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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day Off

Finally, a day off!

I was able to stay at home the whole day today.

I packed our hospital bags - pero feeling ko may kulang pa rin sa pinack ko.
I fixed Winter's things in the drawer - share na lang sila ni Ate Summer nya.
I fixed my things - way over due na sa sobrang gulo hehehe

I was able to spend time with Summer! She was so happy to see me when she got home from school. We had our Teacher Mama time (doing her Kumon workbooks), fed her lunch, and she slept for 3hours after lunch! (ginising ko pa yon at baka mahirapan ako patulugin sa gabi, which is mahirap nga!), fed her dinner, and more play time together.

Syempre work pa rin, have to start doing the payroll for Thursday.

Nakakapagod din maghapon sa bahay, nakaka-inip buti na lang may Summer.

Monday, July 28, 2008

At 36weeks

I had my check-up with my OB and it's going to be weekly from now on.

I have the same weight now with Winter, on my 36th week, when I was on my 30th week with Summer. Yes, I may look sooooooooo big now but I was bigger on my first pregnancy.

According to Ate Aida, it's still close (di ko alam kung alin ang close basta di pa sya lalabas) and the baby is still mataas. I just have to get my CBC test again and bio-physical ultrasound. I plan to get my ultrasound on Friday para kasama si Ate Summer.

I was on my liver/ampalaya diet for weeks now and taking calamansi juice too kasi medyo sinisipon ako. Sabi nila bawal daw calamansi kasi pampababa ng dugo. So I asked my OB, and she said Vitamin C will even help my body absorb my iron intake better. So continue pa rin ang aking calamansi juice.

Ha! Di pa lalabas si Winter. Di pa pwede kasi wala pa si Mommy. Di pa ako ready kasi di pa ako nakakatulog hehe. Pero ang bigat bigat na ng tsan ko, ang laki laki na!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Free exposure.

Tito Noel, hubby of Tita Dory from NY, was at Parong-Parong today to hear mass.

On our way home, he asked us to stop at a local sari-sari store for a shot - a photo shoot, not a shot of drink hehe.

Tito Noel is a musician and, I think, he makes mtv's of his works too. He post these at youtube. And his recent project was about inuman and he found the sari sari store ideal for his youtube and asked Omar and Kuya Dojoe to pose for it. I took the shot. Instant free exposure for Kuya and Omar hehehe. Looking forward to seeing this at youtube. Di ko lang alam title hehehe.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Creative mind.

I brought Summer with me to the office on a Saturday.

She loves staying at the office kasi nakakapag-paint sya with her water color. I even post them at my divider, it's like her Wall of Paint hehehe.

Summer loves playing with office stuff too. One of these is the container with magnetic top filled with paper clips and some coins. She used to sort them according to colors. But now, she did something different. Look! According to her, it's a carrot daw - with the paper clips forming the carrot and the coins forming the leaf.

At least di lang physically malikot, pati isip malikot hehehe, STAGE MOM na naman ako! Proud na proud to the tiniest thing.

Friday, July 25, 2008


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I so love DQ!

I texted Omar if he was planning to buy me a pasalubong, he could get me a chocolate coated strawberry. I was only referring to a blizzard.I was so suprised to get a chocolate coated strawberry waffle bowl sundae instead.
Bigla ako nahiya kasi alam ko mura lang ang blizzard, mas mahal ang waffle bowl. Okay na ako sa blizzard e. Pero ang sarap!!!

Summer got yanyan for pasalubong too.

Thank you! Thank you!


Lately, before going to Bulacan on Fridays, I try to prepare our bedroom for Winter while waiting for Summer to finish school. Though an hour will never be enough, but at least it's a start.

I received a call from Playschool asking us to fetch Summer earlier than their dismissal time kasi mataas daw lagnat. I was surprised for she was her usual active self this morning. She was even dancing and singing while eating her breakfast. She even had better appetite this morning than the previous days. Kaya siguro nilagnat hehehe. Good thing I was almost ready to leave the house and was just waiting for her dismissal time.

Pero kahit na, kaka-tense pa rin. We packed her meds, thermometer, bimpo, ice, and even pajamas for she was only wearing a mini skirt this morning.

