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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Omar received a BIG project in his shop early second quarter of this year.  It's a total wrecked BMW X5.  He have to order and purchase the parts abroad from his friend and source out some parts as well.  There were delays in delivery of some parts so he wasn't able to deliver the unit on time.  The client was so understanding and he likes Omar for he's been reporting every progress to him.

In my own little way, I helped him by showing online sites of auto paint shops using Spectrum.

Then it's time to deliver the unit.  It was sooo nice!  It was like sparkling new.  I'm so proud of him.  The unit stayed in the shop for almost half a year but the wait was worth it.  

They towed the car to the BMW shop and everybody in the shop was there to send the unit off.  It was heart warming to see it go - attachment for almost half a year plus the pride for being able to finish such a job.

Omar provided snacks for everybody but just as we were to enjoy the food, we received a call that the BMW X5 hit another X5 in the BMW shop just as they were putting the unit down from the tow truck, hitting its rear bumper to another's front bumper.

Awwww... so we will be seeing the X5 in the shop again and will be spending more weeks with him.

I'll post photos soon.

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