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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Live in Action!

On our way to Bulacan from Antipolo, we dropped by Oriental Market to buy siniguelas and vegetables for Lola.

While in the car waiting for my mom to finish her shopping, we can see people running excitedly to and from the entrance. Some were shouting that there was some shooting. We can see the overpass getting full of usiseros.

When we're done shopping, we were surprised to see Edsa so free. To our surprise, there were 3 mobile patrol cars blocking the road, North bound. Then we heard a number of gunshots. So we immediately instructed the driver to speed away.

We were using my sister's car, who is not equipped with an EC tag, so we have to cue in the ticket lane. And to our surprise, there was a mobile patrol and motorcycles armed with armalites rushing their way into the NLEX. And we were held at the entrance of the expressway.

Listening at the AM Radio, there was a bus hold-up and they were running after the holdapers in their get-away vehicle. We were held for 20minutes, seeing all the mobile patrols of SWAT rushing into the expressway right in front of us.

With all the rush going through at the highway, my baby was busy playing inside the car. Innocence of the child. Thank God we were safe.

Tayo na sa Antipolo!

It's been our tradition to hear Mass at Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage at Antipolo on Daddy's and Mommy's wedding anniversary on May 31.

Here is my photo with my counsel.

This was Summer's 3rd time to visit the church. Last year, Mommy bought her this butterfly toy. This year, it was Daddy's turn to buy her the same toy. Di pa kami nakakababa ng bundok ng Antipolo, sira na.
Who would not be tempted to buy these goodies? From parking pa lang, people would sales talk you to buy from their stores. We bought suman and cashew nuts.

After the mass, we went to Gloria Maris at Greenhills for our dimsum breakfast.
Happy Anniversary Daddy and Mommy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Alaina!

Summer attended Alaina's 1st birthday party yesterday at Gazebo Royale.

Alaina's my cousin's first child. She's the youngest in our Santiago clan. Summer just adores her. She calls all her baby dolls, Alaina.

Here's a photo of Summer with the celebrant and the funny photo of the celebrant.

Sad to say, Summer was scared to join the games. She refused to have her face paint and watch the balloon show.

She was sure happy to get her loot bag.

Happy birthday Alaina!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Tita Jack gave Summer a bottle of Dora foam bath last Christmas. But since we do not have a bath tub, Summer will have to make use of her baby bath tub.

How she loves bubbles!

They're Back!

Mommy and Daddy are back from their US-Canada vacation.

Their plane landed at 4:45am, ate breakfast at home in Paranaque, and went here at Bulacan. We weren't able to fetch them since we were expecting big groups at the resort.

And we had lots and lots of pasalubongs!!!

For Omar -
For me -For Summer -Food!!! -

Thank you Mommy and Daddy! Thank you Paeng and Jenjen! Thank you to all our families from US and Canada who sent stuff for us. We liked it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Nanny .... not Summer's

My Ate Nora came to visit us to see my baby.

Ate Nora helped my mom raise us. She took care of us until she became a teacher. She left for Masbate and taugt there. She sees to it that she visits us at least once a year during summer. We text each other once in a while.

Now, she's not just my Ate Nora, she is my Summer's Lola Nora.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Telenovelas may be dangerous to your baby's health

Dahil sa ka-jologan namin magasawa, nagkabukol ang baby ko.

Omar called me to record the first sets of Maging Sino Ka Man since he was just on his way home. Obedient wife that I am, I took out my cellphone to video the telenovela. Come commercial, I would then transfer the recorded video to my laptop so I could delete it in my digicam for the next set. Ganyan ako ka-tsaga - gosh, must be love!

Since it's hard to video the tv show, I pulled the table in front of the tv where I could sit comfortably.

Just when I was transferring the video from my digicam to my laptop, I saw my baby fell down from the table, head first! And she got a bump on her upper left forehead, the size of a jackstone ball. I felt so terrible and guilty. I immediately put ice on her forehead. She was crying so loud and saying 'ako na! ako na!' But she would put the ice on her right forehead, far from her bump.

Come the next set of telenovela, as I was busy attending to her bump, not planning to record the succeeding sets, she pointed at the tv saying, 'ayan na! ayan na!' To pacify her, I recorded the succeeding show.

She wouldn't let me put ice on her bump. A papa's girl in the making that she was, she allowed her papa to apply ice on her forehead. Omar brought home a burger king meal for pasalubong. Summer's not allowed to drink soda. I often tell her 'no coke!' that she would shout at the tv 'no coke!' everytime she see the commercial of Coke. But since she was injured that night, Omar let her take a sip. After taking her sip, she approached me and with a wide grin on her face, told me 'Mama, coke! I like it!' GRrr.....

