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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Winter at Rizal

Tita Nora is in town and invited us over to her unit at Rizal for dinner.

They were asking kung ilang months na si Winter, and I would say 2weeks old. They were surprised to see Winter so big. Tsaka siguro, ke bata, lakwatsero agad.We had steak, crabs and cakes for dinner. It was a sumptuous dinner.

Summer had a grand time playing with her cousin, Jaja, and they would even dance together.Thank you Tita Nora and Tito Fred for the dinner.

A blessing.

We are planning to have Winter's baptismal on my birthday, on October 11. Bukod sa para tipid sa handaan, my birthday happens to fall on a Saturday too so it was a good time to have it on that day.

But since we travel a lot from Paranaque to Bulacan and back, we have to have a blessing for my baby.

Winter heard his first mass at Nazareno Chapel at Parong-Parong, Hagonoy, Bulacan. He was a good boy and did not cry out loud during the whole time. We asked Fr. Nucom to bless our baby. Omar was there too, he was carrying Summer at the photo, I was just blocking him from the camera.The priest said a beautiful prayer not just for the baby, but for me and rest of the family as well.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


We had our first check-up after delivery.

Winter had his check-up with his pedia, Dr. Ted Martin. He was prescribed Poly-Vi-Sol and Cee-Vi-Sol drops to be given on his second week. His blood type was B+.

Summer had her immunization updated. I was such a bad mom and her last immunization was almost a year ago. Omar promised him yanyan. Summer didn't know that she would have vaccine that day. She cried, but still a good girl.

I met my OB too and she checked on my wound. It's healed outside but I still have to see her again.

We also had Winter's hearing test done and he passed the test.

All's well. What else could I ask for?

Parents-Teacher Conference

It is my first to attend Summer's Parents-Teachers Conference.

I was scared. Last year, Summer did not attend the school regularly so we didn't have the said conference with the teachers. Summer then was over playful. She would not listen and would not sit still. She would go to other class, not minding the teacher, and will play with other friends. I guess, she was too young.

This time, Summer changed a lot!

She had the most number of art works. She loves writing, drawing, and coloring. She is now 1 among the 3 students in her class who would sit still, listen, and answer her teacher's questions. There would even be times when no one was listening, the teacher would ask Summer just so someone would answer. Summer improved a lot! Though there were times when she would find it really hard to say sorry to her friends. And just like last year, Summer will always be there to report the goings-on to the teachers, as in everything! In short, sumbongera hehehe.

There, Summer was a good girl and she deserves a prize! I'm so proud!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At home with my babies.

I love spending time with Summer and Winter.

When Omar and Summer leave the house in the morning, Winter and I would catch on our sleep. Then it would be bathing time, just before Ate Summer arrive at home from school. We would then have lunch, then sleep again. Will wake up at around 4pm, watch TV and wait for Omar to get home. And while waiting for Omar, Summer would eat her dinner ahead and I will clean Winter for bed time. Omar and I will have dinner, then watch TV again.

Here's a photo of Winter, smiling while sleeping. I love watching my babies sleep. I have lots of photos of Summer sleeping.Naku, another reason to be a stage mom. Hirap din ng naka-maternity leave, kain tulog ang buhay. Kakatakot, baka masanay ako, maging tamad ako. =) Di yata talaga ako pambahay.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kuya Biboy!

Ryan would plead me before to give birth on the 26th. I would love to but I don't think I can last that long. And true enough, I gave birth on the 22nd.

And because I just gave birth, I couldn't join them for the family dinner.

It was supposed to be a dinner at Yellow Cab. Unfortunately, it rained so hard, with flood and heavy traffic everywhere, with matching brown out pa! They called off dinner at Yellow Cab. Instead, Kuya called for delivery at Brooklyn's Pizza and had dinner at Mommy's home.

Summer was able to join them. Omar was still stuck at traffic then. Kuya sent us big slices of pizza, pasta, and cake. It was a yummy dinner! I so love food!

