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Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Ate Cory!

I almost forgot Ate Cory's birthday. I remembered it last Friday but due to Ondoy, it just slipped my mind. Good thing I had it in my calendar in my mobile phone.

I bought spaghetti from the kiosk, bought cake, Omar bought barbecue and ice cream - voila! Instant birthday party for Ate Cory.Happy Birthday Ate Cory! Thank you for helping me look after my babies.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


How did the super typhoon Winter hit you?

I was at Bulacan with my babies the whole time. Omar, on the other hand, has a story to tell.

Omar went to Pampanga to purchase parts for the shop. He was bound for shop at 10am along the NLEX approaching Balintawak. Traffic was starting to build up. He reached the ramp heading to Monumento at 11am, and seeing the water starting to rise, he decided to go to that direction instead just to avoid the water rising. He had to take a U-turn to be able to go to the shop. He was able to make a U-turn and back at Cloverleaf at 6pm. He made it to the shop at 9pm - without food at all, without water, and without company. What used to be a 20minute drive turned into more than 10hours drive.

At 12mn, he decided to go home to us at Bulacan, seeing that EDSA was already light in traffic. But he wasn't expecting what was waiting for them at NLEX. It was still flooded and water was subsiding so slow. At 4am, he was still at Marilao. He decided to go back to Manila and was able to make a U-turn at 5am. He was home at Paranaque at 6:30am.

Our home in Paranaque was not spared from Ondoy. Good thing Ate Nenet and Ate Elsie was able to save some of our stuff from getting wet. But they do not have keys inside our room. Omar cleaned our room after resting for a few hours in my inlaws place. Water was around 4-5inch high in our room, based from the markings on our dresser.
It's not as worse as what others went through and I'm so thankful we were safe and we still have our home and cars with us.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Arte girl.

My baby looks so fresh in the morning.
She already know what she wants. She picks her clothes for their free day on Fridays and her hair accessory and how to wear them. Big girl na arte girl ko.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're so blessed.

Omar and I went to hear the 6pm mass at Twin hearts, as we usually do on Wednesdays, using the CRV. But on our way back to the shop to pick-up the others, Omar noticed that his headlight was not working. So we changed cars and used Kuya's Patrol instead for a test drive at the same time.

While cruising the skyway at SLEX, the Fortuner in front of us stopped! So the driver hit the brakes twice. We hit the Fortuner with just a smack - as in dumikit lang. When we, almost all of us passengers are drivers, looked at the back and their came a Sentra hitting us hard making us hit the Fortuner harder. The Sentra was able to stop a car away from us but came a Durango who hit him hard that made the Sentra hit us hard. It was a 5-car collission, no injuries. Almost all cars are used by presidents of different companies, with their drivers.
Good thing we used Kuya's Patrol. If we used Honda - warak kami! The Patrol kasi has a bull guard in front and the Sentra hit Kuya's spare tire at the back so walang sira. Iba talaga pag nagsisimba, may guidance.

Global Warming?

Look at the sky, so scary! This was taken while we were cruising North Luzon Expressway from Bulacan to Manila.
Upper half was all gray while the lower half was so bright and sunny.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Kuya Dojoe was invited by Kuya Redg and Ate Didith for dinner at their house in Project 8. As Kuya's sister, Omar and I were invited too!

It's been yearsssss since we were at their place. At nakakaligaw! Sobrang laki ng pagbabago. Ang ganda ganda. Look at the landscape in front of their house...
... and the dining area...
... and their kitchen! 3 working tables - 1 for Kuya Redg, 1 for Ate Didith and 1 for Socorro, their only daughter.
And they prepared sumptuous food! We were served cold cuts, grilled cheese and crackers for starters, main dish were roast chicken, gambas, black paella and souffle for dessert.
And we asked if we can see their chowchows. They have 3. Summer said they have lions upon seeing the photos.
It was a great night. Thanks Kuya Redg and Ate Didith and Socorro!

