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Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's our fourth year as husband and wife.

Yeah, it's our anniversary and it's a pay day.

Halata bang tampo ako? =)

Okay lang. I just have to get used to it. I have to learn to be more appreciative.

Still, I'm thankful! It's been 4 blessed years!

Field Trip

It was Summer's first field trip with Playschool International.

It's not cheap ha! Fee was Php 700.00 per head. Summer cannot go alone and Ate Cory must join so it was a whopping Php 1,400.00! Kuripot na talaga ako!

They were supposed to visit GoNuts Donuts, Science Centrum at Marikina and Pacem Eco-Park at Antipolo.

I let Ate Cory bring our digicam so she can take photos of Summer.

They went to Goldilocks Cake Fun Tour. They were allowed to see the kitchen of Goldilocks. They decorated their own mamon too and was allowed to bring it home. Goldilocks gave them a tumbler too for souvenir.
They had lunch at Pacem Eco-Park at Antipolo. Here, they saw a butterfly farm and lots of animals where they had a chance to touch them.They also went at a play area somewhere at Pasig. Summer wasn't able to go down at Pasig anymore for she was sleeping at the van.

From the photos, Summer was the smallest. Only 3 students in her class joined the trip.

Summer had fun. She was telling me that she went to the kitchen, referring to the Goldilocks cake factory. And she was telling us that she touched a snake and that snake doesn't bite.

It was nice looking at her photos. She loves looking at her photos too and would talk non-stop about their trip. I missed it pero okay lang, at least Summer did not miss it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My smart jetsetter

As Tita Nil and Benjie were packing their stuff for their flight the following day, Summer was busy in their room playing with them. All of a sudden, Summer ran out of the room and came back carrying a weighing scale.

We were all surprised. My mom asked me if I ordered Summer to get the scale. I said no. She asked me how Summer knew about it. I simply said, 'Byahera kasi!'


Missing Summer

I miss Summer again! It was my first at Serendra.

On Tita Nil's and Benjie's last day, we brought them at MarketMarket for Benjie's last food experience here in Manila. We brought Pancit Lukban, Ineng's barbecue, lanzones and rambutan and Buko Juice. It was a food fest! Syempre, nag-enjoy na naman ako hahahha.

Then, Mommy and I brought them to Serendra. I like the place. It's spacious, well landscaped, open and green, and not crowded. Perfect for Summer! Oh how she would love to run around the place and have her picture taken.And they have lots of places for the kids to play. I'm sure, Summer would enjoy in this place.
We had dinner at TongYang. I had their sushi and ate barbecue, Korean style, wrapped in lettuce with kimchi. Yummy! Omar cooked really good food. Using the fryer, he was able to prepare sauteed vegetables and seafoods with beansprouts and cooked barbecue with lots of garlic. Amazing! There's always room for desserts. I had halohalo and fruits!Too much food in one day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lunch at Fortune

For Tita Nil's and Benjie's last weekend here at the Philippines, Mommy treated them for lunch at Fortune Restaurant here at Malolos.We had lauriat. I like the crab, so soft with lots of garlic. And I love desserts! We had lychee and almond jelly. I love food!

After eating, we went home to sleep.

Buhay baboy! hehehhe

Saturday, January 26, 2008

No More

Summer's no longer afraid of Coffee.
She loves giving water to the dog. She loves playing with Coffee. She shouts 'No' to Coffee whenever Coffee try to play with her. She likes going to her Ninong Dojoe's house to see Coffee.

Big girl na. Ate Summer na talaga.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cravings? or Gluttony?

I crave for so much food.

Last week, I was craving for Japanese food - from miso soup to sushi and maki to uni to kamameshi rice and tempura. Omar brought me at Tokyo Tokyo. Good enough though not the best. I still crave for Japanese food.

The day after, I craved for Persian food. We bought lunch at Mister Kabab, getting beef liver dish and special beef chelo kabab with biryani rice. The rice that time was extra oily. I think it's gonna be months again before I can eat that again.

Then, when somebody will mention a food, I'll be yearning for that in no time. Somebody mentioned grapes, I asked Omar to buy me grapes when he went to Binondo. Like I was chatting with a friend and she mentioned that she craved for sweet corn during her first trimester. I bought corn the following day and the day after. And up to now, I still haven't touched the second corn I bought. Talk about being inggetera.

Yesterday, I wanted to eat crispy tawilis and tomato. I had inihaw na fish and tomato. I'll buy tawilis on our next market day.

And just this lunch, I was thinking of having spaghetti or palabok. I had sizzling chicken instead and was happy with it. Then kuya came for merienda. I ordered spaghetti for myself and palabok for him. I got to taste both and am glad I did not get that for lunch. I wasn't happy with it.

