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Monday, June 30, 2008

Black thumb =(

As regularly done, I called Summer at home after school.

She was crying 'owie' (ouch in Summer's vocabulary). She was saying something about ipit in between her cry. I asked her Ate Cory to apply ice. Turned out, she was crying because she doesn't want her ate to put ice. So I just told her that if she will not let her ate put ice on her owie, I will have to bring her to the doctor.

When I got home, a portion of her thumb fingernail turned black.Summer's okay na. Accidents happen.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photo Hunt: Bright

My third post for Photo Hunt, theme is 'Bright'.

I posted a photo of my baby with her eyes so big, it's like a car's head light on bright mode.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alma Mater

A busy Thursday night.

After work, from Karcraft, we had dinner at Monaco Cafe. I want eating there. I so long to try their crepe but I always end up too full after the main course, sadly, no more room for desserts.

We then went to Manila Doctors to visit Odie for his 3rd session of his chemo therapy.

Then, we went to Thed's wake at Don Bosco Mandaluyong. Parang ang panget pakinggan, but the family was excited to go back to their Alma Mater, from Papa to Kuya Olejoe and Omar, and even Mama. It was my first to be at Don Bosco too. I've been to Don Bosco Makati, but not at Mandaluyong. There were a lot who went to give their last respect for Thed, families, relatives and friends from school and different orgs Thed belonged.No, that's not Summer. It's Omar's niece, Keisha, from his cousin. She's so cute and loves to sing and dance.

We went home 12midnight na, kung kailan ako pinagbawalan ng OB magpuyat because of my low CBC. Ganyan talaga makipag kapwa-tao. Babawiin ko na lang sa pag kain ng atay at ampalaya.

A Tragedy

What Frank left the family is a tragedy.

The missing mountaineer at Zambales was Omar's cousin.

They left for Zambales early morning of Saturday. Morning of Sunday, as they were about to cross a 200meters wide stream, which was just below their knee deep, came a flash flood and water was neck-deep already. The 12 mountaineers crossed their hands together (like kapit-bisig style) while crossing the stream. Thed, Omar's cousin, was at the end of the line. Unfortunately, his buddy, which was just in front of him, was freed from the group and so was Thed. They both did not make it, including the local guide from the area who tried to rescue them.

Thed's body was found yesterday, on his 32nd birthday, 2hours travel by land and an hour travel by boat from where they were last seen.

So tragic. So sad. He was too young.

Monday, June 23, 2008

OH NO!!!

I always call Summer after school, to check if I need to bring home something, like an assignment or a birthday party for the next day.

Me: Hi Summer! How's school?
Summer: Hi Mama! Galit teacher inside the classroom.
Me: Ha? Bakit galit teacher? What happened?
Summer: Fight.
Me: Oh no! Who's fighting?
Summer: Mermer.
Me: OH NO!!! Sino fight ni Summer?
Summer: Niko.
Me: Bakit kayo fight ni Niko? Diba I told you no fighting?
Summer: Ok mom! Bye mom!

Grrrrr!!! Para na nga ako long playing album pag umaga paulit-ulit - listen to your teachers, no fighting, no hitting, share with your friends.

Sparkling pregnancy

What's with pregnancy? Since I discovered I was pregnant on December of 2007, I became too lazy to post anything at my blog.

You can see how my number of posts dropped dramatically since December, considering that December is a busy month for all of us with all the happenings and parties we attended. Then came January to March which marks the beginning of the year. Then came summer! Summer is with me almost the whole time! I must have loads of stories to tell about her, but I'd rather shrug it off and not record it at all in my blog.

But now, the spark just came back! I'm revived! I am so back to blogging! Notice how I start posting again last May until now. I hope I'll continue doing so for the coming months. Must be because I am now almost at my last trimester in pregnancy that I'm no longer lazy. But it's even harder to sleep now, I must not have enough energy for blogging. Or maybe I need my blogging to recharge my energy.

Thanks too to SocialSpark for putting up with my spirit. It's a great timing too that they accepted me in their community when I'm just reviving my spirit in blogging. SocialSpark is different from other forums. Here, you can meet new friends, reading their blogs and getting to know them.

Now, stay tuned and watch me tell you my stories. Now that Summer is back to school and I'm almost ready to pop, I sure have lots to tell. I'm so excited, I am so back to blogging once again!

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Typhoon Frank

It's on the net. Check your yahoo mails and you'll see at the homepage and their headline is all about the damages typhoon Frank is giving the country. True, it's so sad, specially the victims of the sunken ship.

We woke up early hoping to catch the 9am mass, 30minutes drive from our place. The wind was so strong it was not safe to travel so we decided to hear mass in the afternoon instead.