Sept. 20 is Lolo and Lola Day

A day before the Martial Law, I get to spend the weekend in Manila. We had breakfast with the inlaws and spent the first half of the day at Mall of Asia with Lolo Oka and Lola Olive. Papa went to look for a pair of pants.

As usual, Summer asked for a ride at the carousel. Winter watched her Ate enviously.
We had lunch at Racks. After lunch, Lolo and Lola took turns walking around Winter.
I'm just not sure who had more fun - the kids or the lolos. But for sure, everybody had fun.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grandparent's Day

It will be Grandparent's Day next week.

Summer had a project at school for grandparents. Since Mommy and Daddy are at Canada, she will have to prepare just one for Mama and Papa. Summer awarded Mama and Papa the #1 trophy for grandparents.
Papa gave all the kids shirts for grandparent's day next week.
Thank you Papa! Happy Grandparent's Day!

Not one, but two

Travelling with two kids...
... and stopping for gas in a gas station, it is not enough to buy for one, now we have to buy for two.
The little boy can already finish his own.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First dental procedure

Since Summer will be having her rest day tomorrow, after watching Jack and the Beanstalk, I decided to bring her to the dentist before going home to Bulacan.
She initially wanted me to go first but the doctor knows his way around kids so Summer wasn't able to get her way.

Dr. Giron asked her to sit first and to do it fast since I have to be first hehe. He asked Summer to gargle, sprayed her teeth with air, told Summer that he'll just put something inside her mouth, prepared the 'pasta' (while Summer was asking him what he was doing, while Summer was telling him that she doesn't like it, while Summer was telling him that it's gonna be owie, while Summer kept on saying things again and again and again), asked Summer to open her mouth, spread the 'pasta' onto her teeth, voila! Finish! No water, no solid for the first 45minutes.
My turn - very good daw sabi ni doctor. Even if I had my last cleaning more than a year ago, he did not clean my teeth and asked me to go back at the end of the year instead. Okay pa daw teeth ko hehehe.
Still have to bring Summer back for her upper teeth.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


My cousin, Eson, got married to Michelle at the Church next to Miriam School. I am sorry but I forgot the name of the Church.
I was assigned to be the commentator during the ceremony. Omar followed at the reception. Kuya and I played with their photo booth.
Reception followed at Gazebo Royale. Had a feast, of course. Congrats Eson and Best Wishes Michelle!

Friday, September 4, 2009

First dental visit

Summer is sooo long overdue for her dental visit.

I brought her to a dentist in Malolos and was informed that she has 2 teeth that needs 'pasta' but can only be done by a pedia dentist. I attempted to bring her once to an Intellicare accredited pedia dentist before but the line was just too long. So this time, I asked Omar to bring the kids' cards to the dentist early in the morning so that when we reach the dentist after Summer's school, it will be their turn already.

Ang galing ni Dr. Giron! I prepared my camera but I totally forgot about it. He taught me and Cory how to clean Summer's and Winter's teeth. No toys pero napasunod nya mga bata, even Winter. Ang galing! Turns out 4-5 teeth lang pala ni Summer ang buo, halos lahat may tama na. Haaay!!! Nakakainis ang first dentist na dinalhan ko sa kanya.

Winter is due to go back after 3months. I can bring Summer anytime soon. Di kasi sya nagpprocedure sa mga bata on their first meeting.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Entrance Exam

Going to Assumption from our home in Paranaque is such a breeze. It's easier going to Makati than to Alabang because of the Skyway.

Omar and I went to the Admission Office with Summer. Teacher Marissa took Summer and we were asked to wait outside instead. After an hour, Teacher Marissa brought Summer out and instructed me to wait for their call for Summer's interview.

Summer got stickers from her teacher and she was a good girl daw according to her teacher. Yun lang kwento nya. Test results will be released on Dec. 15. Ang tagal.