Sabi ng ate sa school, bigla na lang daw nilagnat si Summer at 40 daw ang temp. So when we got to the car, I took her temp and it was 38.7, wiped her with bimpo damped with ice cold water, and gave her medicines.

Come lunch time, she happily ate egg and rice and chicharap from Chowking. Wala na din lagnat nya.I got a text from Playschool asking how Summer was. According to them, around 6 classmates of Summer complained of tummy ache and had fever and was even vomiting. They had a birthday party at school yesterday and was served with Jollibee food. Di naman nagsusuka si Summer. With tummy ache, she often say she's hungry - meaning she's really hungry, or busog, or wants to do number 2. Kaya di ko din alam kung ouwie nga tummy nya.

This afternoon, nilagnat na naman sya. I gave her medicines again. I asked her san ouwie, foot daw nya kasi may sugat hehehe. I asked her kung ouwie tummy nya, oo daw. I asked her if she wants to eat rice, oo daw. Haay salamat! Gutom lang naman pala. Buti na lang din medyo di malakas kumain anak ko at halos di kinain ang Jollibee party food. She just ate the cake. Pero under observation ko muna sya.

So far, she's still her usual self - malikot, maingay, at mahilig kumanta. I hope nothing to worry.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Domino Tag

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4 Things Tag

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(A) Four places I go over and over:
Summer's school, Omar's shop, my work place at Bulacan, and market places - Farmer's Market, Nepa Q Mart, Oriental Market at Balintawak and Makro - hala lampas na sa 4.

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly:
My egroup - N@w, P2C, Reantaso family, and Santiago family

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat?
KFC, Pho Hoa, lately Dairy Queen, and Mister Kabab - yun kasi ang katabi ng shop ni Omar hehe

(D) Four places you’d rather be?
Canada - to be with Jenny, California - to be with Ate and her family, On a cruise - dream ko makasama sa cruise sila Kuya and Omar, Thailand - I would love to bring Omar here kasi for sure magugustuhan nya ang food, spicy!!!

(E) Four people I think will respond:
kathy, mari, jane and jesse

(F) Four TV shows I could watch over and over:
Grey's Anatomy, Desperate housewives - pero bihira ko mahuli sa cable, bihira ako makasingit sa TV
Dyesebel - ito sinusubaybayan
News - para updated

A discovery.

My Summer is such a picky eater. Mas gusto nya maglaro kesa kumain.

Among her favorites are egg, daing na fish, tocino, and meatloaf. Di din sya mahilig sa fruits kahit nung baby pa sya, panay fresh fruit juice naman pinapainom ko sa kanya.

But I discovered a trick I can use on her to get her to eat fruits. I sliced the banana, squeezed chilled all-purpose cream over it, and topped it with chocolate syrup. She loved it! She likes the cream.I hope it works with other fruits as well.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer in uniform.

School uniforms are finally distributed to the students. This is the smallest size already, and it was too big for Summer. E yung next size yata kasya na kay Ate Cory nya e. I still have to bring her uniform for repair para di naman sya mukhang hanger.Pasensya na sa simangot, ayaw pa-picture, medyo mainit ang ulo, hirap kasi gisingin =).

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My new favorite.

The newly opened Dairy Queen at the Shell Station just before Tabang Exit is fast becoming my favorite stop.

I so love cold products! I love ice craze, I love halohalo, I love shakes, and I love blizzard! I've tried strawberry and banana, chocolate chip, rocky road, mud pie and oreo. So far, my favorite is the strawberry and banana.And Omar brought home blizzards for me and Summer! Thank you! I love it!

PhotoHunt: What IS that?

What is this? I won't tell. You have to guess, and be exact at that too.

This photo was taken by my artistic cousin from Canada, Benjie.

Fiesta, Anniversary, and almost a birthday.

A very busy Saturday.

Kuya and I started our day visiting the farms.

We went to Parong-Parong for the fluvial parade in honor of the Feast of St. Anne. Since, I'm preggy, I am not allowed to take the boat ride and join the parade. We went there just to pay respect.

It's Karcraft's 2nd anniversary! Yes, you read it right! We are 2years old already and surviving. Omar prepared lunch and merienda for the staff in thanksgiving. We had tinolang tahong, adobong baboy and atay, inihaw na bangus, and ginataang calabasa and sitaw for lunch and pancit with lots of puto and bibingka for merienda.