I just want to eat too much. I get hungry agad. But I get full so fast. Like I feel I can eat 5 but my tummy can only accommodate 2. I cannot force myself to eat more even if I still want to, unlike before when I wasn't pregnant.

Is it really part of being pregnant? Or is psychological? I grow too big pa naman when I get pregnant. With Summer, my dad was asking me already if I was about to burst already when I was just on my 5th month!

Self-control! That's what I need. And Japanese food too! Kamameshi House!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Here is Winter's first photo.

I had my transvaginal ultrasound yesterday. I received a tip from the secretary of my ob-gyne to bring my little girl with me in my check-ups and ultrasounds so she can be aware of the coming baby.

So when it was time for the ultrasound, I asked her to look at the monitor and see her baby. She was just staring at the monitor, with her jaws drop, trying to make at what we were telling her.

But I can see that she felt her part in the ultrasound. She held on the photos from the clinic all the way to the office and she was proud.

Way to go, Ate Summer!

Chicken Lover

I'm a chicken lover! I love chicken! I love any chicken dish! I love chicken restaurants!

Among the many chicken restaurants, I love El Pollo Loco! I love their Mexican chicken! I like it wrapped in their tortilla with spicy salsa and coleslaw! Ooohhhh!!!! Makes me crave for Mexican chicken. I can eat a lot. I can eat for two. Next time we get a chance to eat out, I'll definitely eat at El Pollo Loco. I wish they have more branches here in the Philippines.

Come on! Let's eat Mexican chicken.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Did you hear that?

You heard it right!

I am now into audio advertising. I joined the team.

I missed earning while blogging. Ever since my pagerank dropped to 0, I didn't get enough task to boost my aggressiveness to pursue my online racket. Until, I discovered net audio ads. You earn every time a guest comes into your page. They don't have to click on any of your post. All they have to do is to listen while enjoying your site. Easy, right? All you just have to do now is to increase your traffic, which is far easier than getting your pagerank increase from 0.

So start earning, sign up at net audio ads now. You have until Feb. 1, 2008 to join the team.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Summer moments

24/7 with Summer, without a yaya, here are some of my stories:

Background: Summer is a selfish kid. She doesn't know how to share. She's a brat. That's why I sent her to school - to be acquainted with kids her age so she would learn to socialize and share. Her Ninang Jenny's been teaching her to learn how to share using Barney song.

Scene: I was checking the payables. Summer wanted to write at the receipts too.

Summer: Mama, sulat me.
Me: No, Summer, this is Mama's.
Summer: I tell you Ninang Jenny.
Me: Tell her what?
Summer: Mama, share! Barney!

Summer is also so talkative! She would always ask, what!? with her eyebrows raised and big eyes, as if surprised and doesn't know what you're talking about. Until she learned a new word. As we were making kwento at the dining table, she would butt in and ask, sino? ako? again, with an acting surprised look. So one time, just at the time she looked at me and before she ask sino, I immediately asked her, sino? ikaw? She stopped and laughed, must be realizing how kulit she became.

I also wanted to introduce to her Winter, her baby brother - it will be a boy! It should be a boy! So everytime we pray, we include Winter in her long list of prayers. Then after she kisses me good night, I would ask her to kiss Winter in my tummy. After she kissed Summer, she would then lift her shirt and ask me to kiss her Winter too. We have 2 babies! 1 from my tummy, and 1 from her tummy!

I'm thankful I have a smart kid. Sometimes I feel dumb being with her.

Mida's Touch

It must be nice to have a little of Mida's touch, turning ONLY those you wish into gold. Then we can be very rich.

No one's ever blessed with a Mida's touch. But one can definitely have gold, only if he or she works really hard for it.

Work hard, earn a lot, save a little, invest wisely.

A company in the US is there to help you invest wisely. Monex company is readily available to deliver, store, or keep your gold, be it coins or ingots or in bullions. Everybody loves gold. It's a good investment with its value appreciating since Biblical times, never rots, aside from its beauty and power it gives.

What better time to invest but now? Start the year right and purchase your gold now.


After 3weeks of Christmas vacation and after a week of no yaya, Summer went back to school.

She was so excited to go back to school and see all her classmates and teachers. On our way to school, I asked her to promise to be a good girl, listen to her teacher, not to hit her classmates, and to share things with everybody.

It worked!

Summer went home with a stamp on her hand. I am so proud! Good girl anak ko sa school!Babaw noh? Just so happy and proud.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Tito Joven!

Tito Joven celebrated his birthday, together with JB's, at Bulacan.

We had Thanksgiving mass. We provided the dinner. The boys gave him lechon baka. I was the emcee - again! no choice sila! I just asked the members of the family, some friends, and siblings of the celebrant to say their wishes for the celebrant.