Thanks for the food Biboy! Happy birthday!

Linggo ng Wika

In celebration of Linggo ng Wika, Playschool International asked their students to bring Filipino snacks to share and to wear a Filipino costume.

Coming from Bulacan, a lot of Filipino snacks are available. Summer brought suman and sapin sapin, thinking that kids love anything with sugar and colorful foods. We put them in a native plate for presentation.
Since I gave birth, I wasn't able to prepare for Summer's costume. Good thing I'm blessed with stage in-laws, who are very supportive specially when it comes to costumes. Mama Olive bought a Filipiniana costume for Summer. For me, I wouldn't want to spend anymore when Summer would only get to wear it for 2hours. Thanks so much Mama Olive for the costume!Summer wouldn't want to bring the native plate with snacks since it was heavy daw. She wouldn't want me to take her photo too. Ang kulit! Likas na mas makulit lang talaga ako sa kanya kaya wala syang nagawa hehehe.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

When Summer meets Winter

The most awaited part - when Summer meets Winter.

We had a hard time preparing Summer for the coming baby. There would be times that she would gladly be an Ate Summer, but most times, she doesn't want to have a baby. I even asked help from her teachers at school prepare her for the coming baby. I know she's trying really hard to accept the coming baby, but there were just times that she wants to be the only one.

On our last day at the hospital, Mommy and Daddy brought Summer with them.

When she entered the room, she just quietly approached me and Omar, not noticing the baby in the basket inside our room. Until her Lolo Oka carried her to show the baby sleeping. She was just quietly staring at the baby, perhaps not knowing if it's for real or just a doll. She was not her usual makulit and malikot self, not yet.But when the baby started to cry, she went up the chair and said, 'Winter, stop crying! Ate Summer's here!' I guess she just fell in love with her baby brother. She loves kissing him every now and then and would check on the baby once in a while.

When we got home, she still keeps on kissing the baby =). On our first night, with the baby crying, she would just cover her ears or hide under the pillows. Come dawn, Summer gave up sleeping, woke up and watch while I put her baby brother to sleep. Good thing, it was a long weekend and no classes for her the following day.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Bath

A day after his birth day, Winter had his first bath.

The nursing aid from the hospital gave him his first bath. He was crying the whole time the nursing aid was wiping him with soap and water. He was all red from crying! But when it was time to submerge him in the basin of luke warm water, tahimik na sya. Like nya ang water.And here he was, so fresh after his first bath.Di ko yata kayang gawin with the clamp at his navel. Pag natanggal na pusod nya, pwede na ako. For the mean time, andyan naman si Mommy to give him a bath hehehe.


William John S. Reantaso born on Aug. 22, 2008 at 1:25pm weighing 7.11lbs with the length of 50.5cm.More photos to follow when I get home.

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Winter time.

My birthing story. CAUTION: Long story.

I must agree that every pregnancy is different from the other.

With Summer, it was short and sweet. I had a tiny slightest pinkish spot on a Saturday evening. On Monday morning, my lower back was aching. We went to bed at 9:47pm and been waking up every 7minutes due to lower back pains. I prayed for a sign if it was time to go to the hospital. At 2am, I went to pee and had a drop of blood. I took a bath. Left home at 3am, travelling at a speed of 60-80kph, and arrived at St. Luke's at 3:30am. I waited for Omar at the lobby while he was parking our car, walked to the elevator, to the delivery room and found out that I was 6cm dilated already. I gave birth at 6:45am.

With Winter, it was different. I had rashes 2weeks before I gave birth and cough a week before giving birth.

Monday morning - I had spotting, actually since then until I gave birth.

Wednesday - kahit may bagyo, check-up pa rin ako hoping I'll be giving birth na. Mild pa daw contractions ko, dapat daw yung masakit na. Mataas and closed pa rin. Dapat daw at least 3minutes interval para sure na manganganak na ako.

Thursday - had my haircut in the afternoon kahit may contractions na.