Since it's Karcraft's 2nd year, we weren't able to bring Summer to the 1st birthday party of Matti, Omar's nephew from his cousin Rommel and Pat. Mama Olive went to the party with Julian and Jaja and brought a party hat and loot bag for Summer too. The party theme was Matti the Builder.

There, a busy Saturday full of events.

Friday, July 18, 2008

So sweet.

Ate Jenjen is so sweet.

Summer used to ride with Kuya on Fridays on their way to Bulacan. But since Mommy and Daddy left for Canada and I have the driver for myself, I would rather wait for Summer before going to Bulacan.

On the times that Summer rode with Kuya, when they pick up Jenjen from her school, Summer would look at the sellers of cotton candy at their school. Jenjen bought a cotton candy for Summer today, only Summer was not with Kuya. She brought it here to Bulacan and gave it to Summer.Awww... she's so sweet. I can see how they love my baby.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby and me.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Winter update.

I had my check-up again. My Ob was out of the country so a reliever, Dra. Ana Pangan, checked on me for the mean time.

I am 34weeks pregnant with Winter and my weight is the same when I was 32weeks pregnant with Summer, so I am a little bit smaller now than before.

She noticed too that I have a low cbc and advised me to take iron-rich food. I will have my cbc checked again when my OB returns. I asked her what will be the effect to my baby. She said nothing to worry for the baby since he is getting enough from me. Problem is, I'm giving it to him so I am lacking supply for myself and if I give birth and lose a lot of blood, I might need some blood transfer. Which I do not wish to happen so I am now in liver diet.

And she also noticed that I am quite big (kahit smaller na nga ako ng konti compared noon kay Summer) and advised me to eat healthy foods lang (was it her nice way of saying na mag-diet ako? hehehe)

And while she was trying to locate my baby's heartbeat, Winter kicked at the same time at the other side of my tummy. We were both surprised! I was surprised kasi he would often stop moving if somebody else's hand would touch my tummy.

Mataas pa ang baby, pwedeng pwede pa at kayang kaya pa mag-work. Nothing to worry, Mommy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer's Weekend.

Summer was so busy over the weekend.

We started her Kumon workbooks on Friday night and she was so excited with it, calling me Teacher Mama.

Saturday, I brought her with me to the office, where she had time painting, and to the reception of the baptismal I forgot to attend.Then, when we just arrived at home from the reception, came my in-laws with her cousins. The house was a mess. I wonder how playschools manage to fix their place even with lots of kids around when I only have 3 kids with me and our house looked like a tornado just passed through it.My in-laws stayed with us until the following day, in celebration of Kuya Olejoe's birthday. Summer was so happy spending her weekend with her cousins.

Proud to be a stage mom.

I am proud to be a stage mom to my daughter, Summer. And I'm so happy and thankful for all the reasons to be proud of.

Of course, I need an outlet to pour out all of my daughter's accomplishments, booboos, and all. I wouldn't be content with just telling stories personally to my family and friends. And that's the main reason why I set up my blog. I wanted to record Summer's milestones so she can read it when she grows up.

Now that I have a blog, I need a community or a forum to let other people know my love for my daughter. I am thankful that the SocialSpark community is there to listen to my every brags for my daughter. I am slowly meeting friends around the globe who happily reads my stories without complains. You don't only get a free audience for your daughter's shows, SocialSpark would even help you buy anything for your baby.

Who wouldn't be proud of their babies? Who wouldn't want to show their great love for their lovable daughter? I am a proud to be a stage mom. And I am thankful to SocialSpark for being there for the opportunity to brag her and for giving me rewards for sharing her with the community as well.

So to all mommy bloggers out there, get out, join the community, and share your precious moments with us. We will not complain but share with your joy of motherhood because we are stage moms too.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My bad!

Just last week, I read from not to blame preggies if they kept on forgetting stuff for they are busy thinking for two - herself and her baby.

I said to myself, I'm lucky I'm not much forgetful now that I'm pregnant with Winter.

Until I received a text message around 11:30am from Jane informing me that they are at the Church already and I must use the side entrance of the Church instead of the main entrance. I was so shocked! I totally forgot that I was invited to be one of the sponsors for her baby. My bad! Nakakahiya talaga. Although the church is so near lang, I cannot go yet since no driver was available yet and Omar won't let me drive on my own.

