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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The story of Basyang.

Omar went to play basketball. The wind started howling and I can hear small twigs of trees flying and hitting the roof. Lights were fluctuating. I started texting Omar. It was a bit scary and I want him to come home fast. He was using the corolla so I know it's not safe with the rain and the wind.

Until he knocked on the window and I went out to open the door for him. And just when I was at the dining room, on my way to the room, the lights went
out for good. Thank God Omar's home already.

The wind was so strong. Omar went out of the room to check on some stuff in the living room that might fall down. And as he was just peeking out of the window, we heard a loud fall and Ate Elsie shouting from the next door that the big mango tree in front of our house just fell down. There was no light and the wind was still so strong so there's nothing else that we can do.

We tried to pull Omar's bed mattress next to the window so Winter and I can sleep next to it but the drizzle was so strong, it can reach the inside of our room. We had no choice but to close the window. Winter was so scared and won't let go of you, though he's not crying. Summer was dead to the world, sleeping the whole time.

Good thing it was pretty cold so we were all able to go sleep. Come morning, we saw the tree in front of our house.
Lights are still out. Good thing Summer doesn't have school because of the Parent's Orientation but did not push through because of the weather.

Kuya and his family went to Bulacan. We have generator set there. We can't go there. It would be too early for Summer's school and Winter would have to go with them too so Cory and Winter can go home and wait for Summer to go home from school at lunch time. I can't go home early since I have to do the payroll at the office the following day. We were offered to stay at the hotel together with Omar's brother but I do not want to hassle them with us moving around too early in the morning for Summer's school.

Jenny and I just went to SM Bicutan to buy rechargeable lights and electric fan. I bought 2 - 1 for the night and the other as reserve when the battery of the first one run out. The kids and I were able to go to bed soundly. Omar had to wake up in the middle of the night to change shirt since the only electric fan is on us.

It's a battle of survival. I just thank God we're all together at times like this and we survived.

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