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Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Days at Canada

Now, we're back at Canada... but not for long and still it hasn't snowed! =(

We were back just in time for Christmas, blessing of our newly-renovated basement, and before we knew it, time to go home... oh no! That fast!

After attending the midnight mass, we had dinner at Tita Turing's house. After dinner, it was not yet time to go home. We still have to attend the Javier's Christmas Party. And we got lots and lots of Christmas gifts! Every Javier's house and party cannot go without singing. They even have to have 2 sets of magic sing per party - 1 for the adults and 1 for the children. They are like our second family at Canada. Everybody was just so warm and generous hehehe.

We had the blessing for our basement and we had chocolate fountain for dessert! Everybody feasted on it. They loved it! Aside from some menus we prepared, everybody came with a dish and a dessert... too much food!
Our cousins treated us for lunch to the best Japanese Restaurant I've ever been to - Sushi 7! It's all you can eat ala carte style. I love the dragon sushi!
Benjie picked us up at home and brought us to CN tower where we can see the whole city of Toronto at night for free. We took the train to the city and had picture taking on the train. Benjie took us at the glass floor hundred feet above the ground. And of course, our trip won't be complete without eating at the hotdog stand - even better than New York's.

Then, oh no! It was time to go home for our New Year's Eve with my in-laws back home.

My baby, so good in travelling, will be finally home. I hope you had a good time, Summer! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Fast forward Days of NY

This time we travelled New York for real!

We left Toronto via AmTrak to New York. It was a 13hours ride, good thing plane ride has better leg room over an airplane. Summer slept, ate, and played inside the train but never cried - a very good traveller.
We met my cousin, who was working at Hotel Intercon, at the train station. We got to check-in at the Intercon with a very good rate from my cousin. My dad's cousins brought us in a Korean restaurant after checking-in at the hotel. We so much loved to eat real food after eating bread and cup noodles for a whole day. They then brought us to Upper Manhattan to see the city lights at night and went to Ground Zero. It was a very different feeling stepping foot at the place. It's like a sin to smile in a place of mourning, seeing all the photos of people grieving.
It was so easy walking around the city, priveleged that we are located at the heart of the city. We went to the Union Square to take the train to the Staten Ferry. We took the free ferry to and from the Staten Island to take a closer look of the Statue of Liberty. We did not go down anymore for we have more activities lined up for the day.
After a quick lunch at the city, we went to watch the Broadway. It was Wednesday and it was a matinee day so we had good rates for a show. We saw Beauty and the Beast. It was Summer's first time inside a theater and it was Broadway! Sosyal! We were so tired with our travel, walking, and adjusting our body clock that Summer slept on the first set while I slept on the second set. Summer missed the 'Be Our Guest' part, too bad!
Life in New York is way too fast. Seems like people are in fast forward motion. I pity my husband who have to fold and set-up Summer's stroller while taking the subway. But the stroller helped us a lot bringing Summer in the city. At Times Square, we just have to call each other to look back so we could take photos of each other with the area on our background.
After the movie, we then went to Forest Hills to attend my 7year old cousin's birthday. Their house was 10blocks away from the train station. Before going to their place, we have to go east for our Church visit, just to say a thank you prayer for our safe trip. So imagine the walk we did from the station, to the Church, back to the main street, walking 10blocks to their house.
Unfortunately, Summer got sick the following day. Travelling must be too much for her. She had lagnat. Good thing I brought with me my thermometer and her Tempra. We slept the whole day in our hotel room. The rest of the family just walked around the city to visit St. Peter's Church, the Rockefeller, window shopping, seeing how girls go crazy over US$100.00 worth American Girl Doll, to the China town to shop for souvenirs. Good thing I was able to see those places already on my first visit to NY when I was still single. So I didn't miss much except for the China town. At night, Omar and I got to go out to see the rockefeller at night. My parents volunteered to look after Summer. I left my cellphone in our room, not knowing that my Dad was texting me already since Summer was crying since the time I left. Too much bonding for the day!
We went home the following day, another 13hours trip on the train. Back to slow pace mode. Now, we can relax! But not yet! It's going to be Christmas time in Canada!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Canadian Days

Back at home! ? hehe We are turning Canada to be our second home. After a year, we are back at Canada for another white Christmas.