Humabol na lang kami ni Summer sa reception. Blooper talaga. Nakakahiya. Pati gift utang. Blame it on my pregnancy.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Paeng!

It's Paeng's birthday too!

Another food fest! We had burger, pork steak, sausage, spaghetti, soup and salad. Ang dami dami! Ang tigas na naman ng tsan ko, di na lumambot!Good thing we gave Paeng his gift agad, just before Kuya gave their gift for Paeng, kundi di mapapansin gift ko. Nakakatawa din reaction ni Ryan when Paeng brought out his birthday gift from his Mom and Dad.And of course, we had our cake from Cake 2 Go, it's a Crunch Chocolate Cake! Yummy!!Happy birthday Paeng! Oh and he is a teen-ager already, ang baba na ng boses nya. Eeeekksss!

Educational bonding moments

My sisters used to enroll their kids to Kumon. I wanted to bring Summer there too sana kaya lang it's too tedious for me to send her to a Kumon school, plus the tuition fee is like another school year's tuition na rin.

Until I read from one of my yahoogroup that Kumon Workbooks are now available at the bookstores. Ang galing! I don't have to get a driver na just to bring Summer to Kumon Centers and pay for their monthly fees.

Yesterday, while at Trinoma buying some stuff for Winter, I dropped by National Bookstore. Unfortunately, they don't have Kumon available for ages 2-3. They checked other branches and reserved books for me at Congressional Branch.

After having lunch at Karcraft for Kuya's birthday, we dropped by the Congressional branch to get my reserved copies. They reserved 6 books for me but I got 4 muna.
Summer was so happy answering the exercises, calling me Teacher Mama. She would even dance after every page. I opened 2 books first and finished 4 activities in one sitting. After dinner, she wanted to do some more so I let her finish 2 more activities and just told her to do more tomorrow instead and happily obliged.At least, di lang TV ang bonding moments namin, may Kumon bonding moments na kami na educational pa.

Happy Birthday Kuya Olejoe!

Summer stays at school until 10:30am on Fridays. Usually, I let her ride with Kuya Dojoe on their way to Bulacan on Fridays since I leave in the morning.

This time, I waited for her to finish her school. She was so excited to see me fetch her from school. Then, off we went to Karcraft to attend Kuya Olejoe's birthday lunch at Karcraft.

Grabe! It was a feast! We had almondigas, binagoongan (it's been a long time since I last ate binagoongan, bawal kasi kay Omar), inihaw na liempo and bangus (my oh my! they don't eat taba ng bangus, so I feasted on the taba of 2 big bangus) with steamed okra. I did not taste the calderetang kambing and adobong kambing from Fernando's na nga e. We had sansrival for desserts too.

Ang tigas na naman ng tsan ko. No photos, busy kakakain e. Happy birthday Kuya!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A blessed trip

Mom and Dad just left for their month-long vacation at Canada to visit Jenny, who's taking her masters of law at U of T.

Mom initially wanted to go on a business class but learning from Jenny that her graduation will be on November, she decided to go on economy instead and go back again on November. Sayang din daw ang pamasahe.

But on their flight from HongKong to Toronto, Daddy texted us that they were upgraded to business class for free!!!! From seat number 58 to seat number 15! And this is not the first time it happened to them. Lucky!!!

Then I remembered receiving an email from Asia Miles showing us the improved business class cabin of Cathay Pacific.

Ang lakas mag-pray ni Mommy! Getting a business class on their long haul trip and paying the economy class rate. Sulit na ang pamasahe!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Home Work

Summer went home with her first ever home work. She did not bring home any home works last school year.
She's starting to write her name already hehehe. Though, when I get home, Ate Cory already helped her with her home work.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Asian Treasures

As previously mentioned from my other post, Mom just came from her 9-day asian tour last Saturday. They went to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangkok. Kung hindi lang ako buntis, kasama dapat ako dun e, alalay hehehe.

Anyways, we had lots of pasalubongs from her!

Summer got 4pairs of slippers/shoes, 2 pieces of character toothbrush, a blouse, a pajama set, a dress and a molding toy that you can form into different shapes.Winter got 3pairs of shoes, 2 sets of white tie side shirt with pajamas (may going home outfit na kami), and 2 sets of jumpsuits.

