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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Rhianne!

I was excited when I received an invitation for a birthday party at Jollibee.

Winter loves watching with his Ate Summer videos of Jollibee so I thought he would love to see Jollibee live in action. I even considered giving Summer a birthday party at Jollibee just to see Winter's reaction when he see Jollibee. Until we were invited by Ate Ellen for Rhian's first birthday party.
I joined more games than my kids. Winter loved staying in front watching the games but he's just too small to follow instructions. He cannot even talk yet. Ate Summer, on the other hand, was scared, must be because of the too loud sound system. Why do Jollibee party always have to be loud? Winter got scared at first and cried but was so curious that he would always look at the mascot. He would let me bring him near Jollibee but he wouldn't let me let him go.
Thanks for the experience. Happy Birthday Rhianne!

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