We saw California Dreaming 2 at Toronto Downtown for our first day. Too bad, we cannot bring Summer with us. It was the first time that I will be leaving her. My cousin volunteered to stay to look after his kid and my daughter. Summer wouldn't stay indoor while my nephew prefers to stay inside their house. So my cousin in law brought Summer to the park and when it was getting cold, brought her to the nearest mall. She was a good girl, will only cry when indoors. Lakwatsera talaga.
We went to New York the following day and will continue my Canadian Days to my next post.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shopping Days at Virginia

We were met warmly by Omar's relatives at the airport of Virginia. All of the family were there to welcome us - Lolo Pete, Lola Elsa, Tito Jojo, Tita Daisy, Patrick, and Elysse. It's so heart warming.

After dropping off our luggages at their house, we had our dinner at a steak restaurant.

We had our first full sleep since leaving Manila. We woke up at 12noon, had lunch, and shopping, shopping, shopping. Lola Elsa sure know where to shop. Tito Jojo, among his many privelege is tax-free shopping within the base. We had ice cream at Haagen Dazs, ate at an officer's clubhouse, in a filipino restaurant at Norfolk, and they brought us at the Festival of Lights. Omar also prepared dinner for them.

Above all, we enjoy watching Summer dance Boom tarat tarat with Lolo Pete. A very short visit but it's so nice to meet Omar's relatives who are very warm and accommodating.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Days at the City of Lights

Viva Las Vegas!

For our short visit at California, I was battling over theme parks for Summer or Las Vegas for Omar. Since Summer was too young to enjoy theme parks, might as well bring Omar to Vegas where Summer can enjoy the lights as well.

Our first stop was Thomas & Mack Center where Manny Paquio won his game over Eric Morales. We did not go inside anymore but had picture taking outside for remembrance. Then off we went to check-in at our hotel.
Where else to stay but at the best - Wynn's Hotel Nevada!! Thank you so much for our sponsor and very generous tour guide - Ninong Adnie and Ninang Lynda. We had our buffet dinner at the same hotel and Summer had a feast with the cookies and candy apples.
The night is not enough to visit all the hotels for our hotel-hopping. We brought Omar to The Mirage, Harrahs, Ceasar's Palace, Venezia, and of course at The Belagio to watch the water show. We did not have time to go inside New York, New York, MGM, and Paris Paris. I was able to collect souvenir ballpens from the hotels.
I wasn't able to play the slot machines since I have Summer with me. On our way back to California, we stopped at the Whiskey Pete's. And for the first time, after my numerous visits at Las Vegas, I won US$ 250.00 playing with my US$ 5.00!

That play made my first trip to Las Vegas with my family more memorable.

California Day

We left for the airport early for our early flight to HongKong via Cathay Pacific for our transfer flight going to California.

Now that Omar and Summer got their 5-year US visa, it's about time to tour the US in a blast.

California was our first stop.

From the airport, we went to visit Lola Nene - Omar's lola. It was her first time to see Summer.
From Lola Nene, off we went to West Covina to freshen ourselves for the Christmas Party. It was Adrienne's birthday and she did not know that we were coming. Adrienne is my cousin who I took care of for 7 years, when she was 1year until she turned 8. She was sleeping inside Ate Amy's car when we came to their house, with my loud voice, she woke up and jumped from the car to me in her surprise. Summer found a playmate in her - instant yaya hehehe.
Tita Lynda's friends were happy to see for the first time my family - Omar and Summer. I had my bridal shower at the US and everybody was there. Ate Joy met us at the party and it was her first time to see Summer. She brought a gift and a candy for my baby and even washed her bottles.
We slept at Tita Lynda's new house at Hemet. It was really nice with a view of the lake from the master's bedroom. After a tour of Nevada, with my story at my next post, we paid a visit to my cousin, Ate Cristy, and Kuya Pong came over to see us. We then stayed the night at West Covina, preparing for our flight the following morning to Virginia.
It was a short visit yet we were able to see a lot. But I know there are still a lot to show my family. Someday ......