Summer was running the whole night screaming! Kaya ayun paos na sya after the party. She had fun playing with the boys, in heels! - courtesy of Nanay Monet.

The boys naman had fun playing bowling.

Daming activities in just one night. Happy naman lahat.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Laziness hit me.

Late posts.
No photos.
No paid blogs.

Avid reader is just here with me.
Effect of being preggy?
Page rank 0.

Avid reader just left and will be looking forward to my posts again.
Needs more funds, hence, back to paid blogging.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to Canada

Jenny left for Canada once again to finish her masters. This time, she'll be staying longer, compared to her 4months stay and have to go home for the holidays.

We had early dinner with the family then Mommy and I saw her off at the airport.

Summer were crying all the time from the airport all the way to our subdivision, about 20minutes ride or more - due to heavy traffic. She wanted to stay with her Ninang Jenny. Actually, more of wanting to take the airplane ride. So much for a jet setter.

We pacified her with a sundae from Jollibee.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feast of Nazareno

Nazareno is our patron from the chapel supported by the family at Hagonoy, Bulacan.

We attended the feast with Omar's friends - Bong and Boss Jojo. We attended the 9am mass, had food marathon with my relatives - eating lunch twice, and went back to Manila to work.

There were so much people at the patio of the chapel. We did not join the pagoda anymore and did not wait for the procession in the afternoon.

Aside from asking for blessings for the family and loved ones and for a safe, normal, and healthy pregnancy and baby, we thanked Him for the countless blessings He's been constantly providing us.

Viva Nazareno!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Just when school day is about to start again after the holidays, my yaya asked permission for a week-long vacation. How could I say no?

The nanny left Sunday afternoon and will be back Monday morning.

It felt like we are at the US or Canada, living without a nanny. I prepare the breakfast, do the dishes, Omar feeds and bathe Summer, I dress her up, prepare her bags for the day, and leave for work with Summer, prepare dinner when we get home, do the dishes, clean Summer, and go to bed.

Tiring. Bonding moments. Cherished moments. Limited activities. Thankful for the yaya - for being around and for being out for a while. Very thankful to Omar for the help.

I was able to wean Summer from the bottle. Yun nga lang, no formula din. As she only take fresh milk from the glass or from the tetra pack. She wouldn't take her formula in a glass. She is easier to feed during meal times, I suppose due to less milk intake.


Saturday, January 5, 2008


Jenny longed wanted us to have the ends of our hair permed. She planned to have it when she gets back this Christmas. I asked for restrictions from my ob-gyne and got a go signal.

So we went to Binondo, as referred by her college friend, whom Jenny loves the permed hair so much. Unfortunately, at the last minute, her friend cannot join us for some reason. Unfortunately, again, the people at the salon are authentic Chinese - very poor English, better Tagalog. So it was more on sign language.

The instruction was to have curls at the ends of our hair and pointing to a photo with full permed hair - not like that.

Result: they only retained the ends from the roots straight and the rest permed. They must not hear the word NOT when pointing to the photo, thus getting a fully permed hair.

No, I wouldn't post a photo. Not yet. I'll wait till it grows long. But it's a big change, a big change!

Friday, January 4, 2008


It's confirmed!

I had my first check-up for my second pregnancy today. We are expecting and is due end of August.

We are hoping for a boy.

Thank you God! We are so blessed!

Colder than HongKong

We brought Tita Nil and Benjie to Baguio to help them adjust to our weather.

We left Bulacan after lunch and Summer and I rode with Kuya. Omar wasn't able to join us as he needs to look after the shop since he was already out since Christmas. I brought a single size blanket since Summer is not used to using one even in an air-conditioned room. But on our first night, we were so cold, Summer grabbed the blanket all to herself. Literally, natuto kaming mamuluktot sa maigsing kumot.

We spent our second day lazing around. Had breakfast, watched dvd, had lunch, went out to Mine's View and Good Shepherds, played at Camp John Hay, heard mass at Baguio Cathedral, had dinner at Don H and went home.

We went home the following day at 4am.

It was short but enough to gain back our energy after the holidays. I like the weather. It was really cold! Brrrrr!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Year 2008

We welcomed Year 2008 with a BANG!

Tita Nil and Benjie arrived from Canada the day before to celebrate new year with us. It's Benjie's second new year here in the Philippines. He had never seen so much fireworks in his lifetime. Kuya and Omar brought him to Quezon City and Bocaue to buy fireworks.

Last 2 new years were celebrated at Canada so we really had fun having a loud new year once again.

We had so much food! We had palabok, lasagne, ensaymada, turkey, ham, korean style barbecue with kimchi and lettuce, and lots of desserts.

Summer had fun watching the lights, a little scared of the loud noise. She loved blowing her torotot. And Summer jumped at 12midnight. Hope she'll grow tall.

Happy New Year everyone!