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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Simply amazing.

The night before Omar's admission, he wanted to sleep over with his family at Gaiety. 

Come Sunday, it was chaos. Kids playing around. Adults getting pedicure and manicure services. Some were getting a massage. And some went to bring the kids to the mall. 

Summer and I went school shoes buying in the morning. 

Kuya and his family, together with Jenny, came to see Omar just before he gets admitted at Chinese Gen. Hospital. 

Just before dinner, we finally got a room. We had an early dinner first, headed home to finish packing our stuff and headed to the hospital. 

Papa, Mama, Kuya and Kaye brought us to the hospital. Ojay and Yang met us there as Ojay attempted to donate blood for Omar. Yes, attempted! Ojay was rejected due to high blood pressure. 

Bernie Serrano came with his girlfriend to donate but was rejected too. A friend of a neighbor posted that she donated and said that Omar is blessed for people in the blood bank donating was all for Omar. Little did she know that more were rejected than passed the screening. 

We cannot thank people enough to go out of their way just to donate for people they do not know. 

Simply amazing. 

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