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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A luau party for Zoe's 1st

We were invited to join Zoe celebrated her 1st year. Her luau party was celebrated at Nestle's Creamery!!! Yes! The old Magnolia house!
Zoe is Judith's daughter. Judith is Omar's cousin. Actually, she's the original Jade Reantaso of the family until I married Omar.

Summer loved the playground.Winter loved munching all the loots his lolos and lolas were getting for him and Summer.They served lunch buffet and ice cream bar!!!! They have classic ice cream flavors, lots of cookies, crackers, fruits, candies and other toppings and different syrups. And while waiting for the food to be served, Omar and I ordered their strawberry shake! And it was so good!!!

Kimy, the mascot, joined the party.Summer went home with so much goodies.

Thank you for inviting us! I miss the Magnolia house. I can remember my ice cream cake when I was small. Happy birthday Zoe!

PS Yes, you can still buy ice cream cake from the Nestle Creamery.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kuya's new baby.

We usually go home to Bulacan on Fridays. But since we have a party to attend the following day and have to bring the kids to their doctor for their monthly check-up, we decided to spend the night in Manila.

Omar spent it drinking with his relatives at Mandaluyong - not actually drinking since he stopped drinking for more than a year already, more of munching over beer match.

Summer spent it with her cousins - Yang brought the kids to SM to play and eat at Shakey's, followed with more play time at their house.

And Winter and I spent the night at Kuya's house watching movies at his new LCD TV with the Hi definition movies with his home theater system. We watched 'What happened in Vegas', 'Made of Honor' and 'Notting Hill'. Sarap manood pag ang linaw - both screen and sounds. Kuya drove us home at 11:30pm, just as Mang Abe brought Summer home. Omar went home past midnight.

Now, that's what we call - Thank God, It's Friday!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Mel and Bebet got married at a church in Valenzuela. The reception followed after the ceremony within the church grounds.Bebet is Ate Bing's youngest sister.

It was a simple, yet touching ceremony. Kuya and Ate Bing was the cord sponsor.Congratulations Mel and Best Wishes Bebet!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter's 6th.

Winter is now 6months old.
Loves to eat solids - so much that he does not want to drink his milk anymore huwaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Julian rocks at 7

Julian rocks at 7 and kids were invited to come in their rock costume at Shakey's in Malate.We arrived at the party with the kids in their rock costume and with the colored hair pieces from the first party we attended on the same day.

As usual, Summer was scared to join the kids in front with the party host. Pero dahil maarte sya, nagenjoy sa salon at dun dumeretso! Walang dalawang salita at nagpaayos talaga! Syempre pati si Winter, walang patawad ang nanay. Omar had his tattoo naman.
And the end results:
Omar joined the games for the fathers while Cory joined the games for the ates.

While the other kids were enjoying the magic show, Summer and Winter were happy playing with each other. Kaya sila na lang din pinanood ko, di na ang magic show. Jaja had fun playing with Summer too.

Happy birthday Julian!

Happy Birthday Alden!

It's Alden's 1st birthday party at Gazebo Royale.
Alden is Alaina's brother. Alaina is Lenlen's daughter. Lenlen is my cousin.

They served taho, ice cream, and fish balls and they gave away colored hair - perfect for our rock party in the afternoon.
They had face painting and a magic show and balloon twisting. But Summer was too scared to join. I was able to convince her to get her painting on her hand with an image of Dora.

We enjoyed the food! It was buffet both for adults and kids.

Happy birthday Alden!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Winter's Best Friend

Just sharing a photo of Winter with his newly-found best friend.We put apple or cookies or wafers or banana or anything edible for babies. How he loves it! He would get mad when it's time to refill the muncher. I should buy more kaya lang can't find it here in Manila. Please let me know if you know some place or site where I can buy it. Thanks!

Field Trip

It's Summer's field trip and this time, I went with her. She was even sick but that did not stop me and her for joining the trip. Actually, sira tsan nya so sinuotan ko na lang ng diaper.

We went to Ark of Avilon at Tiendesitas.

Summer was scared of the animals, even inside the glass cage. We had her photo taken with the horse. She was scared to have her photo taken with the monkey.

She went to feed the rabbits at first and got scared in the end.

We also met n@wie Jane with her daughter, Sophia, who was having their field trip too.

It was so hot, we wanted to just stay at the bus. After the trip at the zoo, we had our lunch at Tiendesitas. We wanted to bring the kids instead at Fun Ranch but it was still closed.

We had fun. It was nice meeting the other parents too.

Photos to follow.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Parents-Teacher Conference 2

It's time once again for the parents-teachers conference with Summer's school.

Here are Summer's teachers' comments, good and bad:

She talks a lot but still manageable. Whenever they mention a word related to her previous travels, she would talk non-stop about it until the teacher reminds her to share her stories later after school.

She is still among those who listens. Nageexcel naman daw. She can now write her nickname and family name on her own, count 1-20, and can write her name and winter's backwards. In fact, she's the fastest in her class to write her name.

BUT she's selfish when it comes to toys. But she would love to share her baon na ayaw nya kainin.

As usual, she has the most number of art works. We saw how thick her folder was compared to her classmates'.

More on good pa rin than bad, I'm thankful! I just have to train her to share.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's

Ang sabi ni Summer, Mama I have something for you! I have Happy Valentine's for you!
Valentine's card pala.. heheehe. Sweet!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Kuya!

We spent Kuya's birthday at Fontana. Mommy, Daddy, Lola, Tita Nil and Benjie from Canada, Kuya and his family, my family together with Mama and Papa.We rented 2 3-bedroom villas and checked-in on Friday. It's not our first at Fontana but it's our first to be served with welcome drinks. And they have a new reception area too. Mom and Tita Nil prepared the dinner. We had too much. Omar grilled ribs too. Mama gave Mommy a dozen of heart donuts from Krispy Kreme.We ended the night early in preparation for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. We woke up at 5am to catch the first flight at 5:30am. Traffic was terrible and parking was packed already so we decided to return to the villa instead.We had our breakfast - arroz caldo and goto and jamaican patties. Kuya blew his cake too. We gave him a Mango Bravo from Conti's. For the valentine celebration, Omar gave me flowers and Ate Bing and Mommy and Mama and Lola and Tita Nil too. After breakfast, Mommy, Lola, Tita Nil, Mama and the kids took the horse ride around the resort while Winter and I went back to bed. Summer played with her new friend from the next villa.We checked-out at 1pm and had lunch at Arirang at Friendship Gate sponsored by the birthday celebrant. We had Korean food. Summer did not eat and slept the entire time. She was busy playing around in the morning.We went back to Malolos and had dinner at the valentine special at the coffee shop.

Happy birthday Kuya! Happy Valentine's!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Happiness is seeing my babies playing together.Sana wag sila aso't pusa pag laki, konti lang pwede, not too much, I hope!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thank God for the in-laws!

Mama is so sweet! She prepared a special dinner kasi anniversary daw namin! We had filet mignon! I love it!

I'm blessed with great inlaws. I'm thankful! They treat me as their own. Feels like more than 5years!

I must have done something right!

Thank you Mama and Papa!