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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Simply amazing.

The night before Omar's admission, he wanted to sleep over with his family at Gaiety. 

Come Sunday, it was chaos. Kids playing around. Adults getting pedicure and manicure services. Some were getting a massage. And some went to bring the kids to the mall. 

Summer and I went school shoes buying in the morning. 

Kuya and his family, together with Jenny, came to see Omar just before he gets admitted at Chinese Gen. Hospital. 

Just before dinner, we finally got a room. We had an early dinner first, headed home to finish packing our stuff and headed to the hospital. 

Papa, Mama, Kuya and Kaye brought us to the hospital. Ojay and Yang met us there as Ojay attempted to donate blood for Omar. Yes, attempted! Ojay was rejected due to high blood pressure. 

Bernie Serrano came with his girlfriend to donate but was rejected too. A friend of a neighbor posted that she donated and said that Omar is blessed for people in the blood bank donating was all for Omar. Little did she know that more were rejected than passed the screening. 

We cannot thank people enough to go out of their way just to donate for people they do not know. 

Simply amazing. 

Not once, but twice.

We heard the anticipated Sunday Mass with the family. 

Omar, again, was annointed by Fr. Mario. 

Reception followed at Pepper Lunch, Omar's promise for the kids granted. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blood please.

Aside from prayers, we've been asking for blood donors as well. And with Omar having type AB+ makes it even harder. 

I posted it on facebook and it's so amazing how a friend of a friend can be so willing to go out of their way just to donate blood and be rejected from the screening. 

Family, friends, and friends of families and friends are helping solicit blood for Omar. 

Got our first bag of RBC from Jenny's friend from NKTI. 

I confirmed Martha's reservation, through a friend, of 5 bags of RBC and a bag of apheresis from Red Cross to be picked up on Monday afternoon. 

I got a call from Mon that he was able to get me 3 bags of RBC as well. 

We are down now to 1 bag of RBC and we are all set for the cardiologist's requirement. I still do not know if the thoracic cardiovascular surgeon will require more. Will know that tomorrow. 

Thank you. Given a chance, even if I'm scared of needles, I will pay back by donating blood and will encourage my family to as well. 

Checking out

We are checking out this year on our wedding anniversary, and not checking in like the other years. 

We can go home now. Nuclear scan is no longer necessary. 

Had lunch at 1618 and got a cake from the inlaws. 

Did my grocery so I can leave some food for my kids during Omar's procedure. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Final Prep

Coronary angiogram, final prep before Omar's surgery. 

Woke up at 5am of January 30 for Omar's medication and left the room for the cath lab at 6am for the 7am angiogram. 

Kuya came, bought me breakfast and joined me as we listened to Dr. Habana with Omar's angiogram's result. 

Omar's right coronaries are clear from blockage. Unfortunately, with his big aorta, the catheter cannot reach the opening for the left coronaries. Due to the expansion of the aortic valve, both the right and the left coronaries are displaced. Based from the CT aorto gram, looks like the left coronaries are clear too. But Dr. Habana will discuss it first with Dr. Lee if the nuclear scan will still be necessary. 

Thank you for your prayers. 

Final visit

Hopefully the last visit before the surgery. 

Thankfully, only 1 tooth was extracted from Omar. The other tooth was saved. 

Now, we need to hurry back home, pack our stuff, and be admitted at The Medical City for Omar's angiogram tomorrow morning. 


God is great! He has plans for us. 

Omar's dentist happens to be the dentist of Fr. Jun Roxas, a family friend. Fr. Jun is due to see the dentist too. 

I called Fr. Jun and asked if he can give the sacrament of annointing of the sick for Omar. 

At the clinic, the dentist stepped out of his clinic and graciously offered his clinic for Omar and Fr. Jun for confession. 

Fr. Jun then called us to join them for the Annointing of the Sick. 

Thank you Dr. Giron for being the instrument to meet Fr. for the sacrament. Thank you Fr. Jun for granting our request. Thank you Lord!

Now, we're ready.