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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Pearl Farm Day

The so much awaited part of the year - the summer get-away with the whole family. This time, we decided to go to Davao, and this time Summer will be going with us. I know how tough to tag along a baby when travelling but the trip won't be as happy and as memorable without her.

I wanted so much to bring everything for her. I brought 1 life vest and 1 life ring with a roof - para di umitim, for her. I even brought lots of chips - I know bad mommy, chocolates, and even C2! My siblings were all surprised with what I brought. And of course, the sunblock! - 1 for Summer, 1 for the body, and another for the face. I even bought Summer's own trolley kahit medyo hassle kasi may times na ayaw maghila, kaya 2 pa bitbit ko, pero okay lang cute naman sya sa picture e.

Our family took 2 separate flights and ours was the first to arrived Davao. We waited for them at the airport. It wasn't Summer's first time to take the plane, she just slept the flight through. We had picture taking at the airport while waiting.

The transfer took us from the airport to their pier. Another photo session for us. Then we had a boat ride - a first for Summer but not scary at all, even refused to hold hands with us and would love to stand in the middle - pasaway talaga!

Syempre mga gutom na, we had our breakfast pa, then started unpacking for our 3-day vacation. We had our first dip in the swimming pool, and after lunch, off we go to bed. It was too hot to swim anyway. We were set to go to the other island at 4pm but Summer and I was just so dead tired that we did not join them anymore.

The following day, we were set to go island hopping. I did not join them in the water. Summer and I just have to stay at the boat and take their photos. At ang cool! May shopping kahit sa gitna ng dagat, at pwede pa utang! Who would bring money in an island hopping tour? We can just pay daw when we get back to the resort.

Back at the resort, after taking our nap, we had our banana boat ride! Mine just have to be slow since I cannot afford to take a dip in the water.

For our last day, we left the resort early even with our afternoon flight so we could take a city tour of Davao. The place is so clean. Syempre ang una, shopping! We were able to buy, this time a family terno shirts, not only his and hers and baby's too. We then went to the Eagle Zoo. It was Summer's first time to visit a zoo. We even had picture taking with a snake and she was not scared at all.

The trip was quick and nice. Looking forward to our next summer get-away! Saan naman kaya kami?