm stuck with a day that's gray and lonely, I just stick up my chin and grin and say... away!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow. You're always a day away. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow. You're always a day, a......way.
Don't go changing to try to please me, you never let me down before hoooooo.
I made it to the wilderness, somehow I made it through. Didn't know how lost I was until I found you.
Hu hu hu hu (
as in who let the dogs out)
Dance to the music! Dance to the music! Dance to the music!

Tapos na!

Inspired from the movies Annie and Shrek 1.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Summer's First Night..

For the first time, Summer slept last night without diaper.

Summer is potty trained already. She doesn't wear her diaper during daytime, even when traveling. Except for night time upon going to bed, after taking 2 bottles of milk after dinner. But last night, we just ran out of diaper. I let her pee just before midnight, another at 2am, and before 6am. Good thing I put on her training panty. She wet her panty but not the bed. She almost did not make it on the third visit to the potty.

I guess it's about time we train her during night time. Oh no, puyatan na naman!

And just before going to bed, look how arte Summer is.Di mana sa akin. Pagagalitan pa ako ni mommy kasi di ako mahilig mag-powder at mag-lipstick. Daig pa ako ng anak ko.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Another nurse in the clan

We had another nurse in the clan.

My niece to my cousin, Rachelle, passed the board exam and gave a thanksgiving lunch. We rarely have our reunion now unlike before when we see each other on Sundays. Aside from the fact that a lot are abroad staying or touring around. It was nice seeing everybody again.
Summer had fun playing with her 2nd cousins, Stephen and Marion. She loves singing and dancing with them kahit bulol bulol at nanghuhula lang ng lyrics. She even refused to go home, sing pa daw Summer.Congrats Rachelle!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Chef!

It was Orland's birthday yesterday and we got to celebrate it last night.

We had hotpot, lasagne, roast chicken, inihaw na liempo and tilapia, and the oh so yummy mechado. We had mango refrigerator cake and fruits for dessert.Summer had so much fun playing with her cousins, Julian and Justine. She would only sit still only upon the order of Tito Odi who promised to give chocolates to whoever will sit quietly for a time. Summer was so kulit that Julian asked us to go home na.Happy birthday Orland!