We had breakfast, then slept, woke up to eat lunch, work a bit, went to Jollibee for a drive thru again for a bite (mahirap kasi kumain ng lunch kasi brownout di mo makita ang food), slept again, woke up to attend the 5pm mass, had dinner, and now blogging and watching the rerun of Hannah Montana's concert (though, di na sya 3d, kainis!), and will sleep again.

Good thing we decided to stay than to go home to Paranaque. Classes are suspended for tomorrow.

Buhay baboy, katamad! Kaka-guilty din knowing that some people are struggling to survive the typhoon. We just have to pray for their safety and more strength and thank Him for not putting us in their situation, for being so blessed! Hope you're safe!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

3D Concert

It's Hannah Montana's 3D Concert on Disney Channel!

Ang galing! Naumpisahan at natapos namin ang concert! But not in between. Haaayyy!!! Pero okay lang, Summer didn't know naman what she missed. I am just hoping na mag-replay sya.

We were able to watch the start of the concert at Karcraft. The 3D goggles was too big for Summer so I stapled a rubber band at the ends so it would fit perfectly for Summer. But still, she would often take it off. Di yata nya makuha ang concept. But she had fun dancing until it was time for us to go home. Oh and syempre, I have to watch the concert in 3d too!Since Summer was busy serving everybody their drinks, di sya nakakain ng dinner. Sige na nga, mahirap talaga sya pakainin. Feeling yata nya sayang ang time nya pag kain at pwede pa nya iyon gawing play time. So on our way home, we have to drive thru at Jollibee for her dinner which she happily ate at the car.

When we got home, we saw the closing credits hahahaha. Nakita pa naman namin ang face ni Hannah Montana kahit sobrang sandali lang then closing credits na. Oh and she would scream with kilig over Jonas Brothers. Bata pa karengkeng na hehehe.

We are hoping for a replay para di naman sayang 3d goggles namin.

9 days

It's Lolo Pete's 9th day.

The family in the Philippines gathered once again to say a prayer for the soul of Lolo Pete. It was originally scheduled at Lolo Fermin's place. Unfortunately, his brother passed away, and due to their old age, the family decided to hold it at Karcraft instead.

Summer and I luckily got a ride with Kuya on their way to St. Lukes.

It was pot luck and we bought the bilao of sushi. Some brought a bilao of siomai, lumpiang sariwa, mechado and adobo, a vase of fruits on stick and drinks.

What made the event more special is my masipag PR manager. Summer was busy serving drinks to everyone. As in! Her hands are not big enough to hold a tray. While Ate Cory was crushing the ice and I was pouring the drinks over the glass, Summer would distribute them one by one. She would even check if everybody got their drinks already. If she saw one without one, she would ask him/her what he/she wants. Awww! Sana lumaking mataas ang EQ ng anak ko.

I'm happy. I'm proud of my Summer.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Star!

Summer went home with her first stamp for the school year!I asked her what she did to deserve the stamp, she cannot answer. Oh no! Di bale at least may stamp pa rin. Sulit na rin kahit parang tape recorded ako kaka-remind sa kanya to always listen to her teachers, no fighting with her classmates, and to always share with everybody.

Needs iron.

I checked with my OB's secretary yesterday if they received my laboratory results. She asked me to call my OB regarding my CBC result.

I was able to call my OB just this afternoon. My sugar was okay. Rejoice! Rejoice! I can still eat my chocolates! My urinalysis was okay. Ultrasound was okay. But CBC daw was low at 9.9. I wasn't able to ask for the normal score.

I was advised to eat liver and ampalaya - good thing I love liver and I sometimes like ampalaya, and not to stay up too late. Then, I will have my CBC checked again next month. Yikes! Needles again.

Need to stock up on iron!

Where is Summer?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to Makati

Summer so loves going home to Paranaque specially on Wednesdays. We spent our last 2monthsat Bulacan. She must be bored hehehe but she had lots of time swimming.

Summer and Mama are back to their Wednesday date together. Mama would usually pick Summer up in the afternoon to hear mass at Makati.

Omar and I met them at Makati. We were hoping to catch the 6pm mass at Glorietta, only to find out that the mass was at 5pm. So Omar and I bought my Father's gift for him - a pair of jeans. He discovered a jeans with a perfect fit for his big hips and big pwet hehehe. He was so happy he got 2 pairs.

Ate Cory informed me that Summer's schoolmate Cara will be holding her birthday party at school so we have to buy a gift for her. While buying the gift, Mama and Cory brought Summer to the play area. The girl was so happy!
We had dinner at 1618. We had hamburger and sinigang sa miso. Nagmeryenda naman kami pero ang dami dami kong nakain. Ang sarap kasi e!

