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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Message for Him

Summer said her prayer.

I told her that she can talk to Jesus and tell Him anything she wants to tell Him.

So she made the sign of the cross again and prayed,

Jesus, thank you po for the gifts on my birthday - last month pa ang birthday nya ha!.
Thank you po sa damit, sa pants, sa panty.
Sana po malapit na ulit ang birthday ko, invited po kayo!

And she made the sign of the cross again.

Sayonara Corolla.

Omar's Toyota Corolla Japanese Version is leaving us.

Omar got a very good offer from his customer to buy his Corolla. Too good that he wasn't able to refuse. Anyway, he is assembling a US version Corolla, with parts he brought home from our trip from Canada.

So, for the last time, here is our Corolla, and not anymore by tomorrow.
The interior.
The engine.
And the set-up of the sounds system at the compartment.
It served us well for quite some time. Hope it will be cared for as much as Omar did.

Omar's turn.

It is Omar's turn to visit his doctor after 2 years!

We arrived at the hospital at 8:30am and left at 2:30pm. He had his blood tests, chest x-ray, full abdominal ultrasound, and check-up from his doctor.

While waiting for the doctor to arrive, I asked the secretary if the doctor's not planning to be accredited by our health card, and to my surprise, he is accredited! And I already paid for all his tests! I called HR right away and will just have to submit the ORs for reimbursement of at least 80%. Sayang pa rin yun.

And his doctor was so annoyed with him - with his weight gain, stopped taking his maintenance medicines, high BP again, high uric acid, high sgpt, high cholesterol, and the left side of his heart is getting bigger.

Doctor's instructions - No oil, No salt, and Stop playing basketball for the mean time. Got 4 medicines this time from just taking 2 and be back in a week's time.

Omar will have to stay healthy, the kids are too young! Back to lifestyle change. Kaya ko kaya syang sabayan?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Winter Look-Alikes

They have the same eyes, the same black hair, the same fair skin.
I miss my babies.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

8 months.

Winter turned 8months today.That'll be too much cupcake for our house so Omar bought a half roll instead.

Getting started.

I was able to get the starter kit of Bare Escentuals from our trip to Florida last Christmas. I was able to use it on my hosting rakets.
It's so user-friendly and stupid-friendly for somebody like me who knows nothing at all at applying my own make-up. I liked it so much that I started looking for other products and found the eye make-up starting kit. I asked Ate to buy it for me and she sent it to me through Daddy and Mommy.I hope it's as easy as the first kit. I'll use it on Saturday. I hope to apply it right para di ako magmukhang matanda.

Thanks Ate!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Caterpillars.

We almost look like a caterpillar with our matching shoes from Mom and Dad. I love it so much it deserved a separate post.These are red Chucks for Winter from Ninang Ganda and for Summer and me from Mom and Dad. Sorry, can't take a decent pic with Winter.

Thank you!


The Canadian residents are back. Dad and Mom arrived from their month-long vacation from Canada and a few days from the US. They were so tired!

Syempre, we had our pasalubongs!

Stuff for Winter from Ninang Jenny and Mommy Jack.Stuff for Summer from Ninang Jenny and Mommy Jack. And a Nintendo DS Lite from Mom and Dad. I wonder how a 3year old manage to play a toy like this so young.Omar and I got his and hers shirt. I had my make-up and candies from Ate, candles from Tita Jack and Mickey set from Ninang Lynda.Thank you for sending us my season's supplies! I love it!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Test Result - Positive

Not for me. And not a pregnancy test.

It's for Summer. The tuberculine test.

Yes, she turned positive for her skin test and she has primary complex. The limit was 10mm and hers turned out to be 11mm. It's just starting so maaagapan pa. She was given medicine which she will take for 6months.

Sana gumaling na sya at tumaba na.

Oh! And Omar was the one who brought Summer to the hospital and to the doctor since I was busy and cannot leave Malolos. Sweet noh?

Friday, April 17, 2009

New image.

More of a new look.

I had my hair rebonded.

I inquired at my e-group if it's safe to have my hair rebonded if I'm still breastfeeding my almost 8month old baby.

A breastfeeding advocate advised that there is nothing wrong with the rebond but it's the scent that's not good for the baby. I was adviced to pump for the first 2 days just so to avoid the baby from smelling my hair. And that's a no-no for me. Winter can drink expressed milk from the bottle but not as much as from me.

I asked my OB and got a go signal.