I got 3 maternity blouse, a pair of shoes, and a bag on their way home (nasa door to door pa e).

Omar got a shirt.

Thank you Mommy! Masarap din ang iwan kasi maraming pasalubong!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Tita Simang!

It was Thursday afternoon when Tita called me to cook dishes for her birthday on Sunday. Not that I'll be the one cooking, but people from the coffee shop. Then, she'll hold her party at our place na daw.

Nag-panic agad ako!!! The family are not good cooks but they are definitely food critics. For every occasion, Mommy would set a menu just for the family and will not get from the prepared menu selections of the coffee shop. And Mom was at Bangkok when Tita called me up. Party is on Sunday lunch, Mom's coming back on Saturday, and I have to do the marketing on Friday. So I prepared a flexible menu, and will be waiting for Mom's approval come Saturday. Scheduled menu was suam na mais, lengua estofado, pork caldereta, chicken teriyaki, inihaw na tilapia with steamed okra and eggplant with bagoong, laing, sotanghon, buko pandan and chilled fruit cocktail, and black gulaman for drinks. Pasado naman ang menu ko. Mom just changed the inihaw na tilapia to fried tilapia and the chilled fruit cocktail to ginataang mais. Mom added paksiw na bangus, steamed tilapia, sapin sapin and bibingka.
The family are big eaters and they ate a lot. Patok naman ang menu namin. Tita brought shrimps so we had a lot of take home pa.Happy naman ang birthday celebrant and her family. Syempre ang guests din happy!Summer had fun playing around with her cousins. She loved the cake! She ate a lot of cake - a serving of chocolate cake and a lot of serving of sansrival.I just have to post a photo of what she was wearing that day. It's not new but I can just see myself in her that day. Wearing rubber shoes, denim skirt, and still running around like a boy.

Happy birthday Tita! Salamat po sa tiwala nyo sa akin for preparing the menu for the family na mahirap pakainin ehehehe.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

PhotoHunt: Pointed

My fourth post for PhotoHunt, theme is Pointed.The hat was borrowed from my nephew. This was their costume from their school program representing a fruit, rambutan.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weather forecast

Not really the weather's, but my seasons - my coming baby Winter.

I went to see my OB last Tuesday but she was at the delivery room. After waiting for an hour, she called up her secretary to tell me to have my lunch first since her patient hasn't given birth yet. So I decided to just go back on Thursday.

It was one of my longest check-up with her. Not that there was something wrong, I just have lots of questions in mind - parang 1st born ulit hehehe. And a few reminders since I am not allowed to give birth between July 11 and 22, not that it is my due date since I am due on August, for she'll be going out of the country.

Baby's fine, head down, mataas pa daw sya, heart beat was okay, and 3days advance in size based from my last ultrasound.

I can give birth daw as early as August 14. Yikes! Di pa rin ako ready! Summer is not yet ready to be an ate!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No raising of hands.

Did Summer go to school today? Summer raise your hand!

Summer did not raise her hand at school when they sang for their attendance song. Summer did not go to school today.

Summer's sick. Over the weekend, she had a runny nose. On Sunday, she was starting to cough. This morning, she had a slight fever.

Omar talked to her that she cannot go to school because she's sick or else her classmates might be sick too. She agreed, though she was asking us to stay with her =(. But I can't! I have work to do and no one else can do it. My mom is not here.

Just before 9am, I received a text message from the head teacher of Summer's school asking how's Summer's finger. I told her it turned black and asked her what happened. Turned out that one of the boys closed the door of the rest room while Summer's finger was still at it. They have a rubber stopper for the door but other kids played with it. She assured me that they already talked to the kids.

I told her that Summer's absent due to slight fever because of her colds and cough, and not because of her black thumb. I said it's okay, mga bata yun e. Sana lang they would be careful next time.

Akala nya siguro susugurin ko sila hehehe tsaka di ko pinapasok anak ko dahil sa accident. Ayaw ko naman kasi maging over protective sa baby ko. Kahit naman nasa labas sya ng school, kung maaaksidente, maaaksidente. I want her to be strong. Kaya naman nya i-protect sarili nya e. Soon, she would have to learn to protect not just herself, but her coming baby brother. Am I too early not to protect her? Stage mom na nga ako e, magiging over protective pa.