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Friday, August 31, 2007

Papa at PDH

Papa, having a cyst on his right knee, finally went to Paranaque Doctor's Hospital to have it removed.

He had the cyst for a long time already. Tito Doc already offered to have it removed and it will be a quik one on that too. Papa, however, refused to have it done since it was not painful.

Until pain came and had it removed. He had to get a clearance from his cardiologist and endocrinologist before the operation. The operation went smoothly.

Summer, being a sipsip apo, went to visit her lolo and brought dinner for her lola for 2nights. It was just so funny every time a nurse comes in to the room to check Papa, Summer would sit quietly beside me trying to shrink and hide herself for fear. Hmmm... makes me think if I should get her Ate Cory a white uniform.

Monday, August 27, 2007

In the eyes of a child

Here are Summer's first matino and chamba photo shoots taken on Ryan's birthday dinner. Summer, the photographer, is 2years 5months old. Wala lang, nagpa-stage mom lang ako.

Happy Birthday Ryan!

It's Ryan's 10th birthday and we had dinner at Grappa's.

My brother-in-law, Chef Orland, cooks for Grappa's. We didn't just get the best food, we were given discount pa! We got the best seat facing the bay view, pizza, pasta, and chicken. Food were so yummy! Thanks Orland for the discount! And look at Ryan's cake! Krispy Kreme Hershey's collection. Chocolates! Yummy! They got Cookies and cream, chocolate peanut, double chocolate, and MnMs.Rafael, who wants to be a chef someday, was able to tour the kitchen of Grappa's with the chef.Thank you Kuya and Ate for the dinner. Happy birthday Ryan!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wow! Video for blogging!

Just testing blogger's new video upload button.

Ninang Jenny left for her masters at University of Toronto on Monday, Aug. 20. I took a video of Summer with her good morning and good night greeting for her ninang.

Happy viewing!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Door girl

Oh no!

Summer now knows how to open the door on her own.

Mahirap na tumakas. Dati, iiwan ko sya, pasok ko lang sya sa kwarto with her yaya, pagclose ng door, ok na. Ngayon, kaya na nya humabol.

Madali na sya makakalabas ng kwarto anytime she wants to. Unlike noon, pag sa kwarto kahit nakahiga lang ako, laro laro na sya on her own. Ngayon, kailangan ko na bumangon pag lumabas sya para sundan. Buhay tamad, hehehe.

At! Kailangan mag-ingat, bago matuto na mag-lock ng door. Patay!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer's Prayer

In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Amen.


Bless Papa.
Bless Mama.
Bless Summer.
Bless Ate Cory.
Bless Karcraft.

Bless Lolo, Lola,
Ninong Olejoe,
Tito Ojay, Tita Yang, Julian, Jaja,
Tito Odi,
Ninong Orland, Patrick,
Ninang Oni.

Bless Daddy, Mommy,
Ninong Dojoe, Ninang Bing, Ate Jenjen, Kuya Paeng, Kuya Ryan,
Tita Ganda, Kuya AJ, Ate Jaz, Kuya Emong, Kuya Usteng,
Ninang Jenny.

Thank you!
Good night!
I love you!

In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Amen.

And she kisses her Papa and Mama good night. She prays that every night on her own before going to bed.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Summer is sick again!

Tuesday, last week, she had sinat.
Wednesday, last week, she had a fever until Thursday.
Friday and Saturday, she was well already.
Sunday, she had cold and cough which lasted until Monday.
Tuesday and Wednesday, she was well again.
Thursday, she had fever again!
So I have to bring her to her doctor this time.

I brought Summer to her pedia and was prescribed antibiotics. He also instructed us to have her CBC taken.

We went to the lab to have her blood taken for the test. Surprisingly, Summer did not cry at all. I was even more scared than her. Even while the attendant was trying to squeeze her blood out from her tiny finger, I asked her if it was ouwi, and she said no! What a brave girl! Baka di nga naman talaga masakit, duwag lang talaga ako sa karayom. Good thing, her test was cleared from dengue.

Friday, just a little sinat, and I hope for long na!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summer time at MOA

As promised, Tita Jack was back at MOA - her favorite theme park in the country.

It was a stormy day, classes were suspended, flash flood in Metro Manila, and traffic everywhere.

It was a Wednesday, and it was Lola's Day for Summer. Mama was kind to lend me Summer on a Wednesday, since it was raining too and they may not go to Makati anymore. MOA's big so I have to use her stroller. We seldom use her stroller here in Manila so I just have to take her pic in it. We usually use it outside the country where yaya was not available.
I had to take her to the carousel too. Summer discovered her fondness for riding the carousel on her Wednesday dates with her Lola. I have like more than 3 photos of her riding the carousel at different times.
We heard mass at the Shrine next to the mall and went home for dinner.