I asked my pedia and got a go too but have to text the ingredients first to be sure. I texted and got a go.

The salon used Loreal X-tenso and rebonded my hair for 3hours followed with a hair spa to wash off the scent from the rebond.

I now got my hair rebonded and can breastfeed Winter too.

I think mommy won't like it. I like it though.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good news. Bad news.

We brought the kids to their pedia for their monthly check-up.

Good news.

Winter now weighs 8.3kg from 7.6kg last month.
Summer is still at 16kg - at least no weight loss.
While the doctor was injecting the 2 vaccines at the left and right leg of Winter, we were discussing Ted Failon's case. Winter was fervently listening and didn't notice that he was already injected 2 times. So young yet so chismoso.

Bad news.

Summer had to undergo tuberculine test. So we brought her to the lab. She was so active at first and freaked out when she realized that she was about to have something injected in her. Papa Omar came to the rescue - my little girl's knight in shining armour. Will know the results on Saturday.Winter and I went home with Kuya Dojoe while Summer stayed with her Papa at the shop. Sipsip talaga ang aking Papa's girl.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Something nice.

I've been hitting the kitchen lately with the cookbook I bought just before summer.

It so happened that I now live where I work, giving me enough time to prepare dinner when I get home and extra pairs of hands for Winter while I'm preparing the food. Aside from the fact that Cherry almost prepared everything and all I just have to do is to put everything in the pot.But with Mom and Dad coming back, I don't think I'll have the guts to cook for them. I'm good knowing that it'll just be my nephews who'll get to taste my experiments, but not my folks. I'll be scared!

But maybe if I get western furniture like the photo above and my oven, I might consider ;).


Notice the big change in my blog? Do you like my new background?

I was blog hopping and noticed these cute backgrounds until I clicked on the logo and found myself looking for my own. And what's more, the site will teach you how to customize your blog! And browsing at the instructions, looks like they are stupid friendly. I don't even know which to do first, or next I mean. There's just too much! And I don't have much time. Maybe one new feature per login. Oohhh I am just so excited!

But before I make major changes in my blog, I have to look for silver first. This will help me keep my blog running! Motivation for more posts!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Got this from my e-group.Parang I wanted to take soooo much courses!!!

I wanted to take computer repair and networking para di na ako tawag ng tawag sa Tech-Support namin.

I wanted Pares-pares toppings with rice din kasi parang ang sarap na racket nito.

Parang ang sarap din ng massage pero di ko naman pwede masahihin sarili ko, parang lugi.

Gusto ko din ng basic baking cakes for kids kaya lang wala naman akong oven.

Cute din dress making para tahian ko na lang ng damit si Summer, pero takaw time yun tsaka malabo na nga mata ko e.

Money changer business kaya? Client ko agad sila Mommy't Daddy hahaha.

Wedding Planning and Coordination kaya? Kaya lang feeling ko dapat papayat muna ako, di yata bagay sa malaki tulad ko. Okay din flower arrangement para makatulong pagaayos ng bulaklak dito.

Sorbetes or Ice Cream Business kaya para sa birthday party ni Winter sa August?

Mandarin language kaya?

Haaayyy!!! I wish! Pero at least I know where to go now pag maluwag na sa time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday.

No work for today, the only day of the year when business is closed.

We had our bisita iglesia.

First 2 stations at the Chapel of Nazareno at Parong-Parong at Hagonoy, Bulacan. We were just on time to see a group of men having penitensya or hampas dugo. We left for our next church while Kuya was singing the pasyon.3rd and 4th station was at St. Anne's Church, also at Hagonoy, Bulacan.

5th and 6th at the Quasi-Parish of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, also from Hagonoy.

Then we stopped at the market to buy some vegetables and oysters.

7th and 8th station at Santiago Apostol at Paombong, Bulacan.

And since it's getting late and the Church might close on us at 12nn, we started doing 3 stations per church. 9th to 11th station was done at the Basilica of Immaculate Concepcion at Malolos, Bulacan. We weren't able to stop for fish ball break since we were running out of time.

12th to 14th station was at the Barasoain Church from Malolos.

All this time, Summer would go up and down the car, in and out of Church, looking like a donya going to the beach for an outing.We were able to buy native melon and giant watermelon along the way too.

Had a restful day, getting ready for the big day tomorrow.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maundy Thursday.