Thank you Mama for spending time with Summer. Thank you din po for Wednesday dinners.

Happy Birthday Ninang Jenny!

Happy Birthday Pangs!

Here's a photo of you and Summer. I know how you miss her so much. Tipid pala pag malayo ka kasi walang gift hehehe. Ito na lang picture.Happy Birthday!

First Day of School, SY 2008-2009

It's Summer's first day of school for the school year 2008-2009 and she's in the Juniors Level.

Last night, we were telling her that she needs to wake up early the following day for her first day at school. It's easier to wake her up if you make her promise to wake up early the night before. But what made me really convince her to go up from the bed was to check her school supplies. I told you, she's so excited for her art materials.

She was able to finish her breakfast fast and dress up fast so we had time to take her photo before going to school.She was so excited going back to school that she did not even take a second glance at us upon entering her classroom. Big girl na talaga!

Enjoy your school Summer! Be good!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lolo Pete +

Lolo Pete from Virginia passed away last Saturday. Lolo Pete was the youngest brother of Lolo Fidel, Papa Oscar's father.

Omar, Summer and I paid them a visit on our second trip to Canada. Omar was choosing between Chicago and Virginia then until Mama suggested to visit the elders for we do not know until when they can be here with us. Good thing we listened.

In a short time I was able to spend with Lolo, I found him a jolly and very generous person. He's so kenkoy. He likes Luningning of Wowowee and Summer then just loves to sing Boom tarat tarat.

The family here in the Philippines heard mass together at Makati for Lolo Pete, followed with a dinner at Lola Miren's house, another sister of Lolo Fidel.

Thank you Lolo Pete and may your soul rest in peace.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Growing expenses.... or investment?

It's Summer's school time once again.

I know we are a bit late in preparing for her school stuff, but just in time for her first day on June 18.

On Father's Day, instead of Summer giving her gift to her Papa Omar, Omar and I brought her her new pair of rubber shoes for school and had her photo taken. Ayaw nya papicture at first kaya ayaw mag-smile.Today, I brought her her school supplies - her crayons, markers, color pencils, watercolor, scissors, erasers, and the like. Oh she was so excited to see them!

Omar and I went back to have a family photo developed too. I just realized that the last set of our photos developed was before she turned 1 pa. E she has to bring a family photo sa school.

Okay lang, kaya naman kami nagtatrabaho ni Omar, to be able to bring her to school. Pano pag 2 na sila? God will provide.

Lab Testsssss

From my last check-up with my OB, I had quite a long list of assignments before I go back to her next week.

After lunch at the shop, Kuya and Omar dropped me at the MegaCenter Laboratory for my laboratory tests.

I had my urinalysis, my pelvic ultrasound for fetal assessment and my sugar test and cbc. My baby is no longer suhi, yey!

I just have to call my OB within the week to check for the results since I asked the laboratory to forward the results to my doctor instead of me going back just to claim it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thank you!

Summer's a spoiled inaanak! Or am I a spoiled sister?

Jenny bought her first and only pair of crocs. But since it's shrinking. Was it shrinking? Or is Summer's feet growing really fast? I reported it to Ninang Jenny and she said that she'll buy her a new pair. I hesitated at first but sayang naman the offer so I said okay hehehhe. But when I got it na together with my requested 3-in-1 cereals, bigla ako nahiya hehehe. Actually, I just requested for a 2-in-1 cereals and she got me 3-in-1. I miss her. She loves Summer so much. As I texted her, it's Summer's school time once again and I'm the only one excited. Wala kasi sya =(.

All set!

We got our 3d goggles I requested from our cable provider for the Hannah Montana's 3d concert on June 21. We're all set!I wonder how Summer will react with 3d effects since it will be her first.

Time to master - 'Best of Both Worlds'.

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Papa Omar!Thank you so much for loving Summer. Thank you for giving her a bath now that my tummy is so big, it's so hard to bend and even before when I wasn't pregnant yet and I was just too lazy to give Summer a bath.

I know you're happy to have a Papa's girl who loves you so much, so much that I cannot go near or close to you so much or else she'll get mad.

I hope she grows up like you, generous and madiskarte sa buhay.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Jade.

Oh I am so happy!

In celebration of Father's Day, dinner was:

Cream of Corn Soup
Veggie Salad with Thai Dressing
Mashed Potato with gravy
Ice cream
Carrot cupcake
Fruit Juice

Another round of family affair dinner.

Feed me baby! and I'll be oh so so happy!

Photo Hunt: Emotions

Summer on her 6th month.

Friday, June 13, 2008


I had my monthly check-up.

