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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our 6th year.

I like waking up in a hotel room. It just feels so grand!

We had breakfast at the hotel with the kids still in their PJs. My favorite was the frozen yogurt mashed on cold stone with mangoes and walnuts, yum yum!
As promised, we took the kids for a swim. Omar backed out at the last minute.

After swimming, Summer and Winter spent the afternoon at the children's lounge - provided free for hotel guests and diners.
Upon checking out, Summer asked why we have to stay for just one night. Ako din nabitin hehe. Sarap magbuhay mayaman kahit sa isang gabi lang.

We passed by Greenbelt to see the giant Swatch of Cory and Ninoy edition - the watch Omar painted at his shop.
Before going home, we claimed our anniversary gift from Mandarin Oriental they forgot to give us last night.
Happy Anniversary! I'm excited for more anniversary celebrations! This is the happiest ever and I hope it's the start of our annual celebration. Thank you!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eve of our 6th

It's our first time to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We would eat out and that's it.

On our 6th year, we checked-in at Manila Peninsula. We got great room rate from M. After a relaxing afternoon, we went to Glorietta to hear the Sunday mass.
We had dinner at Paseo Uno at Mandarin where Chef Orland is a sous chef. Aside from getting discounted rate, we feasted on foie gras and seafoods - all served on our tables by no other than but the chef himself.
We were so full we weren't able to finish our rib-eye steak. The receptionist of the hotel were so fond of Winter.

Back at the hotel, Summer and Winter got a quick dip at the bath tub since I did not let them swim at the pool for we checked-in late already.

Tomorrow is a big day!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Feast of Nazareth

It's the family's chapel's patron saint.

We attended the 9am mass and watched the Nazareno take the pagoda for the fluvial parade. We had quick lunch at Tito Pining's but I didn't get to eat at Ninang Nene's and Tita Baby's for I have a wedding to host at lunch time.

Thank you po Nazareno for blessing my family and loved ones.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Too harassed for drama.

It's our last day, sniff sniff.

Time to go home, sniff sniff.

Back to work, huwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

We did not shop much. We distributed our gifts and pasalubongs already. But how come we do not have space in our luggages anymore? tsk tsk tsk.

We have almost the same departure time with Mom and Dad, only they are heading to Canada, while we are going home to the Philippines.

When we get to the airport, there was a long line outside waiting for their turn to enter the airport. Turned out that that will be the same line for our check-in counter. Yikes! Due to the airline bomb attempt on Christmas, airports are giving extra precautionary measures for the luggages. Every baggage must run through their x-ray machine, almost all are being opened - they're even testing curling irons placed in a check-in luggage, causing flight delays.

We were 10 passengers with 19 checked-in baggages. Winter, on a lap seat, is allowed with only 1 luggage. So imagine how much time it took us just for the x-ray. We just went to buy sandwiches at McDonalds for quick dinner since we have to proceed to our gate right away for boarding. Good thing we are such a big group of family that we were able to use the special lane for security inspection.

We were too harassed, no more drama for goodbyes.

Haaayyyy, I miss you Ate and your family!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Usteng!

Another favorite of the family in the US is the El Pollo Locco. True we have it here in Manila, but it's not as good there in the US, and salsa is bottomless there.

It was Usteng's birthday yesterday and everybody was just too tired to eat dinner last night from the Grand canyon tour. And besides, we just ate too much from the all you can eat from the tour.

After the mass, we went to have our lunch at El Pollo Locco to celebrate Usteng's birthday. It was just soooo good!

Thanks Ate and Kuya Archie for the treat. Happy birhtday Usteng!

Time to hit home at Moreno Valley to pack our stuff for our flight back home tomorrow, sniff sniff.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grand Canyon

Yearssss ago, we've been to the Grand canyon but I was still single then and without Kuya and his family. We took then the South Rim tour.

This time, we took the West Rim tour. Daddy saw on Discovery Channel the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon so we took this tour and the tour is shorter. We had too much bus transfers. And it was so commercialized - aside from the tour, there is a separate fee to use the skywalk. At the skywalk, you cannot use your own camera, not even your own cellphone with camera, you have to get your photos from their photographers with a fee. You're not obliged to take the photos but after paying the entrance fee, it would be such a waste not to have a souvenir photo.

I like our tour yearsss ago compared to the tours they are offering now. Tour then was more personalized and without too much transfers. I like the food now though, it's all you can eat - barbecue ribs and one of the softest chicken I ever had.

Still, the canyon is still grand.

Back at the hotel, the kids went back to the playground to play while I left Winter to Adrienne at the bowling lanes while I went to try my luck with the slot machines. But I wasn't lucky enough so I went back to the room to find my wailing baby waiting for me.

Friday, January 1, 2010

First day of the year.

First day of the year was spent travelling at early morning to Las Vegas.
We checked-in at Orleans Hotel. Some went to rest and sleep, some went to try the poker room, while we went to Las Vegas Premium outlets to shop. I did not have plans of buying anything for myself since I got a lot from Cabazon already. I bought more plaid shorts for Winter.

But fate has its own plans for me. Ate and I got curious why almost, if not all, girls are carrying their own Coach paper bags. We heard from Reg and Jenny that there was a long cue outside the store waiting for their turn to shop. But when Ate and I got there, we did not see any line so we went inside. It was on clearance sale and on top of that, we get 50% additional discount, plus they were distributing coupons by the entrance giving additional 20% discount. Who can resist that offer?

Our dear, gorgeous, kind-hearted and sweet hubbies were at the Dooney and Burke and it was on sale too. They bought Ate and I bags too. I was almost like a bagaholic.
But we have to cut short our shopping for we were late for our dinner buffet at the hotel. We weren't able to go to MnM's chocolate factory anymore. After shopping, we feasted on seafoods at the buffet. Then Ate and I brought the kids to Kid's Tyme.

It was so sinful for a first day. But I was so happy! Bad!