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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

First Hair Cut

With my baby's thin hair, a lot of people were telling me to shave my baby's hair so it would grow thick. I was trying to delay her first haircut since I wanted it long, I am just so excited to fix her hair.

One afternoon in May, my mom asked me to bring Summer to the nearby parlor at the hotel for Summer's haircut. It was so hot and I agreed, oh no!

She always see my mom in the parlor so she was not scared at all. She prettily agreed to sit on her own and was curious with all the hands touching her hair.

I sat her on my lap and they used electric razor and a good girl that she was, she did not cry. She just cried at the end out of boredom. My baby so active, couldn't sit still in a minute or more.

Now, I have a baby boy.