I decided to go to work on Thursday kesa sa bahay lang ako na walang ginagawa at iintindihin ko lang mga rashes ko at mangangati. At sa bahay, walang driver. At least, kasama ako ng driver at busy ako sa work, makakalimot ako sa mga kati ko sa katawan.

On our way home, I was having contractions every 7-8minutes. Syempre, di ko alam kung ito na ba ang contractions na inaabangan ko at baka mild pa rin ito. I had my haircut, still with contractions.

We had dinner with my inlaws at their house, contractions were 5minutes apart na. On our way home, parang nagiging 3minutes interval na.

So I called my OB, sabi nya go to the hospital kung 3minutes na. I asked pano kung mali, then she said, uuwi ako. I asked pano ko malalaman na tama na, di ko daw malalaman kung di ako pupunta sa hospital. Ayaw ko kasi ng false alarm, gusto ko sigurado. So I told her, observe ko muna.

When I went to bed, contractions were getting stronger pero naging 8minutes interval na. So I put Summer to sleep. Come 11pm, I told Omar to get the car na. He called my inlaws to help look after Summer, but instead they went with us to the hospital. Traffic pa sa Nagtahan bridge at may ginagawang Meralco line sa mga ilaw dun. Contractions were getting stronger and intervals shorter.

We got to the hospital at 12:05am of August 22. I took the wheel chair this time from the car to the delivery room with my inlaws and did not wait for Omar anymore while he was parking the car. I even walked from the door of the delivery room to the bed where they examined me. Turned out, I was almost fully dilated at 9cm. They were saying that I could do lamaze. I said no at baka di na masundan. I asked them to sedate me and to give me anesthesia, and so they did.

When I opened my eyes, they told me I'm done. I gave birth to William John aka Winter at 1:25 am of August 22 weighing 7lbs. 11oz with a length of 50.5cm. I like the date pa rin, kasi parehas sila ni Summer na 22, with Summer born on March 22.Tip for those giving birth at the Philippines, July and August are peak month for giving birth. I gave birth at 1:25am, Omar was able to get a room at 9am, I was transferred to our room at 10am. Ang hirap kumuha ng room, plus the rising number of cases of dengue in the country. We weren't able to get a private room, but a semi-suite room instead. There was a private room available kaya lang pinanggalingan ng infectious disease patient, with our baby rooming-in with us, that's a big No No.That completes our (Omar and mine) seasons, our reasons - our Summer and Winter.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I went to see my OB earlier than scheduled. Actually, it was really to see a derma as my rashes are spreading and it's so itchy I'm having a hard time sleeping at night.

I am silently wishing she'd tell me that I cannot go home anymore and that I'm about to give birth na. The date was Aug. 20, I like it too kasi 08-20-2008. So, on our way to the hospital, bilin ako kay Mommy na wag muna kukuha ng kwarto para tipid hehehe and give na din ako money sa driver for his lunch just in case manganganak na ako at madedelay uwi namin. Bumabagyo pa naman kaya we cannot afford to go back and forth sa hospital at bahay sa sobrang traffic at baha.

Turned out, it's still close and mataas, kahit nagsspotting na ako almost everyday. Sige uwi na lang ako.

As with the derma, she prescribed me Virlix and gave me steroids to apply to my rashes twice a day, which is safe for the baby naman.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New do.

I want a hair cut! Baka di pa lumalabas si baby kasi ang panget panget na ng Mommy nya! hehehe

I used to go to Abby Sanderson kaya lang nag-close shop na sya and still looking for his own place kaya have to go to another stylist this time. We went to SM North Edsa to go to Davids Salon but it was too early and they were still close kaya pag-uwi na lang.

On our way home, we went to Davids na. Bernard was at the other branch na so we got another senior stylist, Rose. Happy naman ako with my hair. I got my old hair style when I was still single.

Ayan mukha na ulit dalaga ang hair ko, baka sakaling lumabas na si baby.