Friday, May 18, 2007

Face Recognition

I got this from Melisse and I tried it.

Parang wala akong narecognize sa kanila.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mama's birthDay

It was my MIL's birthday yesterday.

She had lunch with her apos at Jollibee and brought the kids at Kids Domain where they played for an hour. She also brought them to rides like carousel and crawling animals. Summer had lots of fun. She was even telling us 'horse' and 'jaja' over breakfast - attempting to tell us how her day with her lola went yesterday. For dinner, Mama Olive celebrated it with all her kids and wives and Tita Leslie. We had dinner at Tong Yang at Jupiter.

Happy Birthday Mama!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mama Mary's Day too!

May, being the month of flowers and the month of Mama Mary, Summer was invited at the Fatima Park of 1618 to offer flowers to Mother Mary together with her cousins - Julian and Justine.
We attended the 6pm mass at the Fatima Park. Summer, being the smallest, was the first in line. She walked the aisle with her Ate Cory. We were seated at the back and heard a very loud cry - and I can recognise that it was my baby's cry. Found out that she got scared of the old lady helping the kids put the flowers at the vases prepared for Mama Mary.

I could recall my summer days when I was small when we would offer flowers too - and now it's my baby's turn.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

It was Sunday morning and Omar woke me up with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

How sweet!
Thank you Omar and Summer! Thank you Omar for giving me Summer. Thank you Summer for brightening up my days and because of you, I get to celebrate this very special day.

And because of you, I get to appreciate my mom more. Happy mother's day Mommy! Happy Mother's day Mama!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful and beautiful mommies!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Height Predictor

I got this from

Height Predictor

Sex: F
Age: 2
Height: 2ft. 11in.
Weight: 29lbs.
Mother's height: 5ft. 4in.
Father's height: 5ft. 8in.

Note: This calculator works for children age 2 and up. (Depending on your child's age, we'll use some or all of the information you entered above in our calculations.) You may get inaccurate results for children who are exceptionally tall or are already taller than both their parents.Keep in mind that the BabyCenter Height Predictor is meant to be a fun tool. The result will be a "best guess" but it's still just that -- a guess. If you're concerned about your child's growth, talk to his healthcare provider.

Thanks for using our calculator!

Your daughter will likely be 5 feet, 7 inches tall at age 18.

This prediction is a "best guess" but it's still just that -- a guess. Based on the formula we used,* there's a 50 percent chance your daughter's full-grown height will be within 1 inch (above or below) of this prediction, a 69 percent chance it will be within 2 inches, and an 84 percent chance it will be within 3 inches.

The fine print:This method relies on where your daughter falls on the Centers for Disease Control's growth charts, and it assumes that she'll remain in the same percentile until she reaches her adult height. The accuracy of the prediction varies because some children will fall into different percentiles throughout childhood.*Reference:The Multiplier Method for Prediction of Adult HeightBy Jonathan Paley, Jonathan Talor, Anna Levin, Anil Bhave, Dror Paley, and John E. HerzenbergJournal of Pediatric Orthopaedics, October 2004

Try niyo!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

My mini me? or mini Omar?

I just want to share with you how 'maarte' my baby is.

She is wearing the accessories I wore on my mom's birthday last month.

Friday, May 4, 2007

A baby with one word

I am so proud of my baby!

She was such a thumbsucker that she already has a 'kalyo' on her left thumb. She thumbsucks when she sleeps.

But since Omar made her promise not to thumbsuck, I could see that she was trying her best to fulfill her promise. I know it was hard for her. I could see how much she wanted to please us.

I know, I am going to have a good daughter. Thank God!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

School Trip

We went with Ate Bing to St. Paul for Jenjen's enrollment. I brought Summer along with me.

Ryan and I brought her to the pre-school building. She just kept on running. But when I asked her if she wants to go to school already, she said 'no'. The tuition fee for nursery is Php 71,000+ not including books and uniform and car sticker. And the age for going to nursery on June must be 3years and 11months. whew!!

Buti na lang ayaw pa nya mag-school hehe.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Another hair cut

Summer had her third hair-cut today. She is so used to having her hair cut that she doesn't cry anymore and sit still while having her cut. Big girl na.

She was sick for the last few days up to now that's why her eyes looks tired. I hope she gets well soon.