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Sunday, February 28, 2010


After years of convincing Papa, he got himself another car. It's not brand new but it's a more comfortable car than with one he used to use before 'August' - a name for the Everest from the movie, I miss you like crazy.

After all the documents and process they need to undergo for the transfer, August was finally released without Papa knowing it. All the while, he thought that the unit will be released next week.

Kuya Olejoe got it from Laguna, brought it to the shop and they had it detailed and buffed, both interior and exterior, overnight.

Sunday, we brought it home to 1618 to surprise Papa.
Kids are getting bored for Papa's arrival. Mama brought Papa to Market Market so we can plant the surprise for Papa.
When they got back home, Papa even played with Winter in front of their gate, not knowing that August was inside the garage waiting for him.
Papa deserves the car! Ang ganda!

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