Monday, August 18, 2008

First sign?

I woke up today with spotting! It's August 18, nice date! I like that! Will I give birth na kaya? With Summer before, I never had this much spotting.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

They're back!

Finally, Mommy and Daddy are home!

A 3hours flight delay was almost 7hours delay in their arrival. Flight from Toronto was delayed for 3hours so they weren't able to catch their connecting flight at HongKong and missed the next flight too, so they were able to take the 2pm flight.

We were supposed to pick them up at the airport in the morning, but since flight was delayed, I went to Bulacan to host a wedding. Kuya picked them up instead. I went back to Manila after the wedding to see them.I left Summer with Kuya Dojoe's kids and Summer received all our pasalubongs.Thank you Mommy and Daddy for all the pasalubongs! Thank you to the Javiers for hosting a baby shower in my absence! Thank you to Ate Heidi and family for the foods! Thank you Tita Lina and the rest of the family for the cards and pasalubongs too! Thank you Ninang Jenny for buying all my bilins!Ang dami dami! Ang saya saya! Salamat po!


Just got back from my derma.

Looks like it's a skin irritation. It doesn't look like an allergy from medicines naman daw. So, baby's safe as it is not harmful for the baby.

The derma prescribed a medicine, a solution to soak my hands to, and cream. I'm in my full term naman daw na so it's safe to use even if I'm pregnant.

I hope it gets better soon. It's so irritating to see and feel. Skin irritation nga =).

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After college na, lasted for almost 5years kasi we got married na.

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Dapat naka-graduate na!!!

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The other 10% should be used to pay for Term insurance, Medical/Hospital income Insurance, Savings or Pension or Investment Plan.

I'm not done reading the book. I was able to read the first half in one sitting and the rest..... I do not know when I'll continue reading the book :)

Thanks Joanne!

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Friday, August 15, 2008

38 weeks

CBC's passable. UTI naman, antibiotics is a must.

I started with my antibiotics, Amoclav, Saturday morning. Over the weekend, I just can't remember if Saturday and Sunday, I started having rashes on my hand. Omar even joked that maybe I did not wash my hands before going to bed. I ignored it.

Wednesday, I texted my OB and asked if it's pregnancy related. She asked me to stop taking the antibiotics. That'll be my 5th day of taking it. I am scheduled to get my urinalysis again on the 6th day. I know, I must have a long threshold of pain to last that long. Yes, it's itchy but it's tolerable.

Thursday, I had my urinalysis again.

Now, I saw my OB. Urinalysis got better. She prescribed Virlix and some ointments for temporary relief. But I have to see a dermatologist to identify the rashes if it's some kind of an allergy or infection.

I was silently hoping that she won't let me go home anymore and tell me that I'm about to pop. But, I guess, Winter wanted to stay inside me more. Summer must be praying really hard hehehe. Baby's still mataas and it's still sarado pa daw.

Now, I so want to give birth na. Ang bigaaaaaaattttt na!!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

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Got a text from my Ob's secretary to call the clinic for my test results.

I wasn't able to call agad since I read the message late already so I wasn't able to talk to the OB. Looks like my CBC is okay na since wala naman daw binilin na ang doctor.

But, I have to take an antibiotic cause they saw some traces of white blood cells yata from my urinalysis, some kind of an infection. And on my 6th day of taking the antibiotics, I have to have my urinalysis again.

Bakit kay Summer wala naman akong ganito?! Haay!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


It's a ghost month for the Chinese calendar but yet a lot are getting married and scheduled their CS on this day.

Early morning today, we went to Dangwa to buy flowers for the wedding tomorrow. Upon getting there, no flowers were available. I thought I was too early. Since I'll be having my check-up in the afternoon, I decided to just go back in the afternoon.

After my check-up and tests from the laboratory, we went to Dangwa. And, no more flowers available!!! Roses came in at 11am, before it used to be at 4pm. And their prices!!! It was like Valentine's Day! Not enough flowers, and prices were soaring high. Good thing our client was not so metikuloso which flowers to use. I was even happy to get a weekday wedding since flowers are cheaper on weekdays over on weekends. I was wrong, a lot are getting married on 888.