Happy na ako, nakasama ko na si Summer sa MOA. Pwede na ako di bumalik dun =)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Christian Bautista: Live at 19East

My Canadian cousins - half Filipina and half Italian, cannot speak Filipino but can sing OPM.

One of their favorite singer is Christian Bautista. On their visit here in the country, they wanted to see him sing or anyone from their list. MYMP was out for their US tour. I searched and found for Christian's show at 19 East on Aug. 10.
We had dinner at our house - more of like a room, my house is too small to host dinner for guests, but we did it. We have a small dining table so the table looks full hehehe.
We then went to 19 East for the show. Christian was playing back to back with the Acoustic Jive. The show started before 10pm and Christian took the stage past 11pm already. It was a good wait.

Christian held my cousin's hand while singing 'I love you more than you'll ever know' and it definitely made her night. After the show, they had their cd authographed and another one got a hug. They are looking forward to his show at Toronot sometime in November, according to Christian.
The girls were all smiles during the night. It was fun! We went home before 2am.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Hilot is like a massage to relieve sprains.

Summer had sinat on the first day, lagnat on the second night, and sinat on the third day. On the third night, we brought her to my in-laws where they know a manghihilot. Since Summer is used to having massage from Omar, it wasn't hard giving her a hilot. In fact, she enjoyed it until the manghihilot found her sprain on her right shoulder.
Summer is fine now, thank God!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pinatubo at Fontana Leisure Park

We brought Tito Boyet and his family to Fontana for their last days here in the Philippines. We went with Lola and Tita Jack and the twins.

We checked in at 2pm and got Villa 4401 and 4402. We had our pm snack and siesta in the afternoon. Pagkagising, kain na naman - dinner naman. After serving dinner, we had our midnight snack naman while singing with the magic sing. Omar made tacos and my home-made pizza was successful! I was able to make 6 pizzas and the kids loved it. Tito Joven and his family joined us for dinner and invited us to go trekking at Pinatubo. We were undecided at first whether to go trekking or swimming at the resort. Since trekking will just take 2hours of our time, we decided to go trekking first then swimming after. It was the best decision! Trekking along Pinatubo is so breathtaking - scary because of the ride and awed of the nice view. We drove along streams, rocks, and in between mountains to the hot spring. Summer, still on her pjs, had fun too. Galing! Parang di sa Pinas. We played at the resort of Fontana too. Summer loved the slides at the wave pool and at the pirate ship. Enjoy na enjoy sya sliding on her own. Big girl na talaga. She was having so much fun, I did not have time to get my camera. Too bad, she is not allowed to try the giant slides yet. She loved the waves too. We feasted over lunch and have to check-out at 1pm. It was tiring and a bit bitin. Pero okay na din, maitim na naman kami! Labo!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Greenhills and a hot day

We brought the Canadians for more shopping.

How they love to shop!!! Mura daw kasi dito and maraming choices, yun nga lang clothes daw are sometimes too small. They bought bags, pjs, shirts, etc. We had lunch at Luk Yuen and they were such light eaters. Parang ang takaw ko tuloy.

From Greenhills to Cubao, where we will meet my Dad, we took a cab - all 5 of us plus the taxi driver. Imagine, 4 of us at the bag with all our shopping bags at 3:30pm, sobrang init! Di na halos umikot ang aircon sa puno namin. It was a short ride lang naman so okay lang. When we get to Cubao, I left them there to my Dad and rode with our driver using my mom's pick-up na sira ang aircon and brought it to the shop for repair. Another ride na mainit, walang aircon. I felt so panget reaching Omar's shop. Good thing, we did not stay long and went home early.

Syempre, sa init ng maghapon, I ended it with a Razon's halohalo! Yummy!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

50% OFF

After a month of diet and medication, Omar and I went back to his doctor for his check-up.

This time, the doctor just asked for his cholesterol, uric acid and sgpt and here are his scores compared to last month's.

Uric acid - from 599 to 300
Cholesterol - from 7.4 to 4.2
Sgpt - from 103 to 50, 37 being normal

Both uric acid and cholesterol are now normal with sgpt still higher than normal but with a very big change.

The doctor was very happy with him, considering that he is not taking any medications for his cholesterol and uric acid. Omar is such a good patient. He knows when he has to stop taking what is bawal for him. He eats oats with sugar, without milk for breakfast, inihaw na fish without salt for lunch, and steamed vegetables without salt for dinner. He sometimes get a taste of yummy food, but strictly for taste only. He lost 12lbs. in a month.

He is just taking medication for his hypertension. Sobra ba akong pasaway na asawa? hmmm...