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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blood please.

Aside from prayers, we've been asking for blood donors as well. And with Omar having type AB+ makes it even harder. 

I posted it on facebook and it's so amazing how a friend of a friend can be so willing to go out of their way just to donate blood and be rejected from the screening. 

Family, friends, and friends of families and friends are helping solicit blood for Omar. 

Got our first bag of RBC from Jenny's friend from NKTI. 

I confirmed Martha's reservation, through a friend, of 5 bags of RBC and a bag of apheresis from Red Cross to be picked up on Monday afternoon. 

I got a call from Mon that he was able to get me 3 bags of RBC as well. 

We are down now to 1 bag of RBC and we are all set for the cardiologist's requirement. I still do not know if the thoracic cardiovascular surgeon will require more. Will know that tomorrow. 

Thank you. Given a chance, even if I'm scared of needles, I will pay back by donating blood and will encourage my family to as well. 

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