Though, at the back of my mind, I also wished to give birth on 888. Pero okay lang kahit hindi kasi wala pa si Mommy =). Di naman si Mommy ang OB ko. I am just most comfortable giving birth with her around =).

37 weeks

Had another round of check-up with my OB.

Baby's still mataas, di pa daw nya makapa. Though, I was advised to start walking around na para bumaba-baba na in preparation for labor for my upcoming due date. But I'd rather not walk yet since Mommy is due to be home next Saturday pa.

Baby's active and has good heartbeat.

I was able to bring her results of my bio-physical ultrasound. Bad me, I haven't had my CBC test. Buti na rin kasi may other tests pa pala ako kailangan gawin. I had my urinalysis, CBC and Hepa B test taken right after the check-up para sigurado na pag balik ko, may results na =).

Assembly day

Playschool's Assembly day was moved from Fridays to Thursdays so Toddler class may join too.

They weren't able to have their book exchange last week, so they have to do it this week together with their pajama day, where kids go to school wearing their favorite pajamas.

Summer bought 2 books for her book exchange and wore a yellow set of pajamas. She received a Jack and the Beanstalk book from Quino in exchange.Nakasimangot sya sa picture kasi ayaw magsuot ng socks =), mas makulit lang talaga ako sa kanya kaya di sya mananalo sa akin =D.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A very special love

After attending the 6pm mass at the Magallanes Church, which by the way is so nice after its renovation, Omar and I went to see the movie.

The movie was okay. John Lloyd is cute. Sarah acts good considering that it's her first movie. It would have been better if it was a different leading lady, just my thought. It's just that Sarah just look so... uhmm.... they just don't match together as a couple.

Pero cute ni John Lloyd.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breastfeeding Techniques and Benefits

The Department of Ob's and Child Health, in cooperation with The Family Care of St. Luke's Medical City sponsored a free seminar featuring Breastfeeding.

With my first baby, I was able to give her expressed breastmilk for 6months. I never got to learn how to teach her to latch properly from me.

With my second baby, I so wanted to breastfeed him longer and properly. That's why I made sure to learn how to do it.

And so I attended the seminar. Guest speakers are Dra. Silvestre and Lyn Ching. They showed us the benefits of breastfeeding, proper latch and position.

I pray that I may be able to put into practice what I learned from the seminar. I so want to breastfeed my baby longer this time.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Sophia Jade S. Reantaso in her Summer Musical!

Special thanks to:

Ninong Olejoe - for taking the video using his mobile phone
Tito Odie - for transferring the file from the mobile phone to his laptop
Ninang Onnie - for posting it at the youtube

A long time ago...

It's been a long time ago since Omar last made a no-bake blueberry cheesecake. I wonder why he suddenly decided to make one. He used to bring me a pan when he was still courting me until we became a couple, and it's the first now that we're married, after 4years!

As usual, Summer loved to be her Papa's assistant. She wanted to taste the crust and ended up eating a lot hehe. She wanted to taste the filling and ended getting lots of finger dips from it. Now that we are still waiting for it to solidify, she wanted to eat it already!Here's the finished product - no-bake blueberry cheesecake!Yummy! Pero bakit kaya?


Winter got a perfect score of 8/8 for his bio-physical ultrasound.

He got a nice heartbeat and very active. We saw his stomach, liver, and kidneys and everything was okay naman daw. We just didn't get to see his face lang kasi nakadapa na naman sya, pero head down naman! My amniotic fluid is enough too.Summer was with me. As usual, naka-tanga sa monitor trying to look for the baby hehehe.

With my previous bio-physical ultrasound with Summer on my 34th week with her and with Winter on his 36th week, mas malaki pa rin si Summer!

Thank God I'm having a healthy boy!