Our annual commemoration of Maundy Thursday - Stations of the Cross at Divine Mercy with Mons Flint.We left Malolos at 4am. My in-laws arrived at around 3:30am from Paranaque to join us.

It is Omar's and Kuya Olejoe's second year to carry the cross while doing the stations of the cross. This time, Orland and Ryan joined them too.We started early and was able to go back to the resort just in time for work. Tomorrow, we'll have our Bisita Iglesia.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I did it - my Home made Cheese Pimiento, a recipe from Mama. I prepared the spread for our baon for our very early Stations of the Cross at Divine Mercy tomorrow.

Verdict: Omar loves it! Winter loves it too!

For Tita Ganda again.

Summer, out of the blue, suddenly remembered her 'Let it Snow, Let it Snow' bear from her Tita Ganda.She likes it so much. Winter's scared. Winter likes Storm but not the singing bear. Omar wants to throw it away since Winter's been crying. Summer taught Winter to like it. How? I dunno how. Winter's no longer crying every time it sings. Smart move for Summer.

It's like Christmas again.

What a waste.

Winter was not able to use his first rash guard from his Mommy Jack. It has outgrown him already. Sayang ang cute pa naman.Good thing Ninang Jenny gave him another and now it's still too big. Hope it'll be just right for our June escapade. Where? Still scouting. Caramoan sana but our target resort was booked already until end of July for Survivor Israel. Any suggestions?For picture taking na lang muna. Sayang din puti nya, baka mangitim. Naka-chamba lang ako dito e, biruin nyo magka-anak ako ng maputi? heheehe.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Summer's box.

It was a long, long ago gift from Ninong Dojoe - a chest box I requested for Summer's toys. I assembled it a long time ago, only to disassemble it again since it was too big for our small house in Paranaque, taking up too much space and Summer was too young then to have lots of toys and to learn to put her stuff inside.

I assembled it again, just right for her oh so many kalats and right age to teach her where to put her own stuff.
This is a late post, anti-dated for record purposes. To date, her box is so full you can hardly close it for it is so full of kalat. At least the room looks more organized now.

Menu for the day

Sweet and sour porkDi ko masyado type pero sobrang lambot napagkamalang fish =).

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer essentials

These are Summer's basics as she step out of our house.That's her native bag, her toy camera from Mommy, and purple wallet she refuse to put inside her empty bag. She brings that with her to the office, kahit sa bahay ni Mommy para kumain lang, and even to the Church - just have to leave the toy camera at the car.

Di ko po tinuruan yan mag-pose. Ang arte! I just asked her to show her stuff in the camera.

Friday, April 3, 2009

For all my titas and ninangs both from Canada and US

A picture of my cute little boy, looks like a baby no more.And another one with his Ate Summer, so kulit!Just wanted to show that he can sit on his own already. Though, he prefers to crawl on his tummy more. Nagsisisi na yata ako at ni-motivate ko sya matuto mag-crawl ;).

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pizza? or Korean?

Kuya's been long telling me about this pizza from Clark where you roll arugula and alfalfa in it.

And since I'm done with my payroll at work, payable are not yet ready, no scheduled marketing for the day, and the internet is down, I went with Kuya and Ate Bing to Clark to finally get a taste of this pizza.

And food trip it was!

First stop was C's Cafe and Deli. We had Cristine and Paolo San Miguel (not sure of the names) pizza and ordered for extra bowl of arugula and alfalfa. It was so thin and crisp! I can eat one order by myself and can still eat some more! But it cost too much! A rectangle plate of pizza is around Php 580.00.

Second stop was the BGC PhilBuilders office where we had ice cream from mini stop.

Final stop was at Arirang - a korean hot pot restaurant.

I cooked Spicy sitaw - far better from the first time I cooked it - sitaw is not over cooked and the ground pork was well cooked with the bagoong and barbecue sauce. Pero di kumain si Kuya ng dinner sa kabusugan.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The judge said.

Another dish - Ginisang Gulay.But it's not just ordinary ginisang gulay. It required 3 separate cooking!

1 - for blanching the veggies separately
2 - for thickening the sauce
3 - for sauteeing the veggies with the sauce

The judge said, 'Di ba dapat mas more on greens than carrots?'

And I said, 'Akala ko kasi mas mahilig mga bata sa carrots kesa sa sitsaro.'

Haha, lusot!

Omar liked it kasi maraming bawang and thick ang sauce, di ordinary ginisang gulay.

Next week na ulit.