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Sunday, February 28, 2010


After years of convincing Papa, he got himself another car. It's not brand new but it's a more comfortable car than with one he used to use before 'August' - a name for the Everest from the movie, I miss you like crazy.

After all the documents and process they need to undergo for the transfer, August was finally released without Papa knowing it. All the while, he thought that the unit will be released next week.

Kuya Olejoe got it from Laguna, brought it to the shop and they had it detailed and buffed, both interior and exterior, overnight.

Sunday, we brought it home to 1618 to surprise Papa.
Kids are getting bored for Papa's arrival. Mama brought Papa to Market Market so we can plant the surprise for Papa.
When they got back home, Papa even played with Winter in front of their gate, not knowing that August was inside the garage waiting for him.
Papa deserves the car! Ang ganda!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Family ties.

I'm married to a guy, whose family is so honest and sincere that they're not ashamed to say that they are fond of watching filipino movies, in short jologs. No macho effect.

It's our second time to see a filipino movie together. The first was Close to You, another Lloydie and Bea film. And now, we just saw I miss you like crazy on it's second day. And as an incentive for attending the family practice, Papa hosted a free dinner at Luk Yuen - another family favorite.
And after the movie, we played with the poster and had our turns taking our own version.
See, we're a happy family.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Julian!

It's party time at Shakey's at SM Bicutan for Julian's birthday celebration with the family.

And while waiting for the food, the kids had fun playing at the indoor playground. Winter was too young to join in as he might get crushed by other excited kids so he just stayed with the moving animals.
Winter loves the spaghetti while Summer was just too in a hurry to eat for more play time.

As usual, drinking session followed at the Reantaso's home after the party.

Happy birthday Julian!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Pipo!

Mommy was invited by Ate Mary Ann for Kuya Romy's golden year and their apo's 1st year. Since it's a kiddie party as well, Mom brought me and my babies.

Summer wore her ballerina costume. She was scared of the clowns at first but after seeing prizes being distributed after the bring me game, she joined me and Winter in front and watched the show.
Winter wore the Superman costume. He just keeps on walking around, playing with other kids, and munching food.
Thank you Pipo for inviting us! Happy birthday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First wheels

Omar and I did not buy Winter any Christmas gifts. He wouldn't know anyway.

Lately, I can see him riding his big toys like cars with matching sound effects in his pouted lips. So I bought him his late Christmas gift.
His Ate Summer were more than happy to help him open his gift since it looked like he was more interested with the big box in front of him than opening it.
He likes his car! Though it took him some time to learn how to play with it. He brings it to Mom's house when it's time to eat, inside the house while Ate Cory was cleaning, and even inside our room while watching TV.
Winter, just be a good boy and Papa's preparing your wheels when you grow up. It will be vintage when you get to use it when you grow up.

Making it short.

No school for Summer since it's Teachers Parents Conference and so we stayed at Bulacan. I brought Summer with me and Mommy to Manila for the day. We accompanied Mom to the hospital for a series of tests for her general check-up and went to SM North Edsa while waiting for the results and her doctor's clinic time. Summer had her hair cut.

I think Summer was having fun here getting hair shampoo.
She's so behaved on this chair. I'm thinking of getting one for our home.
She's so arte posing with her new hair.
Anak, okay lang maging maarte basta ngayon lang na bata ka ha. Pag malaki ka na, hindi na pwede, makukurot na ng pinong pino ang singit mo nyan.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's dinner

We had a valentine's special dinner buffet offered for the guests with live acoustic band. It was held at the pool side of the hotel.
My in-laws surprised us and came to celebrate the night with us. Papa gave me flowers, as he does every year since I became a Reantaso.
Omar was assigned to grill the steaks for the family.
Summer just loves having her photos taken. Kanino kaya nagmana?
And Winter found his valentine date at the end of the night. Or should I say some girl found her valentine in my Winter?
Happy New Year!

Heart's Day 2010

I get flowers from Omar on Valentine's Day and on Mother's Day.

Since we got married, he would give flowers to my mom, my sister, and my sis-in-law. Winter brought the bouquet of flowers, which is just his size, to Mommy like a flower boy, wearing the Valentine shirt from Tita Jack from Canada.
He woke me up with a bunch of flowers and a gift - a matching necklace and bracelet.
Mom gave gifts to the kids too. Winter got a bag of candies. Summer got a red hamper for her toys.

Thanks ___ for the gifts!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gift project.

Mama gave me a box of fresh strawberries for Valentine's Day.

They were big strawberries. I decided to make a refrigerator cake out of it para dumami hehe.
Summer loved helping me do it. In her eyes, I was a good baker. No-bake naman ginawa ko hehehe.