I heard Winter's heartbeat through the doppler. Everything is normal.

I have a lot of tests to undergo before I go back to my OB 2 weeks from now - CBC, Sugar test, Urinalysis and Pelvic Ultrasound for fetal assessment.

Nagulat ako! Every 2weeks na ang check-up ko. Malapit na pala ako manganak! 10weeks na lang. Parang teka muna anak! Dyan ka muna, wag ka muna lumabas! Di pa ako nakakapag ayos ng gamit mo. Wala ka pang pajamas. Wala pa nga ikaw cabinet ng gamit mo e.

I can still remember when I was pregnant with Summer, by this time naka-pack na hospital bag ko with our things. Ngayon, wala pa ni isa! It's not that we are not excited, naging busy lang talaga.

Sandali lang Winter ha, matutulog muna si Mama. Di pa ako ready magpuyat!


Not a surprise anymore since I already texted Jenny about it.

I had my hair cut!!!

I didn't like my last hair cut. My hair reminds me of my chemistry teacher back in highschool. I texted my hair stylist on my second night asking for a repair since di ko carry hair style ko. I was just able to go back yesterday and he repaired my hair for free!!!

It's been a long time since I had my hair cut this short. I feel like single again hehehhe.

Summer didn't like my hair. Omar likes my hair.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

17 and thankful!

We turned 17 on the Independence Day. When others say that the average life span of the business was just 5years, we are so thankful that we reached our 17th year.

We had our thanksgiving mass with Mons and the RCM Sisters, an annual tradition, followed with a thanksgiving speech from the management. It was Ryan's first time to assist a priest during mass, just like a sakristan. Ryan wants to become a priest at a young age. Matuloy kaya?Mom also served a thanksgiving snacks for the staff. We had sopas, turon, pichipichi, embutido, bread and watermelon. I so love the sopas and watermelon. I had them for lunch too!Thank you po! Maraming, maraming salamat!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Company Outing

We had our annual company outing.

We went to Camayan Beach Resort at Subic for a day tour.

We left Malolos at 6am and arrived early at the resort, having used the new SCTEx. We had 1 bus, 1 van, a pick-up and our private car. All 80+.

Mom prepared a packed adobo rice for breakfast, paes na bangus, steamed veggies, kilawing puso ng saging, bicol express and menudo for lunch, and spaghetti and ensaymada for pm snack.

We started our company outing with a thanksgiving prayer led by Daddy.
The hotel staff was assigned to organize the games. We played tug of war and obstacle relay. Team B won both games. We only had 2 teams.They enjoyed swimming at the beach under the sun. Kahit I'm too lazy to swim under the sun, masipag naman ako kumain, nangingain ako ng nangingain. We passed by All Meat Shop to take home some steak, yummy!! And the bus passed by Duty Free to buy some goodies.

Thank you po for another year and may we have many more years to come.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cooking 101

It's a long weekend in commemoration of independence day, moved to June 9 from June 12. My inlaws stayed with us at Bulacan.

Summer is over. I finally had the time to be at home with them. I learned some recipes, which I hope to remember when I get to stay at home after I give birth.

Salad - Thai Salad
with shrimp, pomelo and lettuce
dressing: 3T thai patis, 1 1/2 lemon juice, sugar

Mapo Tofu
saute garlic and onions
add minced pork
add pepper to taste
add oyster sauce
add 5cups of water
add a cup of water with AA powder
add japanese tofu
top with leeks
season with sesame oil

Ang tigas na naman ng tsan ko kakakain. Yummy!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 3 - Bound for Manila

It's time to go home.

We had our breakfast. It was pretty hard to wake up Summer since we have nothing to motivate her, just a plane ride back home and she doesn't want to go home.
After breakfast, we packed our things and left the resort at 10am. Of course, we had our picture taking before leaving the resort.Thank you Mommy and Daddy!

Day 2 - Calauit Safari Tour

We had early breakfast and left the resort at 7am for our Safari Tour at Calauit Island of Palawan.

At the island, we temporarily took a jeepney ride for the truck who was supposed to pick us up from the shore got a flat tire. Then the truck just picked us up somewhere.We saw a lot of Calamian deers, zebras, giraffes, palawan bear cat, porcupine, and monkeys. I got to feed the giraffe and the palawan bear cat. It was a hot day.On our way back to the resort, the guest activity officer asked some questions regarding the island and gave away giraffe stuffed toys for prizes.At the resort, we had our siesta, woke up in the afternoon for a quick dip at the beach and at the pool, and strolled along the facilities of the resort - chapel and lagoon. After dinner, we had another round at the videoke room.Another day of fun. Tomorrow, it's time to go home.