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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Kids got crazy one night.

My musician boy...
... and my ala model girl.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Coming soon...

... our new baby.

We are counting the days before we get to see our new baby, hopefully in the next four months, in time for my or Omar's birthday. Summer is excited too. Winter has no idea at all but I'm excited too for Winter.

It's both exciting and scary.

I can foresee enlargement of our overhead cost. Omar and I have to work double time this time and have to tighten our belt for the coming baby. Budget will have to be revised, an envelope have to be thicker, an envelope have to be thinner, an envelope have to go, a new envelope coming in. Will my incoming finances be increasing too? Omar please read my blog =). Have to get some side income too, best time to hit the stock market seminar for ideas and suggestions.

Life is stressful now - Orders, canvas, purchases, payments, due dates. I pray too for a peaceful married life for the next four months. May we learn to compromise with each other. With that, I posted a photo of me and Omar on my facebook, a sort of reminder to be peaceful with each other.

We're thankful for the support we're getting from the family. We couldn't make it through without them. Everybody's excited too.

And nope, I am not pregnant. We are just soooo blessed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Field Trip

It's the company's late summer outing.

Destination: City of Pines

We rented a bus and left the resort at 5am. The trip was a breeze and got there at 10am. Late in the morning and look at the fog. Can you feel the cold air now?
After having our late breakfast and early lunch at home, we headed to the market for shopping - dinner, prizes and pasalubongs.
We then met them at the church for the 5pm mass.
We served dinner at home.
And played at night.
I hope everybody had fun. I miss my family. Omar stayed home with Summer. Let's go back here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First regular day.

It's Summer's first regular day at school with her BIG bag.
Go Summer! Bring it on!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Trip trip lang.

Here's Winter having breakfast one morning.
Look at his puffed eyes, he just sooo look like Omar.

Omar's Day

Summer wanted to serve Omar breakfast on bed yesterday for her father's day gift for her Papa but since we were staying at Bulacan we cannot possibly do that since we eat at Mommy's house and we don't prepare food at home. If only she informed me at least a day before so I could prepare something...
She prepared a card as well.
It may be late but Omar sure appreciated Summer more.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New old toy.

Omar got a new old toy - Ate's old iphone.
Who's going to enjoy it more? Omar? or the kids?

Happy Birthday Nina!

It's Ninang Jenny's birthday!

We had early dinner at the Kanin Club at UP Techno hub. Daddy's been craving for Kanin club.
She got an Itouch from Mommy.
And she got my kids' kiss and hugs for our family's gift for her. Hehehe it's too hard to buy gift for Nin, will just buy her next time.
At Kanin Club, I must have my crispy halohalo.
My babies loved the glowing balls outside.
Happy birthday Nin!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My School Boy.

The little boy woke up early today, must be excited for his first day of school.
Yes, he must wear his shades to school.
Playschool, here comes Summer's brother, watch out!
First stop will be the Toddlers Class area outside of the classroom...
... where they are allowed to do whatever they want - artworks...
.... they can play with the toys around...
Then, they will have to go inside the Toddlers Classroom. This time, parents were not allowed inside and the babies cooperated too.I then went back after 2hours to pick up the little boy with a good job stamp!
He looked like a big boy here carrying his own stuff.
Oh, it's a mixed emotion, having my baby go to school.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer's Grade 1

My baby is no longer in pre-school.

School starts today and she's in Grade 1. School starts at 7:15am, earlier wake up time.
Do well in school, Summer.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

20 years old.

We are on our 20th year. Thank you PO!

Just like every year, we had our thanksgiving mass with Mons at the park, though this time at lunch time for it fell on a Sunday.
Mommy prepared lunch for everybody.
And I just love the dessert - Halohalo! Perfect to beat the heat.
Thank you po! And may we stay longer in the industry.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 16: Last Day

Oh no! It's so sad, it's our last day already.

Daddy went to do lotsss of last minute errands so we had late lunch at Congee Wong.
Lolo Dom brought food for us to bring home from Nana. We invited him for lunch and Tita Emy too, our tenant from the basement. I had rice but congee was big but it was soooo good you can finish it.
Leaving for the airport felt like old times. Nin stayed because her flight is not due until tomorrow early morning so she was left at home.
Oh no! Vacation's over. Time to go back to work. And bills will start coming too!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 15: Dinner with the Javiers

Tita Nil invited us for dinner at her home. Her home, with a very nice weather for gardening, was full of flowers and plants.
The rest of the Javiers came too to see us. The boys enjoyed drinking cold beer outside.
While the girls exchanged stories indoors.
They said nice prayers for everybody before our dinner. I like the grilled sardines. I miss fish. Oh and we sat by the dessert table and loved the chocolate coated strawberries while Summer loved the brownies.Thank you soo much for all the gifts and food!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 15: Main street Parade

Kitz invited us to see the main street parade. It was raining but it was worth it. Summer was able to grab lots of give away.
We went shopping in the mall while Kuya went to pick Jenny up at the train station. She then took us back at the main street since it stopped raining already and brought us in a chicken wing house. The place was so festive, it was like a fair.

While Mom and Dad went with Tita Turing bazaar shopping. We then had dinner at Tita Turing's place.
Kids had fun playing.
Winter loved eating the corn even if it was pretty hard for him to bite it without his front teeth.
It was pretty hard to get a decent photo of all the kids.
Thank you soooo much po!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 14: Ontario Science Center

Harry gave us free tickets to the Ontario Science Center.
It was interactive and there were scientists around willing to help and guide you around.
Among the activities and exhibits inside, the mini grocery store was Winter's favorite. Too exposed? Is it a sign that he will be taking over my work in the future?
Winter was able to watch his first ever movie - imax!

Harry met us outside the museum in uniform with his own car! It was the best exhibit for us!
At home, Omar prepared the potato leek soup for dinner.
Kuya grilled the steak.
While Mommy played with Summer doing the jump shot.
As promised, Mommy let the babies take a swim in her jacuzzi with a bubble bath. The trick is to cool them down after a heavy day so they can sleep early.
Because I went out for after dinner drinks with my cousins. I was left at home already when they went to see a movie, I have to join them this time.
Thank you Bustos family for a well-sponsored day. Meron pa bukas, di naman kami masyadong abusado.