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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Be well, birthday boy!

Summer was coughing one Thursday night with a slight fever. She wasn't able to go to school the following day. Come friday night, her fever hit 40.1 and no Tempra can make it go down, even when I wipe her joints with almost frozen face towel. Good thing her pedia texted back right away and instructed me to give her Dolan, which was magical!

Omar started feeling bad over the weekend. We had massage service for everybody on a Tuesday night.

Until Winter then started to cough too and got fever. I then brought the kids to the pedia. They were prescribed antibiotic, together with meds for cough and colds and nebulizer for Summer. Summer got well while Winter still got on and off fever. I then brought him back to the pedia a week after and he was prescribed a stronger antibiotic and had his x-ray and dengue test. I was told that if after the new antibiotic was given to Winter, he must not have fever or else he will then be admitted to the hospital.

And he still had fever. I texted the doctor and he texted back to admit Winter to the hospital. Knowing the long line for room admission, I called the hospital first to put his name on wait list while waiting for his test results the other night. Dengue test result was negative. X-ray result was cleared. The doctor recalled his orders and instructed us to bring him back instead to the clinic the following day for a follow-up check.

We went to the clinic today with a hyper boy. We went home and was instructed to just proceed with his medicines. And while I'm typing this down, he's starting to get warm again.

He's turning 3 on Monday. I hope he gets well by then. The environment nowadays are full of virus and bacteria, might be due to climate change as well. For my kids' sake and for my contribution to help save the environment, I will go look for eco friendly products for my gift for Winter so I can train my kids as well to love God's creation. But you have to get well first Winter.

Not sick, lots of gift, a happy birthday, a happy birthday celebrant, a happy